Design wall Tuesday!

I try and try to get something posted for Judy's Design wall Monday. My weekends lately have been PACKED! Last weekend it was the end of the club soccer season with 2 losses in a row...most depressing! This past weekend I had 6 teen boys (young men?) sleep over at our house on Friday and 4 still here on Saturday. Now before you start feeling sorry for me, up to a point I REALLY don't mind. I know WHERE they are...and mostly WHAT they are doing. Not sure a few of them will sleep on the floor in the family room again after that 'dogs chasing each other around the house at 8AM' fiasco. I could NOT convince the dogs that there were sleeping PEOPLE on the floor! :-D I HAD warned them...and offered guest room and other beds...and air mattresses in rooms you can close the door. AHH youth!

Here is my design wall Tuesday! I'm busy today too..but I have a few moment to catch my breath before I dash. Oh...and its done before baseball practice, and DH and Sports guy will be attending the Diamondback/Cardinals game no dinner to make either! I'm gonna be on a sewing/quilting binge! AHHH! As Mrs Goodneedle  says "Live is GOOD!"

Here are my accomplisments for the week, thus far:

The French Braid wall hanging is coming along. I'm trying to do a seam or two a day. A few have been fiddle-y, so I don't want to rush it. I'm toying with the idea to enter it in next years guild quilt show. It would be nice to have it finished early...maybe I will have more than one entry! :-D So far I'm very pleased with my results.

And I STILL just LOVE this fabric! It feels like the illuminations done by monks in the old hand writting manuscript books. I am already worrying about how I will quilt the setting triangles!

And I'm QUILTING! I hope I have not shocked anyone! lolol This is the 1st quilt I have had on the frame in 2010. I have about 3 or 4 in the it will be followed closely with another. I"m just happy to be quilting again! I will show this again when I get the borders all done too. I found a stencil in my stash of a swag with a heart between them. I had never tried my pounce chalk, so I took a stab at it. Not sure how the corners will pan out, but I like the ease. I did not use the pouncer, but a cheap-o foam brush. I think Kimmy Brunner suggested that on her DVD. Anyway, it stuck in my brain when I heard it, and found its way out yesterday! I think the thinking is you get alot less chalk floating around.  The panto in the center is feather me. It was one of the pantos I got with the Gammill and had never used it. It is a nice pattern...and more open than alot I pick. Consequently it quilts up faster.

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