Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had high hopes for today. I have no major appointments, no hair cuts, no dentist visits. Just a normal everyday kind of day. I will still do laundry, load a quilt, pick up my son from school, feed him and deliver him to soccer practice. Its kind of overcast and it may even have rained a little. The newspaper plastic bag was wet. I went for my usual cup of coffee at the Starbucks inside the Safeway by school. I was met with bad news. One of the employees had gone home sick yesterday. She got sicker and her neighbor took her to the hospital. She had a brain anurysm and passed away in the ER. We were not best friends, never went to lunch or gabbed on the phone. But she was one of those people you meet in your everyday doing-all-your-errands that you connect with. She would stop and tell us a joke, knew our names and about our families. I LOVED her friendship!I loved hearing about her daughter and her son in the Marines. I loved commiserating with her about parenthood and middle age (she was younger than me but close). We clicked. I'm not telling you this just so you will know I"m down in the dumps, but so that you will tell those people in YOUR life, that YOU click with, that you appreciate them. I'm not close enough to the family to DO anything. We always just want to DO something, don't we? The only thing I can think of to do is to offer a memory quilt for her kids. Maybe not this week...or next month, but when they are ready. I miss Linda already.

I promise quilty pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MIA no longer #2

I have also made it thru (FINALLY) clue 2 on the Carolina Christmas mystery. I have even cut part of clue 3 and started sewing.

(I'm SO ADD...I can only cut for a while, and then I'm itchin' to I DO!)

I will be interested to see if I will use all these units in ONE quilt, or divide them up and make 2 smaller ones. I like a quilt that has places for your eye to 'rest'. If they are too busy, my eye just glances over the whole thing and never stops to take a good look. I have visions of using blocks in the middle with a large inner border..then more blocks around the edge...Looks like I will be moving these around my design wall for a while to come! Our house guests (we HOPE) in March for Spring Training baseball, will eyeing these. My design wall is in there! Hope they bring sunglasses to sleep in..the brights might wake them up!

PS. did you know that your Carolina Christmas clues don't get done unless you actually SIT down and sew them? I did not know that....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MIA no more!

I knew it had been awhile since I blogged..but I had no idea it had been over a MONTH! I HAVE been busy...just not telling about it!

I survived:
- Christmas ( I should edit that to say ENJOYED. My DH was home for both the holiday and our youngest' birthday. That was all the gift I needed!)

- youngest's birthday. He is now 14 ..that means we survived the 1st teen year of our youngest child. WHEW! We are now up to contact lenses, unlimited texting, and Future Freshman night! its gonna be a wild 4 yrs ahead I can tell you that!

- an unexpected visit from our daughter. The AF told her she would NOT have a week off at Christmas, then proceeded to tell them too LATE to buy airline tickets , that yes in fact , they DID have a week off. She told me she was driving from San Antonio to Abilene...when in FACT, she was headed HOME. lights on outside...expecting no company...ding dong! Dogs go WILD! Turn on outside lights. OH MY GOODNESS! She's HOME! We were happy to have her from Monday to Saturday...and her little dog Chewie (you thought I was going to say TOTO didnt' you?!) FOUR male dogs...they had a BLAST and looked for their newest 'cousin' for a week after he left!

-and New Year's Eve. Its no fun waking up at the stroke of midnight to dog claws trying to either 1. pull themselves up on the bed, or 2. roll you OFF the bed. In any case, they were in my THIGH...I banned him from the room. I think the 14 yr old let him sleep on the couch in the family room (BIG no no in this house...dogs on the furniture), but at 12:30, I didn't care a WHIT!

Now i'm happily ensconced at home ...doing what you ask? QUILTING of course! I finished the fleece throw and its happily being used with a sick girlfriend.

I quilted a gazillion celtic knots on a green and white Irish chain for a dear online friend. (ok...maybe only 20 knots..but alot!) She trusted me with this quilt that is a wedding shower present for her son and DIL-to-be. It arrived in safety and it currently being bound.

The continuous curve quilting in the chains is not as visible. I was so focused on MAILING it, I didn't take anymore pictures when it was FINISHED!. I was just relieved it was done and arrived in time.

This week I'm finishing up 2 QOV I picked up to quilt at my local long arm guild. I got 2 pillowcases with a top, backing and batting. All I have to do is decide what to quilt on it.

This is the 1st one. It has a computer fabric in vibrant colors with a black sashing and alternate blocks. I was lucky to have seen a quilt at I riffled around in my sewing room and watched The Pajama Quilter DVD to refresh my memory and VOILA!

DWIRLING! Is fun, fast and mindless...I think it suits this quilt quite well. I thanked Mary for refreshing my memory. Nice to have another all purpose design under my belt! It reminds me of a topographical map.

I'm off to load the 2nd QOV...I promise could take me awhile to decide tho. Its a red/white/blue string quilt with lace on some of the strings. Not sure I can do a pantograph as I will not be able to see the fabric. That lace makes me nervous!