Happy Friday!

I hope you are warm and dry where ever you are this Friday. I am still tucked up in my chair- legs covered in a quilt...uh oh! Coffee cup is empty.....

I am doing pretty well with my 2017 goals. I have been out of the house everyday. Somedays its a quick errand and that is well within my goal. Today I am expecting a couple friends to come sew tonight. A pot of chicken tortilla soup will appear...and maybe a batch of rolls (I have a new recipe!)

Sewing is happening too. Yesterday I made two more Trip around the World blocks. I think I now have one too many! I might make a couple more and piece them on the back. I am loving this and the blocks are fun to sew

this is the basic block. It loaded sideways...not sure why as the other picture loaded

This was just how the first blocks got slapped on the design wall.
They have been moved to a bigger wall, so when I have made all I want, I will post
a picture of the final layout. This is a Bonnie Hunter free pattern. 
I can post a link if anyone is interested. This is ALL scraps. My friend is doing one too.
when I cut a strip of neutral for me, I cut one for her. Then we traded for more variety.
I used more than just tone on tone and the variety is lovely. It really
gives some movement in the back ground. This is going to be mine! And there may be more 
of this pattern. Its easy and not time consuming...but the layouts and color possibilities are endless!

And the there is THIS
this is a plant pot I found yrs ago at Micheals in the shape of a
thimble. I have more than one size...and I use them all over the house.

this one got tapped LIGHTLY with the side of a hairspray can and just TINK
broke into three pieces.

I am glad I have more...but darn it! 
I like it AND use it!
At least I DO use them. I hate it when I like something, but rarely USE it
and it gets broken anyway.
Have a great weekend!


Love those blocks! and your soup sounds yummy!! And you are back!!! Glad you have you back among blogland!
Moneik said…
I made a scrappy trip last year and still want to make it bigger, so I am waiting for more scraps and then I'll make a few more to make it a queen size.
Shasta Matova said…
I really like the scrappy trips pattern and plan to make one some day - too many projects to finish first. I wonder if you could superglue that thimble planter or maybe use it some other way. It is just so cute.

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