equipment list

Here are some things you will need farther along in the tote. I am showing them to you now, so you have a chance to poke around your favorite craft/fabric/home improvement store to find them.

-a 10 inch wooden embroidery hoop
-something 10 inches round for the bottom of the tote. These balsa wood rounds
were 99 cents a piece. The tote I'm making with my group, I am using a wooden plaque one of our members had stashed in her garage. Hey! She offered it to us for free!!
Use your imagination on this one. If you have a woodworker in your life, they could cut one for your out of wood or acrylic. How about a melamine plate? It will be covered in one of those quilted squares, so no worries about what it looks like. It will get a shirt. :::grin::::
-electrical tape
-a pair of pliers. Mine are needle nosed. don't buy a new pair! If you dont' have pliers, you will be able to use something you DO have.

The clips and D rings are part of optional handle choices. The clip on the right came from Home Depot. It was less than $2. (near the rolls of chain) The clip on the left came from Hobby lobby. It was $2.09. I also found an array of clips and D rings for purses. They were on the pricey side with the most inexpensive clip (I think they were only one to a package) going for about $6. The D rings were a freebie from the group. I found them at both the craft store/fabric store and Home Depot. I would see if you can find these as you shop for other things, just so you know where you can find them. There will be at least 3 options for handles when we get there.


Tracey said…
This looks great, and love what you did for DS' girlfriend, will have to Try it Tracey@ozcountry

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