Monday, December 30, 2013

Celtic Solstice week 5

And I thought I would be caught up by now! Silly girl! Don't you know the dogs need in out in out in out in out...the teen needs food RIGHT NOW...and then again in 20 mins? And the DH...well he does leave to play golf , etc, but he needs clothes for a trip he said he had enough for...and EVERYBODY wants dinner! Whats up with that? Dont' they know I have a bazillion pieces to sew? I think I see a crock pot dinner in my future. Of course that is AFTER I shop for the food! lol  I am thinking I am happy I didn't decide to do the larger size. I am feeling overwhelmed as it is!
 As you can see, I have lots of every unit, except week 5.
I had only made enough HST for the pinwheels, so I had to go back
and make those.

I am kinda ADD when I sew, and I seem to do best when I am working
on more than one thing at a time. Not sure how that works, but
there it is! Oh..I forgot one area of finished units...brb
All the pinwheels are sewn, just pressing a few at at time.
I dont seem to get the swirled center as nice on these as the
four patches.
So..there it is...I am slogging along. I think today I will start cutting my neutrals
for clue 5. I hope to finish ALL of at least ONE CLUE today!
(hey! its a goal! lol)
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design wall fun!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


With the help of FlyLady and my timer, my procrastination attempts are shorter and easier to deal with..but there is always ONE area that needs help! Do you have this problem? I can do one load of laundry (sometimes TWO) and put them away, I can unload the dishwasher promptly, dust and vacuum a room quickly, clean the bathrooms in less than 5 mins each....but what stops me in my tracks? FOLDING SHEETS! Usually I wash them and put them right back on the bed, but this time of year, we usually change from woven sheets to knit. Flannel is too heavy for me...I toss and turn, get hot , then cold and the weight of the flannel is a bit much. The knit,however, is perfect! It does not feel as cold as woven when you 1st get in and the weight is light but warm. So what is the problem? I didn't fold those woven sheets I took OFF the bed.       aHEM......they are folded now. The IRONY (other than those sheets were WRINKLY??? lol) It took me all of THREE minutes to fold them! I better get friendlier with my timer!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Real Studio Tour week 3

Here is my working studio! Note: I LIKE it better cleaned up, but it seems like whenever I am REALLY working in here, it looks pretty much like this. I am hoping to have a clean/organize/use up leftover batting/make dog beds/ list UFOs on Jan 1st...there is no hope that it will look better, but maybe I will be able to vacuum-JUST ONCE! lol

My obligations, minus some tshirt quilts and quilting on two others that I previously promised, have been quilted and delivered. I am free to work on my own, and one other, side by side from now on. I feel a weight lifted!

Here is my happy mess!
Just inside the door is the design wall. Behind the door (it started to close, so didn't show in the picture!), a holder for fusibles and interfacings.

going around the room, here is the sewing table. My Bernina and serger (just behind the back of the chair) are up all the time. I made a small ironing pad to sit on the drawer (with a small green Olfa mat on it in the picture. It just sits on an open drawer.

Above the serger are two type setting drawers for thread and dodads. I love the
color and easy access. The book holder came from a favorite craft store as it was
going out of business. ::; sniff:::

Opposite wall from the design wall, is my cutting table. Its a Formica countertop left over from a
previous quilting system. Its held up with tables found in the 'as is' section of IKEA. Also 2 dressers tucked underneath. The counter top does not sit on the dressers, so large templates are stored there.
Cutting table: melamine board covered with ironing board, telescoping legs for height adjustment from IKEA. Underneath, wire cubes for fabric storage are perfect size for plastic cubes.

Jane's room. This is where my Innova, Jane, lives. my friend came over today to quilt
a t-shirt quilt for her son for Christmas, so she is not ready to play!
PLENTY of storage underneath and in the closet I cannot get to!
Thank  you for stopping by my blog and be sure to head over to Vicki Welsh's blog
to see more REAL Studios!
(PS its a STUDIO because REAL WORK happens there!
I'm just sayin'!)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

messy sewing room to the rescue!

What do you do when you are making a scrappy quilt..with all the same background ...and you run OUT of that background? Look around for another one and make THAT scrappy too?

Stop working on that UFO? ...if you DO stop working on day, you might be in your messy MESSY sewing room, looking for something ELSE...

you might just FIND more of that background!
I was looking for more variety for Bonnie's mystery and came across a WHOLE yard of it!
There is enough to finish that quilt AND use some for the mystery! YIPPPEEE
Sometimes a messy sewing room is a GOOD thing!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Solstice week 3

I have been busy with projects for other people, so I have not gotten as far as I had hoped. I am sewing both Clue 1 and Clue 2, but I have not finished cutting either one!HA! I TOLD you I was an ADD quilter!

Here are my bins with the clues..I have all the green and yellow cut for 2, so I will cut the neutrals today. I hope today to have all my projects for other people completed and sew only on the mystery.

Friday, December 13, 2013

REAL Studio Tour, Week 2

Good morning, Friday!
I have been busy all week and today, after a few
normal household chores,
can PLAY! YIPPEEE!Oh!...Then I get to go out
into the night to a soccer game...not close to my house AND cold!
I need to remember these nights for retrieval in July! HA!
Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber is having week two of her
REAL Studio Tour. She asked for storage ideas.
I have two today: one tried and true I use ALL the time and a new one.
HERE is the new one:
Its a tool storage chest, just like the red ones from Sears you remember from...well
forEVER. But now in bright spanking colors for the
female DIYer!
Mine is in my long arm room and holds thread , templates, tools and all the 'stuff' I need.
My family is still shocked that I picked lime green instead of blue, but that is the way I roll at
the moment. Maybe I should make a lime green and blue quilt and get BOTH!

My tried and true?
cubes made of these wire panels

i have a whole set of them tucked under my ironing stations (melamine board cut at Home Depot with telescoping legs set at JUST the right height for me from Ikea).
They are the perfect size for square plastic cubes.
I have another bank of them just around the corner, but ...well...
aHEM!...they are COVERED in projects , and so will be shown at a later date!
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Friday, December 06, 2013

non-quilty tools

Vicki over at Field Trips in Fiber is having a Real Studio Tour. This week she asked us what non-quilty things we used in our studios. I have many, but my favorite I use on my Innova long arm. I usually 'float' my tops. That means the top is not attached to one of the rollers. It just hangs free and is rolled up as the quilt is quilted. I use a tool shop magnet, the type you attach to the wall to hold the quilt to the roller.

this is the magnetic tool bar
here you can see it on the bottom of the top. Once it is attached to the quilt top
with the roller underneath, you can tighten it up on the roller. No pins!
I purchased these at Harbor Freight for $5 on sale.
Look near the tool boxes and organization items.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Celtic Solistice mystery week 1!

I am multitasking this week, so I have only cut. I usually cut some
and then sew some. HOWEVER, I get off track and distracted and tired of the whole process.
This time I am trying to stay with the cutting until I am DONE.  I have
all the neutrals and oranges cut with about half the blues done.
OOOH, I am just ITCHING to sew them...BUT!!!
I have this to piece/border/quilt/ bind
Its a memory quilt. the blocks are shirts, the tan -khaki pants , and the dark -a pair of
dk gray chinos. I will finish these blocks today.
OH..and I'm prepping 2 quilts for the mail AND quilting a quilt I want to deliver
on Thursday.
Can you say MULTITASKING...and ADD quilter!
I better get going!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm Sorry

What am I sorry for?
People who don't like Cilantro!
I LOVE it! I am like a cat with catnip.
Just say the word and I start salivating!

ESP in a big bowl of Chicken Tortilla soup.
My friend, Linda, made a big pot of Chicken Tortilla soup when were
in Cambria a couple weekends ago. I neglected to get her recipe and was
too impatient to wait to get it from her. I thought I had remembered that
The Pioneer Woman had one on her site. Sure enough she did.
I printed it out to take to the grocery store and LOOK what happened!?

A GORGEOUS bowl of soup!
I used Tortilla strips, fresh chopped cilatro,
sour cream, shredded cheese.
and fresh pico de gallo as toppings.

Sorry you missed it!
(I am currently making a double batch to take to my
media team tonight..wanna help us eat it up?? lol)

Here is the link if you want to rustle up a pot of your own:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I was a bad girl!

I was very fortunate that I didn't knock my machine out of timing!
I hope I have learned my lesson!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Where do ideas come from??!

Do you ever think about how you get a great idea? I was happily watching the baseball playoffs, washing dishes...OK..NOT HAPPILY washing dishes! You get the picture. I THOUGHT I was thinking about baseball...then BAM! A great idea!I am wondering if my brain is off on its own tangent and does not clue me in...HMMMM!
I don't use up spices very often, hence not many empty bottles.
This week I made my 1st batch of chili for the season.
(Hey! My family is NOT excited about chili in July when its
a gaZILLION degrees. I'm just sayin'!)
The last tablespoon of chili powder was used and a new one opened.
The old one sat on the counter a few days and then I washed it.

BAM! its a great size....and...wait for it...

There are already holes to put the needles in! Just pop the lid open and
in the needle goes. love it!
Just for that great idea, I'm gonna let my brain take the rest of the day off...
except when I'm driving on the freeway of course!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Its Monday...but there are still young men bodies sleeping in my house! (Its ok..its Columbus Day..and they dont' have school). That means I will be making breakfast. There BETTER be dish help after. I'm just sayin'...
Putting rows together on the police theme quilt. I have one more row for the bottom (it kept falling off the design wall) and the medallion will get a small border of the navy blue fabric. Hoping to be ready for borders by tomorrow and start piecing the backing. I have the same quilt on the frame, so that will be worked on too. Good thing I like to flit from project to project...and that I have already decided on chili for dinner. LOVE that!
Don't forget to look at all the design walls over at Judy's
and thanks for visiting!

Friday, October 11, 2013


This week I'm grateful for:

1. Warm days and cool nights. This is the earliest we have had our small patch of grass reseeded for the winter. It has come in very fast compared to other years. BUT...Rookie seems to find every little mud patch. And this was a HUGE one...Guess we will be reseeding the path this week!
 the 'path'
and all the mud on the gets MUCH worse! Oh, and a dog that is mud from his chest down...and between his toes!
2. Having a husband home a day early from his trip. We miss him when he is out of town.
3. Quilt on the frame coming along nicely. I got a chunk done today with the chance to work on it again this evening.
Have a great weekend!
update: no one told me I spelled graTitudes with a D! I have changed it....

Monday, October 07, 2013

Design Wall Monday 10/7/13

Starting of a police theme quilt for a family friend

all of the gold blocks are completed. I will have the rest of the red ones done tonight. 

here is the medallion. It will have a frame to make it the same size as 2 of the blocks.
It was printed on fabric by
I have no affliation with this company. Just a very satistfied customer!
The service was quick, easy and very economical. I will use them again!
The fabric is soft...not rubbery. They are able to print much larger than the usual 8X11 we can
print on our printers. This piece is about 15 X 20 with the center medallion finishing at about 10 in diameter.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wednesday gratitudes

Today I am grateful for:

COOLER WEATHER! I know my friends up north would disagree, but if they had lived thru this last summer, they would TOTALLY be on my side! Heaven!

A Wednesday to do as I please. No appointments, no groups..maybe a quick trip to the grocery store. Then a whole day to piece and quilt.

A plan set in place for two quilts. Its kinda like when I cannot figure out what is for niggles at me all day. Now that I have decide WHAT to piece, I can get on with it! I need to thank Sandy at SunValley and my DH for aiding in the decisions! Gotta love a good sounding board...

Monday, September 30, 2013

design wall Monday Sept 30

This top has the pink borders added and is ready for the floral. Its for my niece's baby girl with requested colors of baby pink, gray and white. The background in the nine patches is not a true white, but it has lovely confetti in pastels. Not sure what I will quilt yet..but binding will be the same floral...maybe a pink insert.

Friday, September 27, 2013

My hermit-hood continues...with short forays into polite society!

Anyone in the Phoenix area on the look out for a Featherweight? This one is being sold for $225. Looks like its in pretty good condition. I would bite...but I have my limit!

If you are interested, email me and I can give you the phone number of the seller.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I"m still here!

Its official! I'm a HERMIT! I think its going to be awhile before my batteries are recharged. I have had a roller coaster of a year. All I want to do is stay home...clean house (can you believe THAT??? HEY! Its residual from the wedding...hehehehe),quilt, sew , quilt...maybe cook (I'm REALLY tired of THAT..but menu planning helps TREMENDOUSLY!)..did I say QUILT? I have a bunch to get accomplished..and I"m ready to DIVE IN...

Added to the mix is the fact that we have had horrendous cell coverage. My DH called his best friend to hash over college football the other day and I think he had his call dropped about 10 times! I did some research and found that our carrier had the same type of complaints when they were replacing cell towers elsewhere. I hope its shortlived! I will post pictures when I can...just be assured, I'm here...resting (Nap QUEEN!) and enjoying her sewing/quilting rooms.

Here is a picture of what is on one of my design walls. I just started putting it up yesterday and am still pondering how I want the blocks to look. Its right next to my computer, so I can peruse all I want!
The colors look greyed/muted, but they are leftover strips from a blueberry quilt I have on the 'to be quilted' pile. I will give you close ups as I finish the layout. The pattern is called Summer in the Park. Its a free pattern at Missouri Star Quilt Company. I really like it and will use it again. Esp with leftover 2 1/2 strips.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

weekend trip to California for Sports Guy's soccer tournament
trip to the airport:parents
dinner for 5
trip to the airport: daughter
dinner for 6
trip to the airport:SIL
kennel dogs/have nails done
dinner for 11
brides luncheon/rehearsal/dinner for 23
wedding/reception/drive parents home in the middle
breakfast for 17+
four to the airport
find takeout:I"M NOT COOKING!
trip to the airport: parents
seeing the faces of the newlyweds:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

clutter and quilt finishes!

What does clutter do to you? I mean, it does not reach out and HIT me...well, sometimes things DO fall on me! Clutter stresses me OUT! Our son , Mr C  (not Sports Guy, he just started his senior yr in hs...:-D ), will be marrying the beautiful Miss Katy on Sept 7th. The wedding is local to us, but not at our house. (WHEW!). HOWEVER! Our house will be hosting over night guests (my parents) and out of town dinner (and other meals I imagine!) over the course of about a week.  I have been WORKING diligently, on many small projects, hot spots and general DIRT for over a month. It looks ALOT better! AND I will be happy to have things done. Here is a baby quilt that miraculously got itself finished and mailed. (that  part was the MIRACLE! see, I'm mailing impaired!)

I had seen this done in small squares, but I had fallen in love with this jelly roll.
Instead of cutting it smaller, I resized the blocks.

close up of the floopy flower quilting.
The backing was just a TITCH to narrow. I slit it and added
more of the jelly roll strips. I like how it turned out and I still
love that fabric!
Here is a close up of the borders before quilting.
That fabric so busy, no quilting shows up anyway!
Back soon with the other 2 finishes...

Friday, July 26, 2013

shes HOME!

No pictures yet, as she cannot travel from her home base for 2 weeks, but Pilot Girl is back on US soil! YIPPEEEE We got a phone call from her as SOON as the plane wheels touched down at Pease AFB, New Hampshire. If you have not heard of them, check out the Pease Greeters, a group of citizens who meet EVERY plane traveling thru Pease AFB either on their way out or back from deployement. It matters not what time of day. Often they are there at 4am with flags waving! Pilot Girl said that last time they passed thru there, they were offered food, drink, choice of stuffed animal from a room FULL of them, and the best: HUGS! PG was truly touched. I just checked and no pictures of last nights arrival. I will post a link here if I see one.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

cone holder

What do you use if you have thread that comes cross wound on a cone? Do you use a cone holder? I have one I use at home, but when I travel to class or one of my groups, I have my own homemade cone holder. Cones that are wound cross wise like this:

need a cone holder. Stacked thread , that is usually on spools of thread like this:

need to come off straight. Your sewing machine is generally set up for this type of thread.
I piece with grey thread 99% of the time.

Masterpiece is my thread of choice
followed closely by Aurifil.
I thought I bought a cone of
Tailormade, a new thread by Superior
when I was at my new owners class in Utah.
When I got home, I didn't have it, so I must not have put it my bucket!
Its poly and I would like to try it for piecing. Its
CONSIDERABLE cheaper. I will be ordering a cone or two when I see my dealer next. 
I will let you know how I like it then .
For a homemade cone holder, you will need:
-a mug that is slightly larger (or alot larger)
than your cone
-a ruler that has holes in it (it does not need to be wooden. I just happened to have one
that was wooden and had holes it it!)
-a clothes pin

put the ruler in the mug and clip it with the clothes pin

put the cone in the mug and thread the thread thru the top hole.
then thread your machine as usual.
the cone needs the thread to come off the top.
VOILA! you have just made your cone  holder!
(I bet you had everything in your house, didnt' you!?)
for more info on cross wound and stacked thread
check out this article at Superior Thread's site: