Design wall Monday ..on TUESDAY!

Here is my design wall Monday offering..
but I"m a day late and a dollar short!
I HAD this on my wall,but I could not find my

This was a New Years Day Mystery
on Patchwork Planet. I was disappointed that I didn't
download ALL the I almost didn'+t know how this
all went together. Luckily I saw some pictures, and fiddled with the
Now its on to working on the border! Any suggestions?



Angie said…
Hey Beth! :) It's good to 'see' you. :D I'm into 'no borders' these days, so I'm not much help in that arena. Hope all is well with all of you, including the furbabies. :)
kwiltnkats said…
Beth, I'm thinking a solid border so that the eye can rest after the busy center. Looks like you could select just about any color. Maybe white with a varigated thread for the quilting in it. Finish it off with a scrappy binding. Wow Judy's Monday Design Wall is popular these past few weeks. Over 100 quilters participating even if the posting is a tad bit late! WINK!

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