Monday, May 19, 2008


The camera that was AWOL has been FOUND! WHEW! Just in time for a family outing starting on Friday. I was not happy about having to purchase a new one...esp since I love this one so..AND I know how to use it! lolol I'm ashamed to say it was under HEAPS of debris in the back of my mini van. I'm about ready to PUNT that vehicle. I do love to be able to haul stuff around, BUT, I'm ready for something smaller, more fuel efficient, and , well...SPORTIER. That said, I do love to sit up a bit higher, so I may have to rethink the 'sporty' comment. Its also not my turn for a different vehicle, so all this is moot.

Just so this post is not picture-less, here are some cacti pictures I took at the Sonoran Desert Museum near Tucson at spring break.

This is a normal variation of the traditional saguaro cactus. You usually see them with the big arms skyward.
This is a cactus on its way out. The spines eventually bend over or fall flat on the desert floor.

this is a century plant. I think they CAN live up to a century, but once they bloom, they die. the one on the right is blooming. The one on the left HAS bloomed. I believe they belong to the agave family. I may have something quilty/sewing to post tomorrow, but dont' keep your fingers coossed...I am up to my armpits in cleaning house. Ick ICk ICK

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why does Murphy seem to live at my house?

Does this happen to you? We have garbage and recycle pick up in our town once a week. We have a big tan wheelie can for the garbage and a big green wheelie can for the recyclables. Now I have trouble remembering to put them out the night before (really you are supposed to put them out at 6 am..but I REFUSE to get up that early JUST for the garbage!!), so usually I put them out as I'm taking my kiddo to school (NOT at 6am...). Now on the days I put it out at taxi time...I usually have missed one of the pickups. It comes that early...BUT on the days, I DO remember to put it out the night before? They dont' come around till about 5 PM! HOW DO THEY KNOW? Does someone sit outside my neighborhood...and check to see if my cans are out? I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. I guess I just need to mark the calendar the day before pickups with a HUGE RED MARKER. No reason I could not put them out....say....the MORNING of the day before? Think they would come the day AFTER pick up day in that case?

Sorry to not have anything quilty...I have misplaced my camera. I'm afraid I took it to sewing class. If that it the case, I may be purchasing a new one soon! DRAT! Back soon with a niftier post.

Need a quick gifty/project? Check out Morah's cute luggage tag tutorial! I think I'm stash diving today. I have been wanting to make these ever since I saw hers last fall( or winter...I forget!). I may need one for vacation...:::Grin::::

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sorry about no post over the weekend. After having two deadlines (the QOV and the pillows) I was kind of aimless all weekend! I am trying to locate a ruler I can use on Judy's hour a day top and Bonnies Orange Crush...but to no avail. So I puttered in the studio...I did sew 3 more pillows (those will be stuffed and stitched by someone ELSE. SO I'm DONE with those- at least until I volunteer myself- I always do! lolol)

Here is a picture of all those smiling faces...well EYES! Its the only way I could figure out how to get them on my blog w/o having to go thru the mess of permission to post their pictures! Aren't they precious? I SO wish I could have been a fly on the wall in a few houses when Moms got those! I will just have to imagine...

Look what my son gave me! WOW! I don't think I have ever had that many flowers at once in my WHOLE life! They are such a pretty shade of pink- and I'm a BLUE girl. They don't have much of a perfume...but I have found that is typical of the prettier flowers. Some of the rattier looking ones smell WONDERFUL...and the pretty ones just look pretty! I hope you had a nice Mothers day..with your kids or your Mom.

Monday, May 05, 2008

coming up for air!

Well, ONE project is DONE DONE DONE! I sent this quilt:

on to Alycia. Cross your fingers it will arrive on Thursday, so she can deliver them on FRIDAY! Oh I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when she delivers them! I wonder how many quilts total she will have to deliver? I think she is up to 42..Her mail lady will be BUSY this week!

If you look at a close up of the top, you can still see all the safety pins! I still had to SID up and down..but I had to get a picture before the light faded! ROTLF I DID take them out/wash/dry before I boxed them up. I also sent this one...that is the one did peacock echos ALL OVER. Boy what a labor of love...They both were 'quilt-cased' and had a card to go with. Not sure about that card...Alycia will tell me if I was off base or not...Right Alycia????

NOW all I have left to do is stuff and stitch all those hand print pillows closed ..THEN I can move on to loading those new handles on my HQ! It is sitting there..just TAUNTING me. Can't ya hear it?....what? can't?...oh dear, I'm hearing sewing maching voices now! I need a quilty fix!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

One deadline ready to go!

Here are 25 hand print pillows ready to be stuffed by little hands. Can't you just imagine all that poly stuffing flying around the class room!? Wish me luck! I will take some pictures if the teacher will let me. Didn't they turn out cute!? I hope there will be some happy mommies on Mothers Day!!

PS Stash to the rescue! I had enough of this fabric to sash ALL 25 pillows..with a TINY bit to spare. My husband LOVES stash projects!...come to think of it..I do too!