round tote tutorial step 2

ready? goes step 2

Trim off the bottom edge of the tote body: trimming backing,batting and evening up the bottom.

line up the edge of your lining with the bottom of the tote. (don't worry about how much extra you have, we will trim it off in the next step. I sewed on my whole lining piece. We will use the trimmed part to make the pocket in a few steps) Sew right sides together using a 1/2 - 5/8 inch seam. ( I used 1/2 inch seam) Press seam toward the lining.

Fold the lining to the back, leaving about an inch of it showing on the top. Press lightly along that top edge, creasing the edge.

Trim the bottom edge: including the batting/backing, and lining fabric.

out of the trimmed lining, cut a piece 12 inches by the width of the fabric
****miyo alert*** You can use a different fabric for the pocket if you want.
press wrong sides together long ways (when you are done, you will have a piece 6 inches by the width of the fabric). Top stitch the folded edge. A decorative stitch would look nice here.

open up the lining from the body of the tote. measure up 3 inches from the cut edge of the lining. I marked mine with a chalk wheel. Place the cut edge of the pocket on this line, with the raw edge facing away from the bottom edge. Stitch a generous 1/4 inch seam. (you are just stitching thru the lining and pocket. Don't stitch this thru the body of the tote.)

I used the left side of my pressure foot for my 1/4 inch. If you are not comfortable with this, you can mark it with a chalk mark. I did this so I didn't have to stuff the whole tote thru the arm of my machine.

Pick the pocket up from the lining and fold back with the folded edge up toward the top of the tote. press lightly to crease.

top stitch along that edge you just pressed.

VOILA! you have finished step 2! look around at what you would store in these pockets to get ideas on how big you need them to be. Our 1st step next week will be sewing the pocket sizes.


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