Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Here is my pending finish. I still have a side of binding to do, but wanted to get pictures while it was still light out.  The pattern is from and the center panto is FeatherMe by Meredith England. I will make this one again! I love the look of the circle without any curved seams. its the combo of the tri-recs peaky stars and the HST in the churn dash. I will have a hard time giving this one away, but it was always destined to be a QOV.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here are a couple of pictures of the quilt on my frame. I feel like I have turned a corner..this is the 1st quilt that I have ever looked at and said " I know JUST how I want to quilt this!" Of course it didnt' hurt that the owner of this quilt, my friend Pat No Blog, lets me quilt what ever I want. She is nice that way...well..she is just plain NICE!

Here is a picture of the border. I did the body of the quilt in light blue , but I didn't think the blue would show up on the turquoise, so I used a pink. I just love this leafy feather. I have seen it done also with some berries. I'm not sure where I would put the berries, so saved that idea for another day. The curl with the feather comes from Carla Barrett. Look under the tutorials.

The body I did a whimsical feather meander. I added curls and curliques. The squares were done in continuous curve. I love quilting things that need no marking. Its kinda mindless...hehehehe. NO...I don't nod off or get mesmerized. Its just fun wandering around a quilt with no particular place to go!

I will show a whole picture of the quilt when it is off the frame. I think we are going to look for a new vehicle for me! YIPPEEE! I believe my mini van days are over.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Does this happen to you? You have a 'free' day. I dont' mean you have nothing to DO...I mean there is really nothing scheduled at a certain time. I always have laundry, household STUFF, dealing with 4 dogs and a know the drill! But no place to go except pick the Sports Guy up from baseball practice...thats IT! Heaven! BAM! You get a phone call..your nephew...who lives in Florida and attends flight landing in 2 the FARTHEST airport in our valley. (for those of you who know nothing of Phoenix...its the 6th largest metropolitan city in the US...its BIG..take my word for it!) We have at least 6 international, one bigger regional and a bunch of little ones. Could he land at the one that is 10 mins from the house? no...the 2 that are 30 mins? about the 2 40- 45 mins?? (please????) NO... It had to be the one that is over a solid hours drive! We live on the west side...and its WAAAAYYYYY on the east side. I could not even talk College man or Sports guy to come with me. (altho later, Sports guy claimed I didn't tell him I was staying over there to take Nephew Pilot Man to dinner,,,,ok I DID tell him, but I think it was too early in the morning. He tunes me out till after noon.) So...I was the good Aunt and did the drive, the dinner..the take them to the layover apartment (its farther east than the airport!) and then home to the then grumpy Sports Man (he missed his cousin AND a dinner out! hehehehehehe). And the worst part of the night? I left my camera at HOME! WAAAAAA! Nephew Pilot Man had his instructor take our picture in front of a saguaro cactus on his smart phone. I should get a picture in a day or so. He is SO grown up!

Oh...and you KNOW I"m happy I went! I had not seen that kid since 2005! He hugged me twice when I got there...and 3 times when I left...what a kid!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

say 'bye bye'!

 We moved into this house in January 1992. So if you are COUNTING...we are getting to 20 yrs! WOW! Time sure flies when you are raising kids! I put THIS

wall paper border in soon after we moved in the house. That makes this border close to 20 yrs old TOO! I'm thinking there is a need to update this room! Here is a before picture of the sink area too. I have preapproval for most everything, but hoping to update the counters too before I'm finished.

You may get update pictures..and you may just get the final product! I'm going in to make a MESS! :-D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Design wall Tuesday!

I try and try to get something posted for Judy's Design wall Monday. My weekends lately have been PACKED! Last weekend it was the end of the club soccer season with 2 losses in a row...most depressing! This past weekend I had 6 teen boys (young men?) sleep over at our house on Friday and 4 still here on Saturday. Now before you start feeling sorry for me, up to a point I REALLY don't mind. I know WHERE they are...and mostly WHAT they are doing. Not sure a few of them will sleep on the floor in the family room again after that 'dogs chasing each other around the house at 8AM' fiasco. I could NOT convince the dogs that there were sleeping PEOPLE on the floor! :-D I HAD warned them...and offered guest room and other beds...and air mattresses in rooms you can close the door. AHH youth!

Here is my design wall Tuesday! I'm busy today too..but I have a few moment to catch my breath before I dash. Oh...and its done before baseball practice, and DH and Sports guy will be attending the Diamondback/Cardinals game no dinner to make either! I'm gonna be on a sewing/quilting binge! AHHH! As Mrs Goodneedle  says "Live is GOOD!"

Here are my accomplisments for the week, thus far:

The French Braid wall hanging is coming along. I'm trying to do a seam or two a day. A few have been fiddle-y, so I don't want to rush it. I'm toying with the idea to enter it in next years guild quilt show. It would be nice to have it finished early...maybe I will have more than one entry! :-D So far I'm very pleased with my results.

And I STILL just LOVE this fabric! It feels like the illuminations done by monks in the old hand writting manuscript books. I am already worrying about how I will quilt the setting triangles!

And I'm QUILTING! I hope I have not shocked anyone! lolol This is the 1st quilt I have had on the frame in 2010. I have about 3 or 4 in the it will be followed closely with another. I"m just happy to be quilting again! I will show this again when I get the borders all done too. I found a stencil in my stash of a swag with a heart between them. I had never tried my pounce chalk, so I took a stab at it. Not sure how the corners will pan out, but I like the ease. I did not use the pouncer, but a cheap-o foam brush. I think Kimmy Brunner suggested that on her DVD. Anyway, it stuck in my brain when I heard it, and found its way out yesterday! I think the thinking is you get alot less chalk floating around.  The panto in the center is feather me. It was one of the pantos I got with the Gammill and had never used it. It is a nice pattern...and more open than alot I pick. Consequently it quilts up faster.

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

trying out the new post editor

I am trying out this new post editor. I read Sew many Ways and she had a Blog Buddy post about the updated post editor. I will have to see how it goes for the next few days to see if I like it! Probably hit and miss like I learned how to use the old one...


I'm learning how to move picture around. Its MUCH nicer than the old editor. I think I will be happy with it

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Time to take a deep breath!

Since last weekend when Sports Man's soccer team lost two days in a row in a double elimination tournament, our soccer season is over. Bittersweet!

NOW, he just has high school baseball on his plate, instead of two sports at once! I felt like I had roller skates on, and I was not even playing!

now I can work on this: Any suggestions on how to quilt this? It has been loaded on my frame, but since I have not decided on how I want to quilt it...there it SITS....SIGH!

I have made 3 of these little >sweet zips from Terry Aktinson. Before you tell me there are only TWO in the picture, my husband grabbed his and RAN Off before I could snap a picture. You see he is using his for his IPOD...and before a sweet zip made out of AF Academy fabric, he had a sweet little envelope bag with a snap made from oriental silky fabric...PINK silky fabric! He likes the manlier look! :::snicker:::: I added a ribbon loop for a caribeener (is that how you spell that hooky gadget from mountain climbing? I love them for keys!) Sports man uses his for his contact case and a small bottle of contact solution.

And this is what is on my design wall. I found the missing sections the day the quilt show opened. Figures! I guess its destined for next yrs show! I am putting the sections together slowly. They are kinda fiddly...and I want the seams to match REALLY well if I am thinking of entering it in the show

And JUST so you know, I'm a typical is a REAL look at one of the working areas in my sewing room. I just clear a path if I need to take a picture! Just a small service I offer so you don't feel overwhelmed like I do!

I am hoping to post more often now. I'm taking an online whole cloth quilt class at MQResource. I will try to post a few pictures of my drawing progress tomorrow. See you then!