Thursday, July 20, 2017

mystery clues 1 & 2

I am joining in the QOV mystery over at alyciaquilts. She is hosting Mystery A6. I am following her lead on colors. I am liking this alot! Here are my clues 1 and 2 complete.

Looking forward to the next one! Thanks Alycia!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Call me Grace!

My Thursday quilt group at the library had a small quilt show on ,...well THURSDAY! My friend was helping me load my car and I fell. I think my ankle turned and I fell off the curb. It happened so fast and I dont' even want to remember it. It HURT! There is a chance my ankle is broken as I still cannot put any weight on it. I will have it looked at-promise! This is my view for the time being:

Ice and elevation! 
I have a nest: 
coffee, remotes, chargers
ice, and everything I can think of
I promise: just up for bathroom breaks and food
and to go to bed!

this is what I cannot see on the back of my upper arm!
I think its a good thing I cannot look at it! 
It hurts more to the touch than my ankle. 

In a day or so, I am planning on setting myself up in my sewing room to work on
My class project!

Friday, February 10, 2017

A pretty pink finish!

I finished and delivered (in PERSON) this VERY pink quilt to our Granddaughter a couple weeks ago. We got to meet her new sister also!

This pattern was from Missouri Star Quilt Company. It was quick and fun!
Too bad it took me so long to decide about the backing and quilting. 
I am working on making a decision DAILY...
Today? What to quilt on the next block on the Carpenters Star quilt.
Yesterday I finished the top border and started stitching in the ditch. 
Feels good to keep going.....too bad I spun my wheels with my knitting!
I cast on one project over 10 times...5 each with two diff yarns.
Tried an easy pattern...didn't like the yarn and the needles. 
FINALLY I went stash diving and selected a diff yarn...and got a nice gauge.
I will post a picture when I get a bit farther along.
I also wound a hank of yarn into a cake..and got dye ALL over my hands.
I asked for suggestions on Ravelry and it looks like I will have to 
reskein it and soak out the excess dye. Then I am putting ALL my knitting away!
(except the one I just cast on and can handle at the moment! HA!)

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A start!

One of the hardest thing for me to do is START! I spent  yesterday and today loading a quilt on my frame. A KING size quilt. I have been doing lots of searching online for ideas and today I STARTED...

Three sides have 3 borders and the top only has one. How to deal with a large border? I decided to keep it tone on tone. That border will be under the pillows at the top of the bed. I will use this same design on the largest of the 3 borders on the other sides.

This is Modern Leaf fromThe Inbox Jaunt. Its one of my favorite sites for great ideas
and step by step tutorials. I know Lori has Craftsy classes too if you are interested. She is
very generous with her talents!

I still have more border to deal with but I have made ONE decision for today! 
I am on my way....
(oh, and I REALLY like this leaf. I will use it again soon!)

PS: my trip out of the house today was to the dog park. Buddy was VERY happy!Tomorrow is my Thursday craft/quilt group. That will hit the 'out of the house everyday' AND the 'sew everyday' goals. That makes me happy....

How are YOUR New Years goals coming along?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

on the hunt and quilting

I am on the hunt for something missing. I will not fess up to what it is until its found or replaced. Just learn from my house! I found part of what was missing on the floor in front of the washer, so naturally, I checked around the laundry room. NOPE ..nada ...ZILCH. I moved the dryer and then the washer. nope, nada , zilch...BUT I DID find:

9 socks, a pillowcase, a 'AHEM'  bra (that does not FIT anymore!), a cleaning cloth, dental floss, a used Color Catcher, 40 cents in change, a bag of travel laundry supplies and a paint brush!

and don't forget to look elsewhere! I found this 
sock HANGING on the water line!
I love those doggy socks!
(that makes TEN socks!)
but alas, my lost item is still lost...

Baby quilt off the frame, 
ready to be bound

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 16, 2017

two steps forward, one step back! AND a new baby!

OK! I know I caught you with the new baby she will go first!
Meet Lucy! Born last night just ONE day (actually one HOUR) past her 
due date! All are well!
THIS Mimi is HOOKED! It might have something to do with the fact that
when her Daddy put the phone close while we were Facetiming.
and Mimi started talking to her...she quieted..and turned her head to look where 
the voice was coming from!

I think she looks alot like her sister who looked like THIS two yrs ago!

Lets just say I had a hard time sleeping last night and 
leave it at that, shall we? ::;big cheesey grandmother grin::::

So back to my goals...I have been doing pretty well on the 'leaving the house' goal. 
Well, except for was rainy, cold and I never even got out of my jammies!
I DID clean off my big ironing station, sewed and redid the last border for the King quilt
for Dad. SO that is the step back

The two steps forward?
I put the last two borders on the king quilt 
(what is YOUR stumbling block in quilting? 
Mine?...BORDERS....S I G H)

drum roll please!
I am QUILTING today! I think its been at least two months.
I have a baby quilt on the frame ,
a plan for quilting,
AND the machine is threaded and ready to rock and roll!
Maybe I will be ready binding and a finish soon!
One can hope!

(Oh! I forgot that I get credit for 4 loads of laundry today. 
I usually only do one or two a day. I guess I am on a roll!
Must be the sunshine...we have not seen THAT in about a week!)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday!

I hope you are warm and dry where ever you are this Friday. I am still tucked up in my chair- legs covered in a quilt...uh oh! Coffee cup is empty.....

I am doing pretty well with my 2017 goals. I have been out of the house everyday. Somedays its a quick errand and that is well within my goal. Today I am expecting a couple friends to come sew tonight. A pot of chicken tortilla soup will appear...and maybe a batch of rolls (I have a new recipe!)

Sewing is happening too. Yesterday I made two more Trip around the World blocks. I think I now have one too many! I might make a couple more and piece them on the back. I am loving this and the blocks are fun to sew

this is the basic block. It loaded sideways...not sure why as the other picture loaded

This was just how the first blocks got slapped on the design wall.
They have been moved to a bigger wall, so when I have made all I want, I will post
a picture of the final layout. This is a Bonnie Hunter free pattern. 
I can post a link if anyone is interested. This is ALL scraps. My friend is doing one too.
when I cut a strip of neutral for me, I cut one for her. Then we traded for more variety.
I used more than just tone on tone and the variety is lovely. It really
gives some movement in the back ground. This is going to be mine! And there may be more 
of this pattern. Its easy and not time consuming...but the layouts and color possibilities are endless!

And the there is THIS
this is a plant pot I found yrs ago at Micheals in the shape of a
thimble. I have more than one size...and I use them all over the house.

this one got tapped LIGHTLY with the side of a hairspray can and just TINK
broke into three pieces.

I am glad I have more...but darn it! 
I like it AND use it!
At least I DO use them. I hate it when I like something, but rarely USE it
and it gets broken anyway.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Today's outing? My knitting group. They are a nice group of ladies with lots of advise and love to ooh and ahh over finished projects. Its a good morning out. I got gas at Costco and picked up DH dry cleaning.

Off to the studio to work on the mystery quilt. I am a bit behind but ready to catch up. Pictures posted soon!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Happy New Year! I have to ask, how do you feel about resolutions? I have never been a consistent MAKER Of them...much less KEEPER of them. This year I have resolved to make a few but call them GOALS. Resolutions seem to be made to be broken. Goals, if you stumble or miss a day, encourage you to get back up and keep going. Have you made any? How far do you think you will get? I hope I go all year!

My two goals this year:

1. get out of the house everyday. I have discovered in the past couple of yrs that I am an introvert. This will be a mystery to those who know me in person...I am a talker! HA! I read someplace that if you come home from a lively party....lots of people, lots of conversation...and you are energized-you are an extrovert. That is SO not me! Don't get me wrong...I like it. Often I am not excited about GOING, but I enjoy myself when I get there. When I get home I am ready to dive into my house and STAY THERE! This has spurred me to not schedule too many social activities in a week. Introvert is good....being a hermit is not. Going to the dog park, taking the dog for a walk or just going into the backyard are all acceptable.

2. Sew something EVERYDAY. I am just a happier person. It lights up my soul. The colors...the textures..making something out of scraps. All of it. I am easier to live with... It gives my mind something to chew on...keeps it lively... It is a God given gift and I intend to use it daily!

Happy New Year!

PS  1a yesterday I went to the movies : Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. If you like Harry Potter you will like this. New characters and new creatures. I thought it was fun.

2a I sewed parts of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery and borders for my Dad's Carpenter's star quilt. I am behind 2 clues as I had ordered her ruler and it arrived yesterday. I was glad to have a reason to get going on his quilt. I want it on the frame by the end of the week. Two borders to go!