Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost ready to start!?

I know! I have not given you fabric requirements! How on EARTH are you supposed to pick fabrics ( my FAVORITE part of a to piecing!) if I don't tell you HOW MUCH! OK...I must confess...I had a bit of trouble on the side triangles. I'm piecing this on point. YOU dont' have to do the math!

PPTHHHHH! Anyway....I will have the WHOLE top to show you day after tomorrow (thats Friday if you are not reading this on Wednesday), but here are the amts if you love to stash dive like I do!:

Sew along fabric list:

Neutral (cream on cream) 3 yards
blue 3/4 yard
gold 1/3 yard
red ½ yard

I have tried to make these generous amts but not overly padded. Example: the neutral needs just over 2 3/4..I rounded up to 3. I dont' know about you, but I have been known to flub a cut now and then. I ended up using three different neutrals that are about the same shade of cream. I had one yard of each one. I know some of you will want to do this scrappy, so I will try to give you totals of each cut as we go along. If I forget and you want it, just e-mail me and I will post it. If you want it, chances are someone else will need it to. It will be fun to see what other colors are picked. If you would like to share, send me a picture and I will post it for everyone to see. If you are a new quilter, dont' be shy! I will be happy to answer any questions the best I can. Sometimes problems will seem like a mountain to YOU..but will have an easy solution. OK..enuf with the wordy stuff....I'm off to finish the WHOLE top so you can SEE it!

PS...just if you were interested, I used 3 diff neutrals, one blue, one gold and every scrappy red I could find...see you tomorrow.

Monday, July 21, 2008

sneak preview...

I won't be blogging much for the next week, so I thought I would give you a sneak on the sew are my fab choices


Sorry they are on the blurry side. I will give you fabric requirements in a day or so. As we go along, if you are doing yours scrappy..or parts of it scrappy (like I am), I will give you shape totals as we go along.

Here is one block:

And here is another.

I hope this sneak peek with whet your appetite! If you are a newbie quilter, why dont' you join us? I will give you step by step pictures. You can even e-mail me if you get stuck. I promise not to go too fast...:::grin::::

See you in a few days with the fabric list...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mental exercise

I am a daily crossword puzzle solver. And I'm picky- I only like the United Artist puzzle. The LA times one comes daily in our local paper, but is too hard for my brain. My parents do the same puzzle. My dad (poor baby) does not like the way his pencil (pen?) makes a hole in the newsprint:::sniff sniff::: Can you hear the violins??? So he makes a copy for himself and one for my mom. THEN (the stinker!) writes at the top of my mom's copy *her name* and on the top of HIS copy, he prints *APPROVED SOLUTION*! Like HE is the only one who could EVER have the right answer! ROTLF Ilike to play this little game when I visit, for he makes ME my own copy with *my name* on the top of MY copy. (I would be JUST as happy with the newsprint, thank you very much, but I have not been offered that option yet). I usually finish MY copy FIRST (when I visit their house in a different state), so I put MY copy on TOP, with *my name* crossed out and *the ONLY solution* penned in, in RED ink, if possible. If Mom has finished hers, I put her copy under mine, with my dad's on the bottom with *APPROVED SOLUTION* crossed out and *his name* , in red ink. :::grin::: OH...I didn't tell you the last snippet: ALOT of the times, all the squares are filled in on his copy, but most times there are ERRORS! ::::gasp:::: I knew that would get you! the brag of this post...yesterday, I did the United Artist puzzle (all of it), AND I got the Jumble (I have good and bad days at this. I usually can get the 5 letter words, but the 6 letter and the pun I'm not so good at)..all the words AND the pun...AND! ::::Drum roll please::: I got the WHOLE (not just part but ALL ) of the Los Angeles times puzzle too! Boy! my brain must have been on overdrive! I do use the dictionary at times. I see it as a vocabulary learning curve. I only used it twice on the LA Times one yesterday. I bet today I won't get ANY of them! used up all my brain cells yesterday!

This is my brain on puzzles:

THIS is my brain on QUILTS!

I think I really see quilts as puzzles. I love grabbing a piece of paper and figuring out a pattern. Or how someone has used color to change the look of an old pattern to make it their own.

I should be back later to show you my choices of fabric for Judy's BOM that is starting August 1st. I did all my quilty 'chores' yesterday: I finished quilting a small corner of a quilt I did last FALL. I had to pull out some nasty stitches. I labeled a gift quilt ..and I loaded a scrappy bargello with a scrappy back before I went to bed last night. I am *allowed* to start piecing the 2nd block for the sew along. It is my intention to show you the top with fabric requirements by Monday. I will give you 2 weeks to stash dive to find your colors with a tentative start date of the week of Aug 4th. If you choose to do this quilt a different size than I'm offering, I can probably help you with block requirements, but you will be on your own on fabric requirements.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A To DO List...and a reward!

What parts of the quilting process do you ..well...AVOID like the plague? As much as I ADORE pieced backs, most the time I SLOG thru piecing them. I am much better at loading quilts on the frame. As with most everything else in life, the more you DO a task, the easier it becomes. Right now I'm wrestling with labels ( the making of them, not the sewing them on the quilt) and borders. ick Ick ICK! I have completed half of the blocks for the sew along. You see, I'm REALLY a piecer at heart. If I ever win the lottery, after I tithe, hire a full time housekeeper and purchase a long arm, I will find someone to put borders on my quilts and load them on the frame!

So, with all those blocks done,hankering to DIVE into the other half, I will require myself to:
1. make and pin a label on a completed quilt destined for the mail
2. finish the side borders on a scrappy bargello ( I need to try that panto again to fully embed it in my brain)
3. load said scrappy bargello and get to quilting it
4. THEN and only THEN may I start piecing the next set of blocks. I'm very anxious to show it to you. But, you know, just showing you ONE kind of blocks will not hack it! You need to see the WHOLE top to know if you want to sew along or not. I better get going! I have CHORES to do!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

rain in Arizona

Now I know there are some of you out there that still believe that Arizona is like ...well...the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert. We DO have plants..and sometimes during the year, we have rainy seasons. ::::gasp!::: RAIN? Yup...rain. Night before last we had our first gully washer of the summer monsoon season. Look what I was treated to yesterday!!

This dog is not a pure white when he is clean...BUT...he does not have BROWN FEET EITHER! I had to spend 5 minutes gathering up towels and water to clean off his paws.
He knows what is coming and won't look me in the eye! he is so smart...

I know this is a brown towel (there is a method to my madness! muahahahahaha!), but he had mud ALL the way up into his pads! I finally had to put him outside and get a bucket of water. OOOh ..he was NOT happy with me! rotlf

We were able to eat breakfast with our older son and his girlfriend at Cracker Barrel yesterday. They left right afterwards for a weekend in Las Vegas. Oh , how I love to poke around in Cracker Barrel's shop! I don't buy much in there, but I love to look! This is what followed me home this time. I think it will look good on my white wall unit (see it there in the back?), but I have not found just the right spot yet.

Looks like I will be doing a sew along. I'm still piecing the top so you can see what it looks like. I should have fabric requirements and a picture of the top in a week or so. I am starting a commission quilt next week, so I would like to get my sewing end done, so I don't get distracted! (whoops! Too late...look at the doggie!)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

200+ post

As a thank you for reading my blog for 200+ entries, I'm going to offer to do either a sew along or a mystery. Please vote your choice. There is no obligation to actually DO it if you vote. I would just like an idea of what others prefer. I will be doing mine in a red/white/blue colorway and will be showing you my choices soon. This will be offered in a lap size in hopes that you will donate one to the charity of your choice. Mine is Quilts of Valor

I spent my day doing..well..not much! I put BBQ wings in the crock not much cooking. I sat in the sewing room and watched TV...Clean Sweep and the Diamondbacks (get beat darn it!) I did enjoy picking fabrics for this sew along/mystery and sketching the design. I always did love colored pencils!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Can you guess what this is? NO..its not a giant paper towel roll! Its an EMPTY batting roll! WOW! Now in all honesty, I did NOT purchase this as a full roll. The JoAnns by me was moving to a larger location (aLOT farther away darn it!) and had everything marked down.

And guess what THIS is?!? A BRAND NEW roll! JoAnns had it half price this weekend, so I bought a whole roll. I thought my husband was going to be a BIT perturbed..but when he found out it was 50% off, he just SMILED! I think he suspects that I will be SAILING thru this roll alot faster than the last one!

I'm working on the binding on the scrappy Delectable Mountains, so hope to show you that soon...and piecing a backing for a scrappy bargello a la
Bonnie that will go on the frame next. TODAY if I get going!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Same song...same VERSE...different day!

OK ...remember yesterday? When the Diamondbacks LOST..but the Little League team WON? Well...same thing happened today! Little League got a better score (14-1)...and cause they won, they go on to the next level where they have to play the winner of the other bracket! It WILL be a tough game... Diamondbacks blew the lead in the top of the 9th...I may not watch tomorrows game...

I promised quilty today. Do you have a quilting angel? I KNOW I do! I took the 1st panto quilt off the frame today, squared it up..and proceeded to sew on the binding I made a LONG time ago...
Look where it over laps/....Can you see in the picture? It JUST over laps. Actuall

THIS is all that is left from that binding! I think my quilting angel worked over time. I DID have some of that fabric left..but I USED it all on the BACK! I DO love that quilt angel! I do I Do I DO!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

new header!

After two suggestions...I will comply! Here are my wonky letters as my header! I think they look great..BUT! I will try to get a new picture that is not blurry. This one is JUST blurry enought that I am considering taking my new glasses back to be adjusted! HA!

Want the good news first? or the bad news? ok...bad Diamondbacks lost AGAIN...AND they lost about 4 players to injuries. :::Sigh:::: we are not EVEN To the All Star break! GOOD NEWS? Kiddo's Little League team WON tonight! YIPPEEE! He played well...getting a sac bunt with an RBI to boot and a couple of great plays in field... ::::puffed up Mom's pride::: He has another game tomorrow...oh gee...i get to sit in the HEAT again! Some one has to do it...::::Grin::::

Back with quilty stuff tomorrow!