Friday, February 05, 2010

Tote bag tutorial

We started a cute tote bag today at Lunch Bunch. I will be helping our teacher finish up the directions with pictures and posting them/e-mailing them online. Its a round tote with pockets inside. I will show a picture as soon as I get it close to being recognizable. Anyone want to join the fun? Let me know when I post the picture...I am going to try to do a step or two each week. Maybe a bit faster, but I will post what you need for the next step at the end. How about Fridays? See you in a week..its a date!


Michele said...

What, you think I don't have enough to do? See you next Friday :)

Sheila said...

I can't wait to see the tote--especially a round one.

Love the feathers in the previous post, too ;)

Angie said...

Oooh yes, I would LOVE to try a round bag...and with you as my teacher :)--you bet!!! I actually got my sewing dusted off on Sat and did some piecing --- I was in heaven!!! Didn't realize just HOW much I have missed fabric therapy. :)