Thursday, September 28, 2006

YIPPPEEE! I FINALLY got my quilt frame WORKING! I added a add on that enables me to extend my quilting area from 6 inches to 12-15 inches. I'm glad it is working. And JUST in time! I have to finish the quilt on the frame tomorrow...and load my class sample that is due on SUNDAY. WHEW! I will be a busy girl..happily the backing is pieced for that sample. Loading will be the least of my troubles. By this time tomorrow I should be VERY tired, but happy! g'nite!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I barely sat at the sewing machine today! I HAVE to get the quilt off the frame TOMORROW or or I won't get the class sample done. :::sigh:::: and I'm still having troubles with it...GRRRR The motors dont' move at the same rate. I DID go to the dentist for a cleaning today. NO CAVITIES! One sore spot I need to floss more. Son's teacher quit or was fired today. I'm not sure yet which. I only know she was sandpaper to him...ALWAYS rubbed him the wrong way. Now I just hope and pray the NEW teacher takes to this class...they could USE it! Tomorrow's objective: quilt, Quilt, QUILT!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday blahs

I had high hopes for today. I just frittered it away! I punted on going to my sewing class and spent the morning putzing online. I literally got nothing done. I finally left the house around noon. Class supply lists were due for my 2 upcoming classes at the quilt shop and I delivered some fabric to a housebound friend. She needed the company as much as the fabric. In just a week, our daughter will be home. She is in the AF in the southeast. We have not seen her since March when she gradutated from pilot training. My only disappointment is that she is staying here with her brother while we go on a weekend mini-reunion. So she will be at our house, while we are gone. That means I won't get much time to SEE her! She on the other hand will be enjoying 'big city' life she misses. There will be a day or so overlap...we will probably hit IKEA as she is looking for some ideas for a computer desk that will fit in her room. Well, I think I'll go and see if I can get some actual QUILTING done! ::::don't anyone faint or anything!::::

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last night I worked at the frame for about an hour. My husband needed to loosen some set screws he had tightened a BIT too much for me. Seems to work ok..but only quilting with tell! here is a picture of a placemat I just finished. I have 2 bound, one waiting for hand binding and 3 in the works. They were supposed to be class samples but I am not able to teach this till after the holidays. THIS set will be in their new home by then so ...:::::sigh:::: I will have to make a 2nd set! The 1st picture is the playpen quilt I will teach in Nov. I have made that pattern so many times, the page in the book is COVERED in my chicken scratch! Guess I like it , huh?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quiet Saturday at home

Today was just SO pretty out! The intense heat of the summer is slowly fading (altho not in memory! I remember 115 hot degrees all too well...) and the mornings are cool and still. Makes me want to sit outside to sew....but I retreat inside to the sewing machine. Its a good time to get a jump on quilts for much cooler weather (all relative of course). I think my machine frame is working. I have been so frustrated with the whole thing. This time it ate a hole in a quilt ..not even MY quilt. I am quilting it as a favor for my best friend's mom. :::sigh:::: My only consolation is that the piece is easily replaced...and the recipient is a non-quilter who will never know unless someone points it out. That said, I'm still upset. Makes me think harder about my musings of quilting for others....and I will never leave my quilting for the day with the needle DOWN! Today's lesson was how to get BACK to my blog and post again. Tomorrow I work on posting a picture of me and maybe the quilt I'm working on for my class sample. One thing at a time!

Friday, September 22, 2006

First blog ever!

Well, here goes! If my daughter can be a blogger, I guess I can too! I'm a stay at home mom of 3. Only one left at home...YIPPEEE. They are good kids, but ya raise 'em up to be adults right? It is always fun to see what they choose... I am a quilter by obsession. I just taught my 1st quilt class in Aug with 2 more to follow in November. It was a blast to see the lightbulb come on. One lady told me she would not have been able piece that top without me...I was pleased! I will have to think on what to write in here...ya gotta be is not a private journal...hehehehehe