Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember the fabrics I picked out for totes...the cursive fabric?
Well, here are the bags...ready for mailing. Didn't they turn out cute?
I wonder what they will use them for?

I found these cute wreaths at IKEA this week. I had seen them in a flyer I got..but thought they might be sold out. I did buy some fall ribbon, but I'm not sure I will add it just for tomorrow! I never did put out my pumpkin collection. All that traveling thru me for a loop!

And last but not least...look what I'm thankful for! I'm starting with an EMPTY sink in the morning! I can PROMISE it will not stay like this for long...But after 4 pies and 3 batches of homemade rolls, the fact that I will start the day that way..>AND there is a counter that has been wiped down also,....its a minor miracle!

I hope you all enjoy your day of Thanksgiving. I will be waiting patiently ( I really WILL try!) for my husband to arrive tomorrow afternoon. We will have our dinner when he gets here and watch the ASU/USC football game. It should be exciting! Just us and the two boys...we will miss our daughter. Actually on such a quick weekend, I'm more thankful she is staying put...and calling for recipes! See you after turkey!


Angie said…
Oooh, I LOVE those totes! They turned out great! :) And the wreath is really cute too. I didn't get out my Fall 'stuff' either...the wallhangings and tablerunners made it out, but not the ceramic collections. :( Somehow the Holiday just came upon me way tooo fast this time! :) Can't believe it's time to decorate for Christmas now, either!! :/ I'll probably be a day late and a dollar short on that one too. LOL Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!
Sweet P said…
Those totes are awesome. The cursive fabric was a perfect choice for a tote bag. I can relate to a clean sink. Even with just 2 of us in the house, our sink never seems to stay clean.
A belated Happy Thanksgiving!
Love the totes, i thought that was great fabric when you got it, looks even better now. Tracey

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