Thursday, July 16, 2009

quilt cartoon Day 2

Earl and Opal spend more time in the quilt shop!

After I read yesterday's Pickles to my husband...I found TWO golf I had to cut those out too!

Yesterday was kinda stressful for me... my mom had hip replacement surgery...and my husband and daughter were moving my daughter from MS to TX. It was hard on me ...I could do NOTHING, but sit by the phone! Today I'm happy to report that Mom is up and tottering around the nurses station....and the travelers have unloaded the truck, returned it, set up the bed and kitchen table, and driven to my parents house. THEY get to see Mom before I do! WAAAAAA!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WOW! I'm tired of internet problems! I think it is all due to the heat -we hit 113° yesterday. ICK! A WEEK ago Monday we had no DSL access. On Tuesday, it was not remedied, and yet our modem FRIED (I could smell it ICK). By Friday, we had called daily...told 3 times the new modem would be arriving 'with in 24 hours' and spent HOURS peering INTENTLY out the window for the UPS man. (no, we were told we could not pick up a new one at the Qwest store as they didnt' have the serial number of our old one in their system. HELLO!? It has Qwest EMBOSSED all over its fried little hide!) Friday it arrived(no wireless access tho)...still no DSL access...Sat the tech we have DSL (that runs SLOWER than dial up). Monday, my husband make a trip to the Qwest store and came home with modem #2 that had wireless access..still V E R Y S L O W... Finally today, a 2nd tech arrived. He got the download speed up to a faster than dial up level...AND modem # THREE is installed. I swear that man sprouted WINGS!

If you are a quilter, and read the newspaper...did you see this cartoon this morning?

I had to laugh..and then call my husband. He is helping our daugher move from Columbus MS to Abilene TX. I think he got the GLORIOUS job of driving the UHaul truck. I'm gonna nominate that man for Dad of the YEAR! He also goes outside in our AZ heat to throw the baseball around with our youngest

I'm a HUGE Pickles fan. I swear some days it gets me thru the day! This one is now cut out and residing on my studio door. It is very happy there. Tomorrow I have pictures (and I can UPLOAD them! WHOO HOOO!)