Thursday frenzy!

Well I made it! All the blocks are pieced. Here is a sampling of todays offerings. They are the same colors as yesterdays but with a black center instead of a color. There is one of both blocks in a bigger block. To save me some time, I'm going to pair them up in the same color. Usually I put them up on the design wall and walk around them a few days. This time, in my time crunch, I'm just going to pair the colors up. The orange and blue blocks are already paired up.

In between sewing, I even managed a trip to the grocery at the base, post office visit (this is a minor family will tell you I'm mailing impaired. 2nd trip in 2 day with another one tomorrow: FLING day!, and soccer practice. I don't like it when my husband is out of town (and he travels for a living!) as he runs interference for me when I'm on a quilt mission. Soccer practice is painful when I have no hand work and am yearning for the sewing machine!

Have any of you seen these stamps? (I REALLY should get out more!) The lady in front of me yesterday bought some and I happened to hear her say "quilt stamps" I was tickled to see Gee's Bend quilts! Some followed me back to the car today, so I plan to frame them for my quilt studio wall...but there are stamps on the BACK too. Mail will have quilt stamps on them till I finish up the back!

Tomorrow's offering? a picture of the pieced top.


Angie said…
I really really love this block, soccertxi!! That's going to be a fun class to take! Your colors are just so bright and gorgeous!

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