Monday blahs

I had high hopes for today. I just frittered it away! I punted on going to my sewing class and spent the morning putzing online. I literally got nothing done. I finally left the house around noon. Class supply lists were due for my 2 upcoming classes at the quilt shop and I delivered some fabric to a housebound friend. She needed the company as much as the fabric. In just a week, our daughter will be home. She is in the AF in the southeast. We have not seen her since March when she gradutated from pilot training. My only disappointment is that she is staying here with her brother while we go on a weekend mini-reunion. So she will be at our house, while we are gone. That means I won't get much time to SEE her! She on the other hand will be enjoying 'big city' life she misses. There will be a day or so overlap...we will probably hit IKEA as she is looking for some ideas for a computer desk that will fit in her room. Well, I think I'll go and see if I can get some actual QUILTING done! ::::don't anyone faint or anything!::::


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