Friday, February 10, 2017

A pretty pink finish!

I finished and delivered (in PERSON) this VERY pink quilt to our Granddaughter a couple weeks ago. We got to meet her new sister also!

This pattern was from Missouri Star Quilt Company. It was quick and fun!
Too bad it took me so long to decide about the backing and quilting. 
I am working on making a decision DAILY...
Today? What to quilt on the next block on the Carpenters Star quilt.
Yesterday I finished the top border and started stitching in the ditch. 
Feels good to keep going.....too bad I spun my wheels with my knitting!
I cast on one project over 10 times...5 each with two diff yarns.
Tried an easy pattern...didn't like the yarn and the needles. 
FINALLY I went stash diving and selected a diff yarn...and got a nice gauge.
I will post a picture when I get a bit farther along.
I also wound a hank of yarn into a cake..and got dye ALL over my hands.
I asked for suggestions on Ravelry and it looks like I will have to 
reskein it and soak out the excess dye. Then I am putting ALL my knitting away!
(except the one I just cast on and can handle at the moment! HA!)

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A start!

One of the hardest thing for me to do is START! I spent  yesterday and today loading a quilt on my frame. A KING size quilt. I have been doing lots of searching online for ideas and today I STARTED...

Three sides have 3 borders and the top only has one. How to deal with a large border? I decided to keep it tone on tone. That border will be under the pillows at the top of the bed. I will use this same design on the largest of the 3 borders on the other sides.

This is Modern Leaf fromThe Inbox Jaunt. Its one of my favorite sites for great ideas
and step by step tutorials. I know Lori has Craftsy classes too if you are interested. She is
very generous with her talents!

I still have more border to deal with but I have made ONE decision for today! 
I am on my way....
(oh, and I REALLY like this leaf. I will use it again soon!)

PS: my trip out of the house today was to the dog park. Buddy was VERY happy!Tomorrow is my Thursday craft/quilt group. That will hit the 'out of the house everyday' AND the 'sew everyday' goals. That makes me happy....

How are YOUR New Years goals coming along?