Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday monday!

And how did I come to this conclusion? That it is Monday? The 1st pot of coffee was strangely tasteless. I had forgotten to empty the pot yesterday. It made new coffee on the old. ICK... 2nd pot of coffee (ATTEMPT) had me emptying out the carafe..but I forgot to put it BACK on the coffee maker. Coffee all over the place and still none to drink...DRAT... Emails read, time to go back to try a third time. I think this morning  I needed coffee BEFORE I made coffee! Yep..its Monday!

Note: pot #3 tasted fine, but the top to the carafe was not on tightly. When I poured coffee, I got SOME in the cup, and ALOT on the counter! Maybe I need to go back to bed....*yawn*

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow...I knew I had not posted in awhile..but I didn't realize it was THAT long ago! Two long car trips 2 week apart wiped me out..but that was just recently. Not sure why I stopped, but thinking I just got out of the habit.
here is my latest work fresh off the frame. My friend Betty pieced it. She asked for similar quilting style as was shown in the book. She took this class with the author on a Quilt Cruise. The author is Edyta Sitar. Her quilt designs are lovely! Next up: an Irish Chain.