Sunday, October 29, 2006

Quiet Sunday

Well, I finally have gotten some things accomplished. I had a few productive hours in the sewing room..then had to quit as our older son called and asked if he could come to dinner. Here is a picture of the quilted Christmas tree skirt I made for our daughter. I just stitched in the ditch in a gold thread and a buttonhole stitch. DANG that stitch takes a long time! And that skirt has 36 wedges, so I had 35 to ditches to stitch! It will be bound in the dark green. I was VERY lucky to find premade Moda dark green BIAS ( I know how to make bias..I just rarely DO it so to find it premade was a GIFT!). I will put that on soon. I have 2 other quilts to be quilted first. I will post the tree skirt again when it is all finished to show the whole pattern.

Under the tree skirt is a cleaned off sewing table! (well the work surface anyway!) I did that also. Yesterday I did some maintainence on my frame and am hoping to piece a back and load a quilt tomororow after sewing class. I should have some free time in the afternoon and evening. My husband will be traveling and there are plenty of leftovers to be eaten. The cooking and lots of sewing time!

I just love this picture of our youngest son. Up to this year he has played defense. Now playing forward he is taking some risks and trying to score. Think he is happy about his goal!? It lit a fire under him and now he takes shots all the time. He didn't score this week (the picture was from last week) but he did have a couple of assists.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lunch Bunch Friday

My small quilt group ..about 12 when we are all there::::meets every other Friday. One Friday we just meet for lunch and show and tell (ALWAYS!). The other Friday, we meet at my favorite quilt shop, Quiltz. They graciously let us use the class room if is it is not scheduled for a class. We do a pot luck and invite the staff to wander back when they get their lunch break. Some times we have a group project and sometimes we do BYOP (bring your own project). Our only 2 rules are #1. If you tell us you will be there, and then life happens, you MUST call someone. We WILL worry. (I did a business card with all phone we all have one in our purses) #2. You NEVER have to do the project. That saves hurt feelings. We have a varied group of ages and interests. If the project does not call your name or you have a deadline, you bring your own. Even if everyone else is doing the project. Today we met at Olive Garden. We had 9 and they gave us this little alcove. I always feel sorry for the people around us. We laugh and get kinda rowdy! I panicked on the way out...I could not find the keys to my locked van. They were in a rarely used pocket. RELIEF!

Here are 2 pictures of the Rolling Pins quilt I am trying to finish for a class sample. Tomorrow after my son's soccer game, I want to do a bit of maintainence on my frame. Maybe I will get piecing the back. I have about 5 or 6 left over blocks. Seeing this as a picture, I think I will be moving some of the rows around! Good perspective! The top and bottom rows are mostly sewn together. The middle row is only in twos, so I still have some playing room. Off to sleep...hoping for no hearburn at 3am.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Good productive day!

FINALLY! I have not felt well since last Wednesday night. Today I got two junky drawers organized, 3 loads of laundry done and put away (our electrical rates go up at 1pm, so I have to plan accordingly), and cleaned up after my muddy dog. :::::sigh::::

My husband was kind enough to hang two simple hooks for me. I found a curtain rod that extends to 151" to hang from it. Along with rings with clips to hang a quilt from, I'm in business! Now I can take pictures of my quilt with NO FEET hanging out the bottom!! Here are some pictures of the Matchstick Marimba I taught in August. I'm a pieced backing fan...and a close up of the hanging system. I'm off to sew a bit before I have to wrestle my son into bed. Tomorrow I have all day to myself. I MIGHT hit the base grocery...but then again...maybe I will sew all day! I would love to have the Rolling Pins top done.... Now that I see the pictures posted, there are no feet hanging out. BUT, there is a dog bowl lurking in the background. I will have to work on that.

Here is a close up of the insert I put in the binding. I have done this in a border before, but never at the binding. I have gotten more comments on that than anything else!

I tried to post this yesterday, but to no avail. I'm a day late...oh to soccer practice.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Slow Friday

I had SUCH plans for today! You know what they say; Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans. I was very ill during the night...I think I ate something that didn't agree with me. When my husband is out of town, and I don't feel good...I kinda panic at 3am. Anyway I'm better today, but the lack of sleep made me sluggish. I did a good deal of chair sitting. I got about half the blocks sewn to each other. Sitting at the sewing machine didn't feel good for long, so it has been a much longer process.

I did amble out to the mail box later in the day. It is still lovely. After Elaine posted a picture of her snow, I thought I had better post a picture of toasty AZ. This little barrel cactus is about to bloom. Its kind of amazing that those thorny plants have such showy flowers. My favorite is our prickly pear. I used some prickley pear fabric on a jacket for my mom..only because it had the right shade of fuscia on it. I never thought I would SEE that color time I went to get the mail, there was the prickly pear COVERED in blooms exactly the color I had told my mom was 'not natural'! Guess I got told! When those bloom I will show you the whole show.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday frenzy!

Well I made it! All the blocks are pieced. Here is a sampling of todays offerings. They are the same colors as yesterdays but with a black center instead of a color. There is one of both blocks in a bigger block. To save me some time, I'm going to pair them up in the same color. Usually I put them up on the design wall and walk around them a few days. This time, in my time crunch, I'm just going to pair the colors up. The orange and blue blocks are already paired up.

In between sewing, I even managed a trip to the grocery at the base, post office visit (this is a minor family will tell you I'm mailing impaired. 2nd trip in 2 day with another one tomorrow: FLING day!, and soccer practice. I don't like it when my husband is out of town (and he travels for a living!) as he runs interference for me when I'm on a quilt mission. Soccer practice is painful when I have no hand work and am yearning for the sewing machine!

Have any of you seen these stamps? (I REALLY should get out more!) The lady in front of me yesterday bought some and I happened to hear her say "quilt stamps" I was tickled to see Gee's Bend quilts! Some followed me back to the car today, so I plan to frame them for my quilt studio wall...but there are stamps on the BACK too. Mail will have quilt stamps on them till I finish up the back!

Tomorrow's offering? a picture of the pieced top.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yesterday I got a phone call from my favorite quilt shop. I have taught one class there with 2 planned in November. One of the classes, I used the shop sample as my class sample (kinda lazy on my part..that meant I didn't have to make a whole quilt myself, just blocks so I could teach it.) Well...the owner of that shop sample, the patternmaker, needs it back for a trunk show. I have 2 options. Just not have a class sample...which would probably mean little or no students. OR whip one up! I needed 30 more blocks. 15 I just finished...with most of the cutting done on the rest. There are 3 each of purple, turquoise, yellow, pink and red. I had already completed blue, green, and orange blocks. The remaining 15 are similar but with the black contrast in the center instead of a color. As soon as I run to the grocery at the base in the morning, you know where to find me! Hope to post a picture of at LEAST all the blocks on the wall! Night!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Well , I think you can guess from the picture where the name of my blog came from! My best friend has LV2QLT . There is another lady who has one too..but the exact lettering just slipped my mind! I think it is SFTAQLT . Safta is Hebrew for grandmother. I had a few on my list to choose from. My favorite was IQLTDOU...but I was overrulled. Some thought a question for drivers was a bit much. Can you figure it out? My husband OK'd this one. I told I'm HE can be busy and I'll be the quilter!

Today was clean off a surface day on Stashbuster. I was mostly a slug today, but I did manage to clean off the dining room table . Here is a picture of my pumpkin collection. Most years I add one. This year I have added 4! Guess that makes up for last year when all I could find is pumpkins that looked like what I already had. Time to go check on leftovers. We are staying home tonight as the traffic from the Monday Night Football game is predicted to be heavy. Glad we dont have soccer practice! The stadium is right off the freeway we use to get there. I so wish they had put the baseball stadium there...but they never ask me for my opinion!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I spent most of yesteday doing laundry and working on my daughters Christmas tree skirt. I'm using a buttonhole stitch in the ditch. I have not used many decorative stitches. They take FOREVER! The baseball playoffs were on at the same time and I found myself watching the TV as I stitched! The machine just kept on going! There are 34 or 35 seams to stitch and I have done over half. Binding is a favorite of mine...I keep telling myself "if you JUST get this quilted, you can do the BINDING. And then one Christmas present is OCTOBER!"

Mary posted a picture on her blog Making Scrap Quilts from Stash from of a purple and orange quilt she made. It reminded me of the ORANGE quilt I made for my son. I had told my whole family "I will make you a quilt, BUT have to ask me. I need to know at least one color, size and what type you prefer :more traditional, more contemporary, what?" My son who was about 8 at the time heard me, raised his hand, and said "I want one. I want an ORANGE one!" Now I know there are many people who call orange their favorite color. I"M NOT ONE OF THEM! ACK! I have been a blue girl since the day I was born! But, a deal is a deal, so off I went to make an ORANGE quilt. I found a free pattern at called Batik steps. I made each block a different orange and all the 'steps' the same fabric : a nice rich Kona turquoise. Just for fun, I entered it in our local Guild show that spring. I had to wrestle it from my son's hands (and he still grumbles when I want to show it off!) My favorite comments were from a friend who helped hang that show. She said they had a hard time placing it because it just GLOWED all over that room! The judges said the pieced back was a nice surprise - I'm I piece all my backs. Great for stashbusting too! Now I'm working on an idea about how to hand my quilts with out my husbands shoes peeking out from underneath!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Preparing for Friday

I'm getting ready for a busy Friday! My small quilt groups meets every other Friday and tomorrow is potluck day. We ALL show up for THAT day! Only one will be missing tomorrow..she is still housebound but getting better. Here is a peek at my scrap drawer. I have been preparing all week to FLING on Friday with Stashbusters- but I won't be home all day! 5-11 pm is BYOP (Bring your own project) at my favorite quilt shop. A free sew session so to speak. There is always someone to ooh and ahhh or to give help. We have alot of fun with no interruptions from outside the quilt world! The shop staff even stays a bit late so we can wander around to our hearts content. I MAY not make it all the way till 11 as my son has an 8 am soccer game on Saturday. Gee I think I feel a nap coming on... I'm going to do some quilting on a Christmas tree skirt for my daughter's Christmas present and piecing a backing for a group quilt. I need to get that quilted SOON....

Here is a picture of one of my furry kids. We THINK he is a lab/border collie mix. He was a rescue...and a very terrified one at that. His name is Rookie (new kid on the team...and I'm a baseball fan) and he is my dog. My son claims him, but I feed him, so guess who he runs to when he is scared? He would not even stay in the same room with my older son for about 18 months, so we speculate he was abused by a tall man in a baseball cap. I wish I could meet him in a dark alley with a baseball bat! Enuf said.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Going on vacation is nice...but so is coming home! I was glad to be warm again! The dogs were glad to see me, both kids who greeted me were glad to see me...and I got to sleep in my own bed! The central California coast was good to us this weekend. The weather cooperated...we had warm sunny days and cool clear nights. I enjoyed hearing (AGAIN) about my husband 's escapades with his buddies in a kinder simpler time. Laughter was a great medicine! Here is the entry to the vacation house we rented and a picture of one of the views of the coast. We had sea otter and dolphin sightings as well as a jaunt up the coast to see a Elephant seal rookery. One night we did a tour of Hearst Castle after dark. We enjoyed a full moon and costumed employees along with a wonderful tour guide. The only thing missing from the weekend was my sewing machine! I would have been complete. Tomorrow our daughter returns to her home and we will be back to our regular routines....and a day in the sewing room is on MY agenda!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh how I wish it would cool OFF! I am madly packing for a short trip to the central California coast. Our grown daughter will be here to mind her youngest brother ...oh AND the 4 legged ones too! Here is a picture of the fabric I bought (I hope they dont' kick me out of Stashbusters!) for a scrappy snowball. Gee I LOVE those charm packs! There is one square of each fabric in that line. The large floral will be a border and/or backing with the black with gold sparkle for the binding. The reds are showing up a bit brighter ..they are on the brick red side ( d0n't ask me WHEN it will be done....hehehehehe)

I will have to do a bit of work on my frame when I get back. There is a sensor underneath the upper carriage that has come undone. I tried to restick it with double sided tape, but I think a bit of Gorilla Glue is in my future. I'm still having tension issues so while I have the carriage off, I will redo the counter weights. Cross your fingers that will cure my woes! Here is a picture of the frame with my friends mom's quilt on it last week. (ignore the mess in the room....I share this with my 4 footed kids. If I don't keep it MESSY..they stay IN there!)

When I get back , I will post pictures of my furry kids and my latest projects. Happy fall weekend!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October! I went to Meet the Teacher day at the quilt shop yesterday. I finished my class sample with 15 minutes to go! WHEW! The rest of the days was pretty much Murphy's Law. I left a section of a Christmas tree skirt I wanted to work on today in the shop. I arrived home to a sick kiddo with a high fever. This morning when I went to check on him, I left the dogs in the bedroom. I was greeted with an 'offering" when I returned...the sick dog kind..but never mind that!...ICK! I wish Murphy would take a vacation! I'm happy to report I purchased some Christmas fabric while I was there. One of the classes is a snowball block. She used some charm packs that include a 4 1/2 inch block of each fabric in that fabric line. They were SO pretty! I'm about to go on my 'fabric diet" I tried last year. I started it on January 1st when I made a list of my UFOs (UnFinished Object) to you non-quilters....I STOPPPED counting at 30..yes THIRTY! And I have found more since! Last year I made it to Tax Day...I'm sure the MasterCard will thank me! I'm off to cut fabric for the Quilt an Hour a Day quilt for October. My friend gave our quilt group a pile of fabric to pick thru. I picked out fall colors for this. Call my family if I"m not back from stash diving in a couple of hours!