This week I'm grateful for:

1. Warm days and cool nights. This is the earliest we have had our small patch of grass reseeded for the winter. It has come in very fast compared to other years. BUT...Rookie seems to find every little mud patch. And this was a HUGE one...Guess we will be reseeding the path this week!
 the 'path'
and all the mud on the gets MUCH worse! Oh, and a dog that is mud from his chest down...and between his toes!
2. Having a husband home a day early from his trip. We miss him when he is out of town.
3. Quilt on the frame coming along nicely. I got a chunk done today with the chance to work on it again this evening.
Have a great weekend!
update: no one told me I spelled graTitudes with a D! I have changed it....


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