Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember the fabrics I picked out for totes...the cursive fabric?
Well, here are the bags...ready for mailing. Didn't they turn out cute?
I wonder what they will use them for?

I found these cute wreaths at IKEA this week. I had seen them in a flyer I got..but thought they might be sold out. I did buy some fall ribbon, but I'm not sure I will add it just for tomorrow! I never did put out my pumpkin collection. All that traveling thru me for a loop!

And last but not least...look what I'm thankful for! I'm starting with an EMPTY sink in the morning! I can PROMISE it will not stay like this for long...But after 4 pies and 3 batches of homemade rolls, the fact that I will start the day that way..>AND there is a counter that has been wiped down also,....its a minor miracle!

I hope you all enjoy your day of Thanksgiving. I will be waiting patiently ( I really WILL try!) for my husband to arrive tomorrow afternoon. We will have our dinner when he gets here and watch the ASU/USC football game. It should be exciting! Just us and the two boys...we will miss our daughter. Actually on such a quick weekend, I'm more thankful she is staying put...and calling for recipes! See you after turkey!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

2 quilts delivered...

Here are the 2 quilts I delivered last weekend. The 1st one went to my husband's best friend. It is a t-shirt quilt...and all the t-shirts were given to my husband by this friend. They are from their high school alma mater. The quilt's name is "Here's the shirt off my back" as I literally had to make my husband stop wearing them so I could fuse them for the blocks! I love how it turned out and I love the border fabric. It reminds me of old newspaper clippings and was perfect for a man. The only other football fabric I found was for little boys...

He could not figure out at first how I got the designs on the fabric. They don't actually feel like t-shirts when they have been fused.

Close up of center block. I cheated on the miter and used a half square triangle block. I dont' think it detracted from the quilt..and sure made it go together fast!
Ideas for this quilt came from a book called "You did WHAT with my T-shirts?!" Great book...has about 6-8 different t-shirt layouts.

Back....There is a fabric I used on the back I fell in love with!
Can you see what it is? (this picture makes it look brown..its really black)

It is diagrammed football plays! I went back to get somemore for the hungry stash...and the lady who cut it for me asked me if I knew what it was! She had a customer come in for some black and white fabric. They thought it was something mathmatical. We had a good chuckle over that!

Here is the 2nd quilt. I made this as a class sample...and then no one took the class. It went to a friend for her grandson. She watches him weekdays. I hope they let him drag it around!

Close up of blocks around the center....

back....sorry its so dark. I have used this pattern many times.The center is a 27 inch sq, so it is perfect for those fabrics you just HATE to cut into! I have even changed the blocks as they are 6 inch blocks...easy to substitute. It is an Atkinson Design pattern. I would be glad to look it up if anyone is interested.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Traveling over!

Well, I have to admit I really enjoyed all three trips (that is 3 weeks out of four!), but I'm totally happy being home doing laundry today!

trip one was to Southern California for our niece's wedding. It was fun to see all 7 cousins together...I'm pictures

trip two was to my husbands 30th college reunion. Our daughter was the back up flyby for the football game. We didnt' get to see her fly..they didn't need her. (family joke: she has been flying about 6 yrs ...counting her soaring in college...and I have never gotten to see her fly. This trip was no exception!) She was, however, a total surprise for her dad. He had NO idea she would be there. He had fun showing her off to all his college buds. He also introduced her to her big boss's big boss. Fun to watch her eyes that wide! lolol Driving back to the airport in Denver not so fun for me....I don't ride in snow very well! Wimpy AZ girl!

Here is the AFA mascot falcon. They fly them before the game and then go up into the stands to let the fans see them. Beautiful bird!

trip three to the central CA coast with husband's high school friends. Too much food and a BIT too much football (did I ADMIT that??? Julie...don't spill the beans!) We had a wonderful time as always. I got a side trip to Susan Branch's shop in Arroyo Grande. I wish she would come decorate for me!My friend and I got to do a bit of shopping the last morning. Our husbands were SO happy we had each other so they could sit and visit. hehehehehe. Little do they know that when we shop together...we shop LONGER than if they came with us! Lets keep that our little secret, shall we???
Look what I snagged:

I did have a couple of humbling experiences! I broke my toe the night before the Colorado trip. (how in the HECK I broke that one and not either of the toes on both sides I will NEVER know!) Hobbling thru airports on your own with a broken toe gives you a WHOLE new outlook!

And to round it all out, trying to get to the parking shuttle when we arrived home, I tangled up with my suitcase and took a tumble. Scraped up my knee pretty well, but when my PRIDE stopped smarting, I really didn't hurt myself too badly. I have two things to say: #1 I wont' be doing much kneeling on that knee for a week or so...and #2 My middle name is NOT Grace!

I'll be back on later to post the 2 gift quilts I delivered last weekend....