(I think the sound is too slow. If it is, listen for the 'evil laugh'. Its WAY delayed and VERY slow! Too funny..but the picture plays at the right speed!)

Here is a short video of Chewy seeing our DD for the 1st time in a year. She was only deployed for 6 months, but with 2 3 week + excercises and a 6 week school. Add on a move and all the prep for a deployement, he came to us February 2011. I miss him terribly, but more than that I'm SO thankful that he was glad to see HER. She worried that he would not want her. That was NOT the case!

Note the little tail going a mile a minute, his little paws went RIGHT around her neck and he would NOT let go! Too sweet!


fancystitching said…
So glad she is home safe and sound!

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