On your mark...get set....

Are you ready to ...well...TOTE? I'm scurrying around getting all the stuff together for tomorrow's 1st step in the Round Tote tutorial. Wanna see a PICTURE? HMMMMM? Well..OK, you twisted my arm. Just so you know, this one is in the process of being constructed. There is no handle on it yet...just so you know. :::grin::::: (Thank you Marsha for letting me show your bag...you are a PEACH!)

This is the outside. You can see the lining just peeking out around the top. Marsha pieced the body. I love the scrappy look, but I will show you mine tomorrow. YOU get to choose! (you will get lots of choices on this tote. Be on the look out for "make this your own" alerts)

Here is a peek inside. LOOK at all those pockets! Monica, who taught us how to make this, says she even fits a water bottle in hers. Wonder what I can HIDE in there! HA!

See you tomorrow! (for you EST time readers, it won't be posted EARLY. Unless I get it written tonight with a posting time for tomorrow. I will see how much I get done tonight after soccer taxi service. I take 2 other kids home tonight, so it takes ALOT longer than normal.)


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