Sunday, June 29, 2008 can come back now!

Ok ...ok..I'm better! You can come back in now! I promise not to bite your head off...hehehehehehe....

I finished piecing my letters together. Then I vaccumed off the frame (there was ALOT of dust..and some metal filings from when I had to put one pole back together....) ..

then I took a BIG breath...and JUMPED! Here is the 2nd row of the panto...You cannot see the rest of it as I'm using dark green thread- it does not show up well on the dark fabs (that is the general idea!)

I like the result, but I will take Mary's advice and do more than one quilt, to get it embedded in my brain!

See you tomorrow! And thanks for stopping by....

ooh I'm CRABBY!

You are GLAD you are not here today! My team LOST!

The starting pitcher, Dan Haren, pitched lights run given up by Pena in the 8th...and THEN! Brandon Lyon (who has been a GREAT closer) blew the lead...AND gave up the winning run! AAARRRGGGHHH! We were winning 3-1 and LOST 3-4....I'm crabby...I'm going to sew...don't try to console me....just let me be crabby....GRRRRRRRR

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Judy is having a quilt-a-thon today. Despite a slow start (game before son's All Star Game went he started almost an hour late. We didn;'t get home till close to midnight...) I have been in the studio all day. Ok ...ok...I HAVE taken potty breaks...made some grilled cheese sandwiches...taken a few peeks at the baseball game of the moment (White Sox vs Cubbies earlier..but MY Diamondbacks at the moment) is what I have been up to:

You KNOW you have it bad, when not ONLY do you feel GUILTY if you have no leaders/enders, but when you have TWO going at once!

The four patches are my feeble attempt to start Orange Crush When I'm ready to REALLY work on this, I will re-purchase the ruler I cannot find...:::sniff sniff::: The flying geese are part of the border on my cheater I Spy...That will be coming up soon. I'm piecing the back on this too...

I have been wanting to try
Tonya's free form letters. I think I like calling mine 'wonky'. Now I'm am thinking of all SORTS of places to put these! What do you think in the same border as the flying geese (seen above) "I spy with my little eye...'? (the colors are a bit washed out in the picture..they are know ME...I LOVE brights!)

Morah at Fat Quarters had a tutorial for these luggage tags. I fell in LOVE with them! I had a hard time waiting for her to post it...but I survived. This one is for ME...check out the cacti. Seems appropriate, dont'cha think? There is a plastic window inside to put whatever info you want. I just put last name and phone number
There is a huge button hole to thread the loop thru. Took me longer to figure out the buttonhole, than to make the whole tag! Too funny...

and now to leave you for a bit..with this: This is what you get when you go to bed with a wet head!

I had my marching orders to 'something with your hair before my friend comes over MOM!' HARUMPH...I would have anyway! Does he think I WANT to be seen like that!!???
(and I thought it was just my new glasses giving me fits! )
Back to the studio...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another idea for strippy scraps

My friend shared her quilt picture with me. She pieced her strips just like I showed you. Then she pieced them as a stacked bricks ..using the pieced strips in one row and a solid black in the next. I think it makes all those scraps SHINE! Almost looks like a piece of art, dont' you think?

I DO think she cut all her pieces to one size to match the black brick. They look like they are a consistent size. She did a sew in for the AOL chat room making this quilt.

Finger pressing

Here is the picture I promised of the gadgets I use to finger press. I'm
not a huge paper piecer, BUT, when I do, I hate to get up and iron every little
piece. I do have one of those small Clover irons, that works great..but here are my other gadgets....

From left to right: wooden "press' from Keepsakes, a roller I got when I purchased my Curve Master foot (I use that the most), and this cute little iron. My friend from PA's husband made these for my Lunch Bunch group...

TA DA! I finally got off my duff and LOADED this quilt. Now I just need to gather my courage and try out that panto! Back tomorrow to show you if I did or not! thanks for stopping by my blog...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

what to do with all those strips of scraps....hmmmm

I have sewn all my strips together. I debated on whether to take the paper off before or after I sewed them together. After won out...

and this is what I'm left with... a pile of paper scraps!

now I have to decide what I want to do with this: a purse...tote...wouldn't this be a cute vest?...stand by for decisions!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how about a scrappy project?

I was looking for a project that would not need to be quilted! I'm really a piecer at heart, so I am not ABLE to just quilt quilt quilt. I NEED piecing to be happy! This little project will satisfy the piecer in me...and NOT add to my pieced top pile!

Start with some adding machine tape. I would NOT suggest you go buy any! I could only find a PACK of like 12 rolls! I have been GIVING it away to my quilt group! If you can find ONE roll..ok...otherwise, cut your own. An old phone book works well...
now just sew and flip on your paper. You decide how long you CAN sew strips together. You don't want them TOO terribly long. They are too unwieldy and get in the way.

here is the same strip with that piece flipped back and finger pressed...

Here are all my completed strips lined up. I will sew them together tomorrow...I usually trim up the sides

Tomorrow I will show you what I use to press...I HATE to have to get up for every little seam. On a project like this, I just 'finger press" but I have some gadgets to help. I will also show you my strips sewn together, and what they look like when I'm trimming them up. I think I will make this into a tote. My friend used hers for blocks. She used all the same size, but paper pieced just like this on adding machine paper. See you tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is the head line from yesterday's newspaper...

yes..that DOES say 7 straight days of 110° heat...and was the 1st day of summer. Don't feel TOO sorry for have fireplaces for when you are stuck indoors..and we have a pool. Somedays I go more than once! And you use your heaters more to compare with our A/C use. I'm not saying I LOVE it when its hot, but it is just a fact of life here like snow and ice are facts of life in Minnesota!

I feel pretty fortunate that we live pretty quietly in the not TONS of reasons to go out in the heat of the day. We are still doing Little League as my son made the All Star team. Practices are later...after 7pm..but with no place to go early in the mornings, it works out fine. We DID get paper work for the new school year yesterday. I thought my son was going to come unglued! School does not start till August 11th, but we also got out on May 22nd. It all evens out in the wash...

No quilty stuff to report...after church, I watched the Diamondbacks get beat..>AGAIN. SO frustrating when they were lights out early in the we KNOW they can do better! Dinner in the I will give up the computer and hit the studio. See you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

And the winner is.....

Mary! Seems fitting, as she is one of my favorite bloggers and is always supportive. I want to be like her when I grow up! Sorry the picture is so dark. I was being lazy and didn't want to get up.. Mary, if you will e-mail me your snail mail, I will post your gifties on Monday!

This is the beginnings of the jelly roll stained glass. I think this one is destined to live at MY house! (I'm SUCH a sucker for brights!)

And this is the chocolate/pink one. As usual when I get a request I'm not CRAZY about, I usually end up liking it! Oh well, another color study! I don't know if you can see it or not, but the white contrast has little cupcakes in pink and chocolate all over it. I think it is a Susan Branch was just perfect for this!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday's progress

It is so nice to really have nothing pressing (I'm not talking about QUILTY pressing!) to do ...or anyplace to go. I spent the day puttering about. I did do some laundry and started working on the computer room. I'm trying to go room to room and dust/vacuum/dejunk/generally spruce up this house. It is nice when my husband comes home and remarks that he can see a difference!

Mr Murphy seems to have left for now. Here is what I was working on yesterday:

You match up these strips (these were the ones I miss ironed the other day..when MURPHY was here...), sew on both sides, making a tube
cut them apart in triangles
Dontcha just LOVE everyday magic! (No not the kind of magic you are thinking about! Just little things that tickle your imagination!)
VOILA! A stained glass block. Tomorrow I will draw a name for my 15,000 blogger give away...and show you some of the chocolate/pink stained glass blocks...

bye bye

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mr Smug visits again!

I have been trying to do the bulk of my quilting ironing either before 1pm or after 8pm. We have high and low rates on our electricity...when it is so hot (we hit 113° yesterday!), doing everything we can to keep the power bill low is important! I am doing two Stained Glass quilts: one with a rainbow Jelly Roll and the other is chocolate/pink/cream for a baby present.

The seams are ironed : toward the dark contrast and toward the center strip on the light side. I had ALL of the pink strips ironed before I realized I had the seams facing the light strips.....DRAT! Some patterns don't really matter. This one happens TO back to re-ironing that cream strip! Luckily, I had ironed all the jelly roll strips only have to do the 16 pink ones. I was feeling SO SMUG! Pride goeth before a fall! Thats Proverbs I think...I better look that up!

I think I will get some blocks done tomorrow, so I will be sure to show them off.

Thank you for all your nice comments. I will pick a winner for my 15,000 visitor on Saturday morning. I'm on PST this time of year and wont' get 'my turn' on the computer for a bit, so you have some time to comment! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

cheater panels

Last time I got to poke thru M & L Fabrics in Southern CA, I picked up 3 cheater panel baby quilts. I didn't cut them apart, so I only had to load once to get three quilts. I tried a different quilt design on each of the three. Here is the panel:

You can see the 'double bubble' quilting on the left side and the stippling on the right

This is puzzle pieces. I need a bit of practice on this! Maybe next time I will mark my rows with chalk. I am hoping to load a top tomorrow that my Lunch Bunch group pieced. I have to piece a back 1st ...ick! But I DO love a pieced back, so I will bite the bullet in the morning and get it pieced!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, for the time being the camera is producing pictures you can recognize. :::fingers crossed::: I will stay optimistic!

This is what I have been occupied with since we returned from our 'forced march' on NYC and Washington DC (which I really enjoyed by the way!).

All over flower

free motion baptist fan (this was FUN!)

this has a different pattern in each : puzzle piece, right: 'dwirling' a la "The Pajama Quilter", bottom: three leaf 'blossom', and left: flower meander from Pajama Quilter also

my first attempt at a feathered heart. I'm not ready for a quilt show by any means, but I am LOVING quilting on this machine! I am much more suited to a speed controller than the stitch regulator. I never had a problem with the stitch regulator, BUT this fits ME.

Today I will load some cheater panel baby quilts. I was thinking I would stipple one, double bubble the 2nd (that is a round loop-de-loop with an echo) and dwirl the last. The cheaters will end up being sideways on the frame- that is how they are printed, so if I dwirl, it would be sideways from how I think it would look better. Maybe I will try something else and save the dwirling for another practice piece.

I have reached a milestone! over 15,000 visitors! If you leave me a comment this week, I'm going to have a give away. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I'm not happy about a pictureless blog, but I just cannot let this go by another day! I showed you my (new to me)HQ16 machine for my frame. Long story short, and not due to anything I did, I am the proud owner of TWO sets of front handles for it. (this HQ16 was originally a sit down model:no handles, only foot pedal. Not conducive to frame quilting.)Mikehelped me over the phone to figure out if handles would even WORK on this machine. I had to wait till we returned from vacation to tackle the last niggling problems. I have learned from MANY obstacles, to just address ONE at a time. 1- return take up pole to original set up (after I took the Max Throat off) 2. attach handles on machine 3 figure out what 'motor stall' message meant (the HQ yahoo group search informed me it meant 'lint in the bobbin case area'. I found an unused new paint brush and TA DA! It WORKS! Our older son was over visiting when the machine actually took its 1st stitch. The look on my face , I'm sure , was of SHOCK! Yesterday I was happily quilting on a practice piece of muslin. I still have some stitch quality to deal with. That will resolve itself with a bit of practice and some tweeking of the tensions, but I'm SO happy! I promise pictures of my practice piece (with all the goofs and bad tension) as soon as I either figure out what is wrong with this camera, or purchase a new one! I'm off to the studio!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

You are SO glad my camera is on the FRITZ!

I'm CONVINCED you are glad...while you missed pictures I COULD have taken on vacation :Yankee stadium,

Statue of Liberty,

Ellis Island, Majestic Theater (Phantom of the Opera),US Senate, Lincoln Memorial, Kennedy Center,

Camden Yards,Mount Vernon just to name a FEW, you are missing pictures of all FIVE of my blisters and my swollen ankles! Our friends in Virginia, who were kind enough to put us up while where were there, described our vacation as a 'forced march'. (they said that the mom in that family does the same thing) Thats IT! I KNEW there was a name for it! Now, I love my husband DEARLY, BUT, when you say the word 'vacation', he takes that as a challenge to cram something into EVERY single minute of the day. :::sigh::::: And let me tell you, he can cram TONS into an 8 day vacation. It took me three nights of propping up my feet to get my ankles back to normal. Who knows how long I will have those blisters..that seem to morph into calluses. Not a pretty picture, let me tell you!

It IS great to be usual I missed the dogs the most. Something about having a furry body with a whippy tail glad to see you that just warms the cockles of my heart! My family was tired of me trying to pet EVERY dog in NYC! Well...maybe not EVERY dog...but I looked longingly at them anyway! As I hobbled along...with my son saying "Why DO you walk so slow, Mom?" ::::sigh::: Now were are those dog treats????

See you later....