Last night I worked at the frame for about an hour. My husband needed to loosen some set screws he had tightened a BIT too much for me. Seems to work ok..but only quilting with tell! here is a picture of a placemat I just finished. I have 2 bound, one waiting for hand binding and 3 in the works. They were supposed to be class samples but I am not able to teach this till after the holidays. THIS set will be in their new home by then so ...:::::sigh:::: I will have to make a 2nd set! The 1st picture is the playpen quilt I will teach in Nov. I have made that pattern so many times, the page in the book is COVERED in my chicken scratch! Guess I like it , huh?


Arlene said…

Finally! Something made using the "B" word that doesn't put me in a cold sweat.

Love both projects. Will polish off mailbox and tell you my dining room is done in a light toast color (evil grin), grovel, grovel, grovel.


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