You are SO glad my camera is on the FRITZ!

I'm CONVINCED you are glad...while you missed pictures I COULD have taken on vacation :Yankee stadium,

Statue of Liberty,

Ellis Island, Majestic Theater (Phantom of the Opera),US Senate, Lincoln Memorial, Kennedy Center,

Camden Yards,Mount Vernon just to name a FEW, you are missing pictures of all FIVE of my blisters and my swollen ankles! Our friends in Virginia, who were kind enough to put us up while where were there, described our vacation as a 'forced march'. (they said that the mom in that family does the same thing) Thats IT! I KNEW there was a name for it! Now, I love my husband DEARLY, BUT, when you say the word 'vacation', he takes that as a challenge to cram something into EVERY single minute of the day. :::sigh::::: And let me tell you, he can cram TONS into an 8 day vacation. It took me three nights of propping up my feet to get my ankles back to normal. Who knows how long I will have those blisters..that seem to morph into calluses. Not a pretty picture, let me tell you!

It IS great to be usual I missed the dogs the most. Something about having a furry body with a whippy tail glad to see you that just warms the cockles of my heart! My family was tired of me trying to pet EVERY dog in NYC! Well...maybe not EVERY dog...but I looked longingly at them anyway! As I hobbled along...with my son saying "Why DO you walk so slow, Mom?" ::::sigh::: Now were are those dog treats????

See you later....


Jen said…
Yea! You're back! I'm glad you had a great trip!

I feel like we should have a Brewers/Diamondbacks series bet...for fatquarters or something. =)
Norma said…
Welcome home! Glad you are back, blisters, swollen ankles and no pictures included! Rest up!

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