cheater panels

Last time I got to poke thru M & L Fabrics in Southern CA, I picked up 3 cheater panel baby quilts. I didn't cut them apart, so I only had to load once to get three quilts. I tried a different quilt design on each of the three. Here is the panel:

You can see the 'double bubble' quilting on the left side and the stippling on the right

This is puzzle pieces. I need a bit of practice on this! Maybe next time I will mark my rows with chalk. I am hoping to load a top tomorrow that my Lunch Bunch group pieced. I have to piece a back 1st ...ick! But I DO love a pieced back, so I will bite the bullet in the morning and get it pieced!


Gina said…
Love the panel.

love and hugs xxx
Anonymous said…
I really like the double bubble-

Linda Kay
jillquilts said…
Your quilting looks great! Way to go!
Patti said…
What cute panels for little boys quilts - or a train mad little girl for that matter! Your quilting looks marvelous - how fun to have three different panels to "play on".

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