Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gee if it was not for Pickles and Zits, I don't think I could get thru the day!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Oh I'm SO disgusted with myself!! Today I taught a bargello placemat class. I had 10 students..with LOVELY colors for their bargellos...did I take any PICTURES???? NOOOOOOO! Did I have my CAMERA??? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Geeze oh PETE !~ (my son hates it when I say that! teehee no CLUE what it means....but I guess it means I'm disgusted with myself!) I have only taught a few classes..and this was the 1st time for this particular one. I think everyone had a good time and went home with at least an idea of how to proceed...well I hope so anyway. I just wish I could show you their progress. I had fun...so I hope they did too.

Well last night was a long night. My husband had 'volunteered' to drive our daughter's new (to her) car to Austin. That is two fairly long days from here. He got there w/o any problems despite the fact that it is a RED sports car! (can you say...YOO HOO deputy! can you give me a TICKET red???? lolol)Our daughter on the other hand, got to Dallas and her flight to Austin had been cancelled. So my husband, being the good father he is, passed up a perfectly good flight from Austin to Phoenix, and drove the car up to Dallas. This also shaved off a couple of hours on daughter's drive back to Mississippi. She is taking a class online and has an outline due this evening...so she really needed to get back. Dad gets out of the car...daughter gets in the car....drives away. Dad is now STUCK in Dallas ..they CLOSED the airport due to high winds!~ Poor guy...he was just trying to be a GOOD DAD!! He FINALLY made it home last night...after the sun went down, the winds died down and USAir got a couple flights out...I picked him up at around 11:20 or so. So up late...I 'taught' in my sleep all night...and then got up early cause I get excited/nervous/ anxious before class. I'm sitting here staring glassy-eyed at the computer cause I really cannot go to bed at 6:47! The sun is not even down yet...and my kiddo will not hit the hay before 9:30 or so. I bet I feel like a mack truck ran me over in the morning!

I hope to get the checkerboard border on the hour a day quilt tonight (if I can keep my eyes open!) or tomorrow. I think I will have to take a picture of it outside...as my 'human quilt hanger' just left on a trip. :::sniff sniff::: I think i will make him a strawberry rhubarb pie before he comes home on Friday. OK I'm off to catch up on my blog reading. I have sewing class in the morning tomorrow. Then I have nothing all week. Think thats a GREAT time to clean off the frame and DIVE in to quilt something! See you tomorrow...a bit more awake I hope!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

good bye to an old friend

I made this jacket about 10 yrs ago. I had taken a class..there were only 3 of us in it. I was the only one who actually stuck to the applique apples. Over the years, I have fielded HUNDREDS of questions of "are you a teacher?" ! (I am not ...I have a degree in nursing) The green homespun, while lovely, has not held up as well as the rest of the fabrics.

You can see the wear not only on the cuff, but up the sleeve seam as well. I have decided to pass this on. I have worn it this way for a LONG LONG time. It is a good color. I liked making it..and best of all, it is a perfect weight for most of jacket weather in AZ. ( I'm sure you will think we don't NEED jackets ever..but we DO!) I still have the pattern, so eventually I will make another. In the meantime I have a new Land's End jacket I found on sale at Sears. Good weight, good color (BLUE of course). BUT...not as much fun to wear! No one will ask me if I'm a teacher OR if I made it myself! I toyed with the idea of repairing it, but after having a good look, I think it will be more trouble than making a new coat. Kinda sad...I have a picture of me and my best friend at our sons' soccer tournament. I'm wearing the apple jacket. I remember that tournament because my youngest was just toddling and I CHASED him more than I got to watch soccer games! That child is now 11. :::sigh:::::

Thursday, February 15, 2007


My neighbors gave me these for my birthday on Monday. I have really enjoyed them and they are still going strong! I have always been a blue girl, but I look very good in pink. I'm learning to enjoy it more!(please ignore the MESS in the background! HA!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hour a day block

Here is the 1st block in Judy's Hour a Day quilt. The red is not quite that tomato-y. I'm picky about my cherry reds...prolly because I look AWFUL in tomato red..but great in cherry red! HA!

This is a close up of the center square. I'm glad I had enought of this to cut for the last border. All the reds, blues and neutrals are scrappy. I could not figure out what I wanted for the sashing, so that will be picked when I can audition some blocks.

I had a hard time making myself sit and do all of these at once..but now they are done..its nice to not have to go back and do those basic blocks!

I love to see these piles grow...another dog bed is well on its way! I took 3 into the closest shelter. They didn't get how they were made, but they took them happily! I think I have enough to stuff 3 more.

Mom's birthday gift to me

I promised pictures so here they are. I have preface the pictures with "she MADE me open this in front of everyone at the restaurant!" And she made my son take pictures...could have been video, I'm not sure! ...

Costume circa 1961....song? Itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini! Gee THANKS mom! I will have to see if I can dredge up a picture of me as a youngster...I think she has them all...

This tutu I wore at the same recital. Only one shoe survived..that is with the bikini.I am amazed she saved these as my dad was AF and we moved OFTEN! Ah, if your mom does not save this kinda stuff..NO ONE will! HA!

Monday, February 12, 2007

the BIG 5-0!

Well blog friends...my big day has arrived. Yes, today at 3:30am (my mom threatened to wake me up as I did her!) I turned fifty. My husband is a year and half older than I , so I really have nothing to fear. It has been a nice day except for one thing. Today the last F-16 jet left Luke AFB for other bases. The squadron my husband has been associated with since 1987 is being moved to Elmedorf AFB Alaska. For almost 20 years, that has been our home away from home. The members our family. I have to tell you,I cried. I guess I had it in the back of my mind that our daughter would fly there as well. That is a hard dream to give up. I know she has her own story to write and I would never tell her what to do. I have full trust in her and her ability to write that story. I do know she would like the opportunity to fly a fighter to serve her country. That is her dream. So it is mine too.

I will borrow a birthday idea from Nancy. If you are Heartstrings members, will you make a block for my birthday? Donate it whereever you would send your other blocks, use it in your quilt, it is up to you. Thanks for helping me celebrate!

I have been working on Judys Hour a Day quilt and my feathered star. Nothing to post pictures of yet..but soon. I also have houseguests who will be leaving tomorrow..so I will have more time in the studio this week.

Look who found a 'pillow' in my studio!! The scamp! He is the terrorist...I mean TERRIER. He is alot of fun and is always playing with toys or his 4-legged brother.

Here HE is playing dead dog VERY well! They make it very hard to walk around in there...:::sigh:::::

Maybe this week I will get a few dog beds made for them. I might intice them to stay in ONE place if they have a nice bed to head for! Who's coming over for birthday cake!!??

Monday, February 05, 2007

feathered star 1 of 6

YIPPEEE! it turned out...I like the fabrics...oh gee..now I need to make FIVE more! I think I will sew it in sections. Maybe 2 or 3 at a time...I hope it does not turn into a UFO! I'm off to sew my 1st day of judys HAD quilt. I'll be sure to post pictures of that as it goes along.

It is not perfect, but I'm determined to enjoy the process as much as the finished product. Stressing over my favorite block in my favorite color is NOT allowed. I am very satisfied so far. Anyone done many patterns where you iron the seams open? I did on this one after reading about it in Marsha McCloskey's Feathered Star book. I also used Magic Sizing. I now have a nice FLAT block. Happy girl!

You can see from this picture the backgrounds a bit better. I had a hard time finding enough blue on whites...or shirtings. I had to use the floral background more than once. I would have liked to use more of a variety of backgrounds, but was unable to find anymore but these.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


OK ..I'm happily cutting away and I take a piece to the ironing end of my cutting table. I notice there is a new blue stain on the pad. After a few tries, I locate the offending fabric..my FAVORITE! I do wash all my fabrics (after a couple disasterous bleeding incidents), so I dont' come across this very often. Here is the dilemma...do I wash these pieces and try again? Do I DUMP this one fabric (its scrappy so not a real problem)? Do I keep going and just make sure to use a Color Catcher/Dye Magnet on this until there is no more color bleeding? How would you handle this?

PS before you let me CROW about lovely kite shapes..just know that I cut them for the wrong size feathered star FIRST! Anyone planning a blue radiant star from Marsha McCloskey's feathered star book in 12 inches? :::Grin:::: In the mean time I have plenty to cut/sew before I am ready for these shapes anyway....Back to Poirot!


Well, its 9am here...and I'm all ALONE! (well except for my 4 footed kids!) My husband took our 11 yr old to the FBR Open (golf tournament for you non-sports fans) I think it was 2 yrs ago they went, and they were watching Stewart Cink on the driving range. His caddy saw our son and took a shine to him. Pointed him out to Stewart to took him a golf glove ( and signed it if I remember right). Later, as they followed him around, Stewart hit a shot and cocked his head to follow its flight. The caddy caught ds(dear son) with HIS head cocked at just the same angle...he was given a golf ball too! They got a big kick out of that! My husband had to tell him on the ride home "Son, you won't get a glove and ball very often!" Hard to top that for a kid! He has been hooked ever since.

I'm off to sew...I have a feathered star to finish cutting out (all 160 HST shown earlier are sewn, paper pulled off and seams ironed OPEN) more on the HST later I hope, Judy's Hour a day quilt to finish up cutting in preparation to sew tomorrow, and more string blocks thrown in. Oh and I also have all the rows done and ironed on another Matchstick Marimba. I will post pictures AFTER the Super Bowl. I dont' have a favorite team in this yrs game...I just LOVE sports! See you later with PROGRESS!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

quilt ladder

Our local craft show was last weekend. My small group met for breakfast (some of us) and carpooled to the show. I had to go by myself as my husband had scheduled a repairman to come look at my cooktop. Turns out it is not repairable. I got to pay for a service call just to hear that...and also (after we TOLD them it was an induction cooktop) that they had to call one of two repairmen that COULD fix one (he was not called on this service call) to get his opinion OVER THE PHONE. I was a mite peeved. Its not like we didn't TELL them what kind of cooktop! OK..I have vented ..thank you.

Oh...I was going to show you my treasure from the show. Do any of you have a place to keep your precut strips or WIPs? I have a quilt ladder. It is really for showing off quilts..and keeping them close at hand. I had this one in my sewing studio till recently, but now it is too big. It lives in the family room and holds quilts and fleece blankets.

Here is the new one I bought. I have already started cutting for Judy's Feb Quilt a Hour a Day quilt. You can also see a couple of rows of a new Matchstick Marimba. It is a smaller ladder. No place yet for it in the studio tho!

Here is the old stand by clothes drying rack! You can see this one is full too!! Strips for the Bargello placemats I'm going to teach at the end of Feb. If it finds its way here..I don't have to IRON it again!!

How do you store prepared pieces ready for sewing?