Thursday, February 16, 2012

Half day Thursday

This is just an experiment to see how the new Blogger interface works for me. I think they added bugs to the OLD one just to get people to change over! I had SO much trouble this morning. Including this DOT right in the middle of the post. It does not show up when I publish, but its kinda LOOKING at me! Creepy! lolol

I will be in the car most of the day even tho I didn't take the boys to school this morning. They have a half day, then want to go get pizza with their friends, need a ride home, then a ride back to school for baseball practice, ride home, ride to the Athletic store to get their uniforms, one needs to come home and the other one needs to go to soccer practice! There goes QUILTING for the day! WHEW! I better get dressed!
             (did I tell you I'm NOT FOND of half days???)

an experiment...gone RIGHT!

I have been eyeing Judy's QOV sew along for February. I really have NO BUSINESS starting something new, but there it is! Its pretty, its RWB and gold...oooh! It looks like FUN! OK, so now you know I already have my fabrics picked out! HA! Here is my dilemma: The 1st step is flying geese...and with a different color on each corner. Here is how I figured it out! THIS is my favorite way to make flying geese. I get good results..and NO fabric left over. Literally, you have nothing left over unless you trim off dog ears and square up a bit. The problem is that you get two of each:


I only need #2s.

   This is how you  lay out the squares in the original method. I need color placement! Here is how I fixed it.
 Cut all 5 squares on the diagonal. To get your size, refer to the link above on my favorite method.
                                                                                                                  place one triangle on each end, matching the points on the END. In the middle they will overlap, that is OK. Sew your regular 1/4 inch, being gentle with the bias edges!                                                                                         
 press GENTLY towards the triangles

cut on the diagonal, matching up the point on the bottom to the dip between the colored triangles.
                                                add the appropriate color on the other side

VOILA! 4 flying geese with the color in the RIGHT PLACE!

                                                              and nothing left over. Heaven!

(just FYI, Blogger is not playing nice today. That is why the text it all over the place! If you have any questions, just e-mail me!)


Thursday, February 09, 2012

(I think the sound is too slow. If it is, listen for the 'evil laugh'. Its WAY delayed and VERY slow! Too funny..but the picture plays at the right speed!)

Here is a short video of Chewy seeing our DD for the 1st time in a year. She was only deployed for 6 months, but with 2 3 week + excercises and a 6 week school. Add on a move and all the prep for a deployement, he came to us February 2011. I miss him terribly, but more than that I'm SO thankful that he was glad to see HER. She worried that he would not want her. That was NOT the case!

Note the little tail going a mile a minute, his little paws went RIGHT around her neck and he would NOT let go! Too sweet!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Design wall Monday ..on TUESDAY!

Here is my design wall Monday offering..
but I"m a day late and a dollar short!
I HAD this on my wall,but I could not find my

This was a New Years Day Mystery
on Patchwork Planet. I was disappointed that I didn't
download ALL the I almost didn'+t know how this
all went together. Luckily I saw some pictures, and fiddled with the
Now its on to working on the border! Any suggestions?