Best Laid Plans

Does this happen to you? You have a 'free' day. I dont' mean you have nothing to DO...I mean there is really nothing scheduled at a certain time. I always have laundry, household STUFF, dealing with 4 dogs and a know the drill! But no place to go except pick the Sports Guy up from baseball practice...thats IT! Heaven! BAM! You get a phone call..your nephew...who lives in Florida and attends flight landing in 2 the FARTHEST airport in our valley. (for those of you who know nothing of Phoenix...its the 6th largest metropolitan city in the US...its BIG..take my word for it!) We have at least 6 international, one bigger regional and a bunch of little ones. Could he land at the one that is 10 mins from the house? no...the 2 that are 30 mins? about the 2 40- 45 mins?? (please????) NO... It had to be the one that is over a solid hours drive! We live on the west side...and its WAAAAYYYYY on the east side. I could not even talk College man or Sports guy to come with me. (altho later, Sports guy claimed I didn't tell him I was staying over there to take Nephew Pilot Man to dinner,,,,ok I DID tell him, but I think it was too early in the morning. He tunes me out till after noon.) So...I was the good Aunt and did the drive, the dinner..the take them to the layover apartment (its farther east than the airport!) and then home to the then grumpy Sports Man (he missed his cousin AND a dinner out! hehehehehehe). And the worst part of the night? I left my camera at HOME! WAAAAAA! Nephew Pilot Man had his instructor take our picture in front of a saguaro cactus on his smart phone. I should get a picture in a day or so. He is SO grown up!

Oh...and you KNOW I"m happy I went! I had not seen that kid since 2005! He hugged me twice when I got there...and 3 times when I left...what a kid!


Chocolate Cat said…
Glad that happens to someone else, often I'll have a 'free' day and for whatever reason it is stolen from me!! Would of been so nice to see your nephew though, those times are special.
Angie said…
Oh Beth, it's wonderful for both of you that you did that!! :) We just buried one of my nephews today--h's only 4 months older than I am and I too haven't seen him since 2005. Seize whatever moment is dropped in front of you, girl. Hugs. Angie

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