Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OK OK! I promise to post more!

Julie No Blog has called me on the phone to COMPLAIN! She said it was ENTIRELY unacceptable that I have not posted since early Aug. I tell you..moving 3 rooms...getting a kid settled in school....breaking down my old frame...having the new one delivered...trying to get the courage to THREAD IT...OIL it...OH MY GOODNESS! STITCH on it!

The Gammill got delivered a week and a half ago..Guess what I have been doing? Trying not to be intimidated by it! I'm taking an online feather class called Feather Bootcamp. That is overwhelming and a good thing at the same time. I HAVE to stitch to keep up with the I have to dive in and not tip toe around saying "its such a big machine...::whine whine::: Idon't know how to thread it ::;whine whine:::: how do I oil it ::;whine whine::::

here is a small peek at what I'm working on in the class: This is my 2nd attempt at a squared off feathered wreath:

This is my practice drawing for the day.

I'm really enjoying this class! Its given me the confidence to maybe try some of these free motion. Some of the students in the class have been stitching on fleece. I will look for some this weekend. See you soon!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Painting DONE!

YIPPPEEE! I don't mind PAINTING> Its the prepping...taping...PRIMING! ICK! I finished priming the rest of the room last night...and today my loving DH lent a hand with the roller. I do the nitpicky detail stuff...and he is GREAT with a roller. We had the rest of the room knocked out by 11. BOY was I HUNGRY! I also feel like I was hit by a mac truck. Sheesh!...its just PAINT! I will finish touching up as soon as I fold the latest load of clothes. Then I think I"m ready for a NAP! It was so hot in there with out the ceiling fan going. I sure rely on them ALOT!

I may get to start moving all my STUFF... SEWING EQUIPMENT tonight. I don't be able to move the old frame table till DH gets home on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I will move as much as I can with out getting in the way of that long table. Its a10 ft Formica counter on 3 Ikea dressers. I am hoping to have the countertop raised up so I can use it as a work surface..and maybe one end a desk area for this laptop. I have the Gammill scheduled to be moved this coming Friday. It will go into the room I currently use as a studio. My DH and I measured again yesterday just to make sure. I was right and I will have to move out. The new studio is a 12 ft by 12 ft square room. The current studio is 11ft by 14ft. I need those extra 2 feet for the 12 foot frame! :::giggle::: Can't you just see me LIMBO-ing under that frame to get to the other side? I would rather move all my sewing stuff! lolol I promise to post some pictures as soon as it looks a bit more organized! In the mean time, where in the HECK am I going to find room for all my son's TREASURES? Boy, by the time this is all done, I will have cleaned out/moved no less than 3 rooms of stuff!

Sorry about no pictures. I do hate to blog w/o pictures...

Friday, August 07, 2009

In honor of Rookie

If you have read my blog for over a year, you remember this day last year.

My border collie mix, Rookie, escaped from our locked house during a storm. He was missing for almost 4 months. His return was because a caring person took him to a vets office where he was scanned for a microchip. You can imagine my surprise (and JOY) to get him back after so much time. I had a huge red nose from crying and a grin from ear to ear! (and this after 3 days before bringing home a new PUP! HA! God DOES have a sense of humor!). In honor of Rookie's return, please microchip your pets! If they are microchipped, please take this time this week to update and/or review their info. You need to update everytime you move.

I hug him EVERYDAY and marvel at the fact that we got him back!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

boy room memories

I love decorated space. That said, I'm not a great decorator! The more I quilt, the more I learn about color, the better I am about picking out what I want in my house. Here are two borders that I'm painting over this week. This room was my son's room..he still CALLS it his room. All that it is used for at the moment is a recepticle for his possesions! He does not sleep in this room. Only his STUFF sleeps there!

This is the heavy equipment border I painted when he 1st moved in this room. His sister had gone off to college, and his big brother picked the OTHER available room. This one fell to him. At the time, they were building a freeway loop near our house. His favorite thing was to count the cement mixers on our way here and there. One time we counted 22 in a 15 min trip! I painted each one on the wall in colors we had seen that day.

Here is the sports border that went OVER the stenciling. Notice the wall color is the same. I didn't paint. What you cannot see is that I never finished covering up the stenciling! Both of these border treatments are in the SAME ROOM! I'm hanging my head in SHAME! I hope to help my son decorate his room and FINISH the whole thing! I also hope to talk him out of black or red walls! HA!

I'm off to keep packing up his treasures for moving to his new room...oh..and I forgot rollers for the paint! Back to HD!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Did you know its AUGUST?

yes...I knew it was coming...I have been...well..SWAMPED! I have been blog reading, but have not had the energy to find the camera, take a picture, upload the picture, post the picture and write a blog. I will try to be better...really I will!

July found me:

-traveling to TX to care for Mom. Hip replacement. Really only needed my COOKING skills! :::GRIN:::: Dad appreciated it too..especially the chicken enchiladas and the strawberry rhubarb pie! Oh..he liked the lemon pie too...Thanks Julie No Blog for the kind gift of the recipe!

-dealing with a home break in while out of town. Luckily nothing was taken..but someone in my underwear drawer (ick Ick ICK!) and the police seeing my CLUTTERED HOUSE! Oh the agony! (I hear they did get a kick out of my 'covered with a glass jar' method of cornering scorpions!...yes..I did that...I was busy...and I didn't want to deal with it. It was in a sink. By the time the police saw it...well..lets just say, its a DRY heat in AZ!)In true quilter form, my 1st reaction was did they hurt the SEWING MACHINE?...oh,and the 2nd was concern for the elderly cat. I DO have my priorities, don'tcha know. We also have great neighbors! Two couples that WILL be taken out to dinner...and recieve MANY MANY batches of homemade rolls!

-spending a WHOLE day in DFW airport shuffling from gate to gate, trying to standby for a flight to Phoenix. I mean, WHO in their right mind wants to go to ARIZONA in July? They should have a mass EXODUS! HA! It was probably all of us dragging our heels back in time for school next Monday.

-Did she say SCHOOL next Monday? Yes, I did. :::cheesy grin::: Our kids get out around the 3rd week of May. Their brains have promptly FRIED, and so its time to rehydrate them- QUICKLY!

- OH, and the last BEST news of all. I'm shoveling out my son's east side room (long story for another post!) so I can PAINT it. Its going to be my new sewing studio, so my OLD one can be....:::drum roll please:::: the LONG ARM ROOM! WHOOPPPEEEEE! I have sold my HQ16/B-line frame and am purchasing a (new to me) Gammill Classic Plus. If you are not a quilty person, let me know and I will send you a picture of this beauteous creature! She is 12 ft long and will need more than 50 inches plus walking around room, so she gets her own. I have heard that her name is Gracie (sometimes THE BEAST), but as I have a friend named Grace..that I call Gracie, she will have to be renamed. Any suggestions? I have an idea...but I will let it ferment a bit..till we get to know one another.

(I had to break down and SHOW you...hehehehehe)

machine head...yes this IS a sewing machine for those non-quilters...

-also had to pick up the dogs the day after we got home, pick my husband at the airport (we took his car home the night before..poor guy!), spent $350 on groceries (we had nothing I could put into any kind of meal). After a day like that, you think :PIZZA! NO! My middle child....(oh he WILL PAY), brought home a young lady.

1. I don't like to hear: Can I come to dinner? Oh, I'm bringing a friend.NO< I won't tell you who it is. Its a surprise." With my luck, he would bring home the President.

2. I dont' like a phone call at 4 pm on said day (dogs, husband, 15 bags of groceries, house that the police went thru,10 loads of dirty laundry UNDONE), "whats for dinner" "Trip tip on the grill (beef)"...Oh....She does not eat beef." :::SIGH::: Now normally this would have no affect. I have lots of ideas. HOWEVER, on THIS day, my brain started OUT on fried. Husband helped out with a suggestion of chicken enchiladas (hey! we had that in TEXAS!) and strawberry rhubarb pie.

3. 5pm. Phone call #2: "Mom, we are on our there in 10 mins". WHAT? Dinner is not till 6:30 (no shower yet, kitchen table still COVERED, kitchen counters almost empty of grocery bags, still COVERED in ..well..DRECK!, JUST putting pie in, not EVEN ready to make the salad or enchiladas.)

And he wanted me to IMPRESS someone new? Oh, she was very nice (and not even REMOTELY HER FAULT), dinner went well, but HE WILL PAY! ::::EVIL GRIN::::

Ok, now that I have brought you up to date, tomorrow I am diving into the new sewing room...getting ready to prime and paint. IF I can find the carpet! I may even find the camera,charging cord and cord for uploading to the computer and show you a PICTURE! One can only HOPE....