Mr Smug visits again!

I have been trying to do the bulk of my quilting ironing either before 1pm or after 8pm. We have high and low rates on our electricity...when it is so hot (we hit 113° yesterday!), doing everything we can to keep the power bill low is important! I am doing two Stained Glass quilts: one with a rainbow Jelly Roll and the other is chocolate/pink/cream for a baby present.

The seams are ironed : toward the dark contrast and toward the center strip on the light side. I had ALL of the pink strips ironed before I realized I had the seams facing the light strips.....DRAT! Some patterns don't really matter. This one happens TO back to re-ironing that cream strip! Luckily, I had ironed all the jelly roll strips only have to do the 16 pink ones. I was feeling SO SMUG! Pride goeth before a fall! Thats Proverbs I think...I better look that up!

I think I will get some blocks done tomorrow, so I will be sure to show them off.

Thank you for all your nice comments. I will pick a winner for my 15,000 visitor on Saturday morning. I'm on PST this time of year and wont' get 'my turn' on the computer for a bit, so you have some time to comment! Thanks for stopping by!


Gina said…
I have done that more times than I care to think about. It's harder to re-iron them than it is to iron them aswell which doesn't help.

love and hugs xxx
G'G'ma said…
I'm trying to blow some cool air your way. It is 58 degrees in MI right now. My daughter lives in AZ and has been talking about the awful heat too.

Congrats on 15,000 visitors.
I'm in Michigan and it was only 53 here yesterday. My tomatoes are not happy with this cold weather, but you must be miserable in that heat. A drawing? Very cool! Please enter me in it! Stay cool!

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