Sunday, January 29, 2012

slow Sunday

What do you get when you have had a CHALLENGING weekend (20 teens at your house till after midnight doing something called 'Epic Mealtime' -TRUST me! Its nothing that a normal human being would eat. BUT, they did and they left a messy house/kitchen/stain on my log cabin design rug and 3 shot glasses of congealed bacon grease in my refrigerator. Seems they were gonna do bacon grease shots. :::Shudder:::. IF this happens again, it will be a once a year thing. Oh, and the rug will be safely stowed under my long arm!), Then feeding the 7 that stayed the night. Yesterday I had my long arm chapter meeting. It was closer to my house this time, so was not a HUGE time drain. I enjoyed it and came home ready to do a bit of sewing. (You will see THAT progress tomorrow on Design Wall Monday). So, I wake up with a headache. I have been a 'tolerant' mom, so what do I get for my troubles?


Oh, You think he looks cute? (well, he IS that!) You think he looks MILD? (well NOW he is!) He is sleeping now. But with a headache and 2 sleeping teenagers..he was a WILD MAN! He is going home with his mom this week. She has been deployed since August and just arrived stateside on Tuesday. He has been with us since last February, so almost a year. I WILL miss him...just not that noisy on a Sunday morning with a headache!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday Jan 23

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was fairly quiet. Remind me of that when we have 2 boys in at least 3 sports! I'm sure you will hear about it!

On Saturday night we went to see the US Men's soccer team play Venezuela in a friendly match. They are getting ready for pool play to qualify for the World Cup. They played it the Cardinals football stadium...with the ROOF open! I only had my sweatshirt jacket I had to go look for a cup of coffee. I was never FREEZING..but it was SO windy outside. I am working on being hoarse this morning, so wondering if that is why. It was a good game. We had 13 shots on goal to their 3, but didn't score till stoppage time at the end of the game. I forgot my camera, so only got one shot of the field on my phone. No idea how to get it OFF the phone! Final score? USA 1- Venezuela 0. A good time was had by all the occupants in MY car. (oh, well NOT the 20 mins we SAT in line in the parking lot not moving an INCH. What a lesson in patience! The 16 yr old NON DRIVER sitting next to me giving me advise didn't help much either!)

Here is what I'm working on today:

The request was a baby quilt. When I asked boy or girl, not known. I asked colors or theme
and was told Dr Seuss. Love it!

I found a FQ pack and also purchased some yardage

here is the backing. I used up the fq I didn't use on the front with a few pieces left over. My  favorite are the two with all the names of the books!. Now to get it loaded and quilted. Hopefully that will happen today. I have to clean off the long arm and get it all oiled.

Head on over to Judy's Design Wall Monday to see what others are up to today!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I had happily driven to the grocery store. I'm making sauce to freeze for eggplant parmesan to be made at a later date. SOMEONE is having a birthday and requested eggplant. Actually he asked for it at Christmas, but I was not up for that much cooking in the small amount of time we were in Texas. Also, shlepping the sauce two days in a car didnt' appeal to me either. So, off I went to get tomato puree and peeled tomatoes. I even stopped to get gas. And THAT my friends is when it happened! CHAOS!

I stopped to talk to a neighbor
Erin called from Qatar on my cell phone
I said goodbye to the neighbor.
as I drove in the driveway, my cell phone DIED
I madly dragged 3 big tomato cans and an ice cream into the house
   (not wanting to miss her if she called back!)
3 boys need eggs before soccer practice
dogs start barking MADLY
yard guys arrive, make alot of noise, thus stirring up dogs to
son fusses at me for not leaving the icing out for the cinnamon rolls
   (HELLO? they were 3 INCHES from the pan! and do we not know
    how to use a cell phone???)
Erin calls back (yay!)
talk to Erin...on a cell phone thats plugged into the wall!
  (did you know you cannot scramble eggs when you are talking
   on a phone that is plugged in across the room? Remember those days?
  I didn't like them either!)
hand phone to her brother
scramble eggs
son grumbling about cord (me TOO!)
son fusses at me because he thinks I don't know how
  to turn up the volume on the cell phone. I don't tell him
  he has just turned up the RINGER volume, not the ear piece
 volume and that I'm not THAT DUMB!

son hangs up the cell phone.
I dash outside to pick up after FOUR DOGS so the yard guys can
   well....DO THE YARD

....son;s friend drives boys to soccer practice (did you just see
  him sprout WINGS???)

SIT....BREATHE....Try not to wig out! (the dogs have settled, the yard guys
   are gone, the boys are at practice). Relative quiet...for the MOMENT!

I think I need a nap...oh..I have not started the SAUCE yet! And later today,
I 'GET" to host a version of Epic Mealtime (search THAT on YouTube...warning!
bacon overload and not the cleanest language, but son thinks its WONDERFUL.
He BETTER clean my kitchen!)

I'm not holding my breath that this won't happen again today! I better get that sauce started.
An hour in the sewing room is called for too!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Design wall Monday Jan 16, 2012

I have decided to enter this wall hanging in our AZ Quilters Guild show
in March. I'm working on the center now. How about an opinion? I know I'm going to do a star to
echo the big star, but I cannot decide on the color.
Do you like the chrome yellow (same as out side round of the star)?

Or do you like the dark orange (same as 2nd round just inside the
chrome  yellow?

I would appreciate your opinion!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Are you ready?

This is Thinking Cap Day! Do you have LOTS Of scraps?

orphan blocks?

Odd crumb blocks?
little bits of strings?

Would you like to be BLESSED by these things? How about a quilt? I have a proposition for you! (no, not THAT kind! This is a CLEAN BLOG! remember that, please!! hehehehe!)

I am working on using these scraps in MY sewing room , as a friend put it, to BLESS me with a quilt. Want to play along? You need to think about this now! Do you need another project? How about a leaders and enders project? I will post Mr Linky later (when I figure him OUT!) and you can sign up then. If you post your scrappy goodness progress 3 times, I will send you a square of 

THIS fabric. I'm naming my quilt (are you ready? Its the reason I LOOKED and LOOKED for this fabric!)

Everything AND the Kitchen sink!

(I know! I'm SO clever!)
I'm off to play in my scraps, sew my ONE seam on the blueberry stacked bricks (I'm paying attention to my UFO, Lise...PROMISE!) and get some beds made. (our exchange student moves in today,I THINK!)

Monday, January 02, 2012


Today I had big plans. I did OK, but the 3 hours of sleep I got last night, didn't help my list any. Tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday) , we will be adding a Japanese exchange student to the household for the spring semester. We already know him as he had a class with Sports Guy and plays varsity soccer with him too. Thru no fault of his own, his original host family was not able to host him. He has been living with the coordinator and her family. They dont live anywere NEAR the school, so they have had to make the committment to schlep him up and down the freeway daily. He will be a good fit for our family. I hope he will like it here too! Anyway, I spent today dusting, vaccuuming and generally cleaning the room he will be staying in. We may have to do a bit of moving as the house computer is in there too!

On top of cleaning, I made banana muffins, did laundry and worked on my New Years Day Mystery quilt. I'm just about finished with Step 3. I have been a good girl and have not peeked at the next step! I would have been farther if my family didnt' need food yesterday and if I had precut BEFORE I started! Oh well, its not a race. I also did one seam on the UFO on the design wall. Looks like that is going to be this months UFO. I still cannot find the border fabric for my husbands quilt. Could be I used it and will have to pick something new. I thought I saved it, so I will keep looking a bit more.

I hope to sleep better tonight and wake up with a titch more energy!I like this organization stuff..especially when its DONE!

design wall Monday week 1

I'm working on a mystery and organizing my sewing room, but THIS is what is on the design wall. The plan is
to sew one strip on a day. I already have the backing, so it may get done this month. I didn't plan for this to be the UFO in January, but it might BE the UFO for January! This is an OLD UFO.