Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do you see a pattern?

Here is a small collection of fabrics...I have been adding to it from time to time. I am thinking of making something small, but I have not ONE idea! Does this pile suggest a pattern to you?

Last night I was having trouble sleeping...I ended up thinking about this Susan Branch fabric I purchased a week or so ago. Now I did not have a PLAN for just followed me home! (After I purchased it of COURSE..hehehehehe) It is hard to see the sayings. My two favorites are "Chocolate...not just for breakfast anymore" and "Housework, when done correctly, CAN kill you". I think it needs to be a vest..but of COURSE I will need a few fabrics to go with :::grin:::: I have a design in mind..and a NEW UFO is born! YIPPEEEE!

Monday, June 18, 2007

quilting slump what HAVE I been doing while I'm not FIRED up about sewing? (did I REALLY SAY that???) Yes..I did...and so here goes...

Short trip to Cooperstown NY. Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I asked the question about why its in Cooperstown (lets face it...Cooperstown is not an easy drive from most everywhere!) Baseball was invented there...ok..I guess they get the Hall of Fame. My son was not THRILLED to go. I was a bit confused until he enlightened me! He is a RABID member of the Red Sox Nation...and was convinced there were just TOO many Yankees in the Hall of Fame! He had a great time nevertheless. His favorite part was trying his hand at the pitching booth nearby during an ice cream break. KIDS! (pictures are the jersey of David Ortiz "Big Papi' he wore this in the World Series and of Ted Williams)

Next stop Lake Placid NY. Home of 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics and my only uncle! We had a nice visit and got to see his new home in a town nearby. Move to come this summer.

On to Philadelphia. We played tourist in the morning ...seeing the Liberty Bell (I was amazed at how rough it looked. I always thought of it as tough and smooth. Turns out it is fragile, brittle and bumpy. I was very impressed anyway!), Independence Hall (Declaration of Independence and the Constitution signed here), and Benjamin Franklin's Museum. I was FACINATED with all that man did. Most of our favorite phrases came from him along with many many inventions. Makes me want to know more about him!

Our last stop was to Citizens Bank Park to see my Diamondbacks play the Philadephia Phillies. It was a beautiful night, a gorgeous ball park and guess what? WE WON! The Phillies fans around us were very generous..and we tried not to be obnoxious in our victory (hehehehehe!)!

So what HAVE I been up to? KNITTING! Here is the front (or back?) of a child's sweater. You can find a free pdf file pattern (actually 2) at Guidepost a magazine I dearly love. Just click on 'knit for kids' in the left hand column. They accept knitted sweaters for charity, but the pattern is free no matter who you make it for!

Think I need to send sunglasses with this one? I just dove into my yarn stash (it is VERY small and not necessary to feed it, as I am still working on a sweater for me I started about 3 yrs ago!) and this is what fell out!

Monday, June 04, 2007

jacket tote continued

Flatten the bottom of the tote, lining the side seam up with the bottom seam. I measured around 3 inches from the edges on both sides and drew a line. Sew on the line at least twice. This will give your tote depth.

This is one of the sleeves....cut on the seam and the cuff removed. I squared it up and there was enough to split up the middle. I covered it around a piece of webbing to give the handles some oomph. (like my technical sewing terms!? hehehehehehehe)

Here are the completed straps. I kept the apples in there..I don't know why. Just seemed right.

I found a resonable match to the color and made a facing. Basically just a straight piece of fabric...interfaced and edges finished. Sewed it around the top sandwiching in the handle. I centered them ...took a couple of tries before I was happy. Ironed the facing down.

Hand stitched along the zipper.

It was not cooperating in staying I just fused it a bit with pieces of original fusable (can you say ANCIENT???? lolol) The bottom of the bag is a big 'baggy' so I may decide to interface the sides and bottom if the inserted bottom is not enough.

One last touch. I decided to put a button with a loop of elastic at the top of the zipper. I doubt if I will use that zipper much, but really didnt' want to take out . The button will help keep that stable.

VOILA! new tote! I will show you the bottom stablizer when I get it made. I looked at some premade lucite ones, but none of their sizes fit. Drat!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Sorry for the lapse in posts...a quick trip east last week and I'm still slogging thru vacation laundry. ICK!

I will post a few pictures of our trip in a few days. In the meantime I will show a short tutorial. I had posted a picture of a worn out quilt jacket before I retired it. Someone generously suggested I make a bag out of i DID! Here are a few pictures of the process....

This is the original jacket.

I have turned it inside out and clipped off the pockets. They will be trimmed off in a minute.

I marked a cutting line from just inside the sleeve on both side down to the elastic cuff.

Sleeves trimmed off and saved for the handles....

Here are the side seams sewn up ...and the bottom cuff removed. I did my best to avoid the zipper. I decided to keep it...adds to the look of the jacket I think!
The hood is still tucked up inside. I wanted to keep as much of the top of the zipper, so I saved the hood till I was ready to tackle that and the top of the tote.

Tomorrow I will show you the rest. I almost used it today, but I need a bottom for the inside to keep it from sagging. I will stop next time I am near Michaels or JoAnns for some plastic canvas.