Thursday, February 25, 2010

We have WINNERS!

YIPPPEEE! This was fun! I tagged in each comment, either on the blog or by e-mail with a number. I found a random number generator over at mathgoodies and generated 3 numbers...because..well..I have THREE set of prizes! Thank you all for playing..and I promise not to wait TOO long before I do it again. (it was fun!..oh wait..I already said that!)

::::::::drum roll please:::: The winners are:

Kathy at Fancy stitching
and Nn859 (she is from my aol chat room..and I have met her in PERSON!)


Please send me your snail mail addys.

I'm off to take quilty pictures...and to do tomorrow's tote info...see you in a bit...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


That is what I have a bad case of! I have been circling a wonderful Egg Money quilt my friend asked me to quilt fr TWO WEEKS. I worked on it JUST an hour last night. I think that cleared the log jam in my brain..but this DANG INERTIA! Once I'm up and going...I'm GOING...its just the getting going!

Pictures tomorrow!..Don't forget to leave me a comment for the give away! I will close it out tonight at 10PM MST. (ya had to think about THAT time zone, didnt
cha!?)...well this time of year, we are the same as think Denver.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Anyone else having trouble with Bloglines today? Either NO ONE is blogging, or the updates are not working well. I think I must be addicted to some of them...I mean...where ARE those bloggers..and why have they not blogged TODAY??? (no, they are not allowed to have lives until their blogs are updated!)...(Julie No BLog is gonna have a CONNIPTION when she sees'm not a very faithful blogger either!~ LOLOL)

well, at LEAST I posted the next step for the round tote LAST NIGHT, so it would be up early this morning. I really meant to have it post today, but I forgot how to set the timer, so to speak. Of course, as SOON as I posted it, I remembered....AHHH the 50+ yr old mind! (no sputtering Julie-No-Blog! You will be as OLD AS ME SOON! Muahahahahaha!)

I'm off to throw fabric around in the sewing room again. I actually cut fabric yesterday..that means you could SEE the cutting mat! WHOOPPPPEEEE!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

round tote tutorial step 2

ready? goes step 2

Trim off the bottom edge of the tote body: trimming backing,batting and evening up the bottom.

line up the edge of your lining with the bottom of the tote. (don't worry about how much extra you have, we will trim it off in the next step. I sewed on my whole lining piece. We will use the trimmed part to make the pocket in a few steps) Sew right sides together using a 1/2 - 5/8 inch seam. ( I used 1/2 inch seam) Press seam toward the lining.

Fold the lining to the back, leaving about an inch of it showing on the top. Press lightly along that top edge, creasing the edge.

Trim the bottom edge: including the batting/backing, and lining fabric.

out of the trimmed lining, cut a piece 12 inches by the width of the fabric
****miyo alert*** You can use a different fabric for the pocket if you want.
press wrong sides together long ways (when you are done, you will have a piece 6 inches by the width of the fabric). Top stitch the folded edge. A decorative stitch would look nice here.

open up the lining from the body of the tote. measure up 3 inches from the cut edge of the lining. I marked mine with a chalk wheel. Place the cut edge of the pocket on this line, with the raw edge facing away from the bottom edge. Stitch a generous 1/4 inch seam. (you are just stitching thru the lining and pocket. Don't stitch this thru the body of the tote.)

I used the left side of my pressure foot for my 1/4 inch. If you are not comfortable with this, you can mark it with a chalk mark. I did this so I didn't have to stuff the whole tote thru the arm of my machine.

Pick the pocket up from the lining and fold back with the folded edge up toward the top of the tote. press lightly to crease.

top stitch along that edge you just pressed.

VOILA! you have finished step 2! look around at what you would store in these pockets to get ideas on how big you need them to be. Our 1st step next week will be sewing the pocket sizes.

no pictures pictures today. Actually you should THANK me! Remember that picture from yesterday showing my 'creative' sewing room? That was BEFORE I started pulling fabrics for some Camp Erin 'manly boy' quilts. You should see it now! (no...really, you SHOULDN"T). Its so bad in there now, the dogs don't even come in....wait...maybe that is a good thing! I can walk in there, but when my 4 footed kiddos follow me? I feel like I might break a leg or something!

OK..back to cutting those Camp Erin quilts...OH..and I need to do my step for the round tote for tomorrow! Gotta fly! bye!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A give away!

Visits to my blog have been creeping...creeping...creeping up toward 30,000! As of right now, I'm only TEN away! I think its time to have a give away! I found some FQ packs at Knots and Bolts and a few other goodies to add to the fun. Just leave me a comment about what YOU are working on. I will keep it open till next Wed, so you have a whole week to decide what you will fess up to working on!

I'm working on:

-my Carolina Christmas (I'm SO ADD when it comes to sewing...if I have to make a TON of one kind of piece...I have to break it up with sewing other things and quilting so I don't nod off!)

-Portugese Tiles ...I was going to make these for Camp Erin, but I am told they need BOY quilts. There are some fabs in there I don't think would go over GREAT for the men, so I will work on these..but will be ramping up MANLY quilts. Hehehehehe
(this is a M'liss Rae Hawley pattern, I forget what book, but I love her piecing!)

-quilting an Egg Money quilt. When I get something to show, I will!

-my round tote (see I TOLD you I was ADD!) I will be sewing the next step today, so I can take pictures and get it ready EARLY in the day on Friday!

And THIS is my sewing room! I think it looks like a hurricane just ran thru it. Notice the round tote pieces on TOP...oh..and the Olympics on the TV. I'm in heaven in there...EVEN in the mess!

PS For those of you who read my blog and are not bloggers..and cannot figure out how to leave a comment? Just e-mail me at soccertxi at aol dot com (no spaces, no 'a' in taxi, and the regular symbols.) I will add you to the comment parade for a chance at the give aways. Just put 'count me in' in the subject line. :::grin::: Hand waving to get my attention is optional.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

equipment list

Here are some things you will need farther along in the tote. I am showing them to you now, so you have a chance to poke around your favorite craft/fabric/home improvement store to find them.

-a 10 inch wooden embroidery hoop
-something 10 inches round for the bottom of the tote. These balsa wood rounds
were 99 cents a piece. The tote I'm making with my group, I am using a wooden plaque one of our members had stashed in her garage. Hey! She offered it to us for free!!
Use your imagination on this one. If you have a woodworker in your life, they could cut one for your out of wood or acrylic. How about a melamine plate? It will be covered in one of those quilted squares, so no worries about what it looks like. It will get a shirt. :::grin::::
-electrical tape
-a pair of pliers. Mine are needle nosed. don't buy a new pair! If you dont' have pliers, you will be able to use something you DO have.

The clips and D rings are part of optional handle choices. The clip on the right came from Home Depot. It was less than $2. (near the rolls of chain) The clip on the left came from Hobby lobby. It was $2.09. I also found an array of clips and D rings for purses. They were on the pricey side with the most inexpensive clip (I think they were only one to a package) going for about $6. The D rings were a freebie from the group. I found them at both the craft store/fabric store and Home Depot. I would see if you can find these as you shop for other things, just so you know where you can find them. There will be at least 3 options for handles when we get there.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I have layered the top on batting and the backing. Since the cotton batting holds onto the fabric well, I did not pin this to hold it in place.

I used a piece of fabric for the backing I didnt' like much. I will be covered with the lining so no one will see it. STASH BUSTED!

I stitched in the ditch between my rows...

bringing the bobbin thread up each time to avoid...well...thread SNOT on the back. you dont' know what thread snot is? I will show you next time I get some. I hold on to the threads on the top so I don't get them on the bottom. Its not fool proof...but helps ALOT.

I chose to do a bit more quilting in the black rows. You can also see the 2 quilted squares. I decided that once I had my quilting foot on with my feed dogs down, I would just 'doodle' them up. We will trim them up on the next step.

Any questions? please post in comments so everyone can see. I have found if I have a question, so will others. No quilt police, no dumb questions. honest.

I would love to see pictures if anyone would like to show their color choices. (my FAV part..seeing all the colors people pick!)


OK..OK...I know this is REALLY not early. I'm giving myself some slack. Its my birthday...I took myself to breakfast with a new book. You need to know, I'm a reading ADDICT. When I sit down with a book, its likely that the house will fall down around my ears, dinner will be non existent, and the kids will be running rampant thru the house with muddy dogs in tow. Yes, I did finish the book (I also read so fast that I have been known to start reading a book only to figure out in Chapter 3 that I have read it before!). I'm blogging this NOW, before I discover I have another book by the same author. ::;grin::::

here we go!

For Step 1 you need:

12-14 inches by the width of the fabric of pre-quilted fabric
(dont worry too much about the width..anything close to 40 inches will
work fine. There will be some gathering going fudge factors will
be used)

1 yard of fabric for the lining and inside pockets

2 12 inch squares of quilted fabric

Here is my fabric (before quilting) and my lining. I'm on my way to quilt them and will show you what they look like after quilting.

****make it your own alert******
The quilted fabric can be:
all one fabric
pieced (mine is left over pieced strips from a mystery I'm doing)
prequited (like you might make purses, or placemats out of)
decorator fabric (one with a bit more body than cotton, you might
not have to quilt it at all)

Quilting the body of this is a great place to practice your freemotion quilting! If you are not of the freemotion persuation, just do some stitch in the ditch or cross hatching. The Quilt Police will NOT show up on your doorstep! Its just fabric, have FUN.

I will be back in a while to show you my quilted piece and the 2 quilted squares. We will be using the squares later, but maybe you would like to get all the quilting out of the way early. I will also show some of the equipment we will be using later in the tutorial. You might need to do some poking around at the craft store or home improvement store to find them, so I'm giving you a head start. Off you go now to stashdive for your fabrics. See you in a bit!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On your mark...get set....

Are you ready to ...well...TOTE? I'm scurrying around getting all the stuff together for tomorrow's 1st step in the Round Tote tutorial. Wanna see a PICTURE? HMMMMM? Well..OK, you twisted my arm. Just so you know, this one is in the process of being constructed. There is no handle on it yet...just so you know. :::grin::::: (Thank you Marsha for letting me show your are a PEACH!)

This is the outside. You can see the lining just peeking out around the top. Marsha pieced the body. I love the scrappy look, but I will show you mine tomorrow. YOU get to choose! (you will get lots of choices on this tote. Be on the look out for "make this your own" alerts)

Here is a peek inside. LOOK at all those pockets! Monica, who taught us how to make this, says she even fits a water bottle in hers. Wonder what I can HIDE in there! HA!

See you tomorrow! (for you EST time readers, it won't be posted EARLY. Unless I get it written tonight with a posting time for tomorrow. I will see how much I get done tonight after soccer taxi service. I take 2 other kids home tonight, so it takes ALOT longer than normal.)

Friday, February 05, 2010

Tote bag tutorial

We started a cute tote bag today at Lunch Bunch. I will be helping our teacher finish up the directions with pictures and posting them/e-mailing them online. Its a round tote with pockets inside. I will show a picture as soon as I get it close to being recognizable. Anyone want to join the fun? Let me know when I post the picture...I am going to try to do a step or two each week. Maybe a bit faster, but I will post what you need for the next step at the end. How about Fridays? See you in a week..its a date!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

OK, so I DIDN"T get any pictures posted. Its been a rough week. On top of losing my friend, our older son had to have 6 stitches after "Video my last run of the last day, Dad" mishap! No joke! He is hobbling and I had to promise to stand by to take out stitches in a couple of days. Saturday, our YOUNGER son hit the ground hard , butt 1st and then head. We are fortunate that we have parents on the team who are physicians. A quick once over...he is fine, but was not tiptop for a couple days. He DID play again on Sunday. I didnt' go because I figured he would not play. Old family tradition! : if MOM IS NOT THERE< PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SCORE A GOAL! YES, he played, YES he is a defender, YES HE SCORED! Someone had the gall to tell me I"m bad luck. Try telling him I'm not going to any more of his games. That was a low blow.

OK...I'm back on track!

Here is a picture of a fleece throw I did for our older son's girlfriend for Christmas. They have not been dating too long, so I didnt' want anything TOO elaborate. I DID want something hand made. When I took the Feather Bootcamp class last fall, some of the students were layering 2 layers of fleece and just practicing their feathers. I tried it out and

LOOK! this was SO much fun! I didn't even have purple thread! I found a green that was the same value, so no contrast. You cannot even see the thread on one side. It just snuggles down into the fleece. She LOVED this! I got reports of her having to fight off her mom when she was sick. I think I will keep and eye out for fleece sales! This would be easy to quilt up for a last minute gift. Maybe I need to ask for another room added on: we will call it the 'batting and fleece room'!

The color is not good on two of the pictures. My camera is picky about lighting. The true color is the 1st picture. I finished it off by fringing the edges. Next time I will sacrifice a rotary blade. I cut all the fringe by hand: ICK!

Thanks for visiting!