Half day Thursday

This is just an experiment to see how the new Blogger interface works for me. I think they added bugs to the OLD one just to get people to change over! I had SO much trouble this morning. Including this DOT right in the middle of the post. It does not show up when I publish, but its kinda LOOKING at me! Creepy! lolol

I will be in the car most of the day even tho I didn't take the boys to school this morning. They have a half day, then want to go get pizza with their friends, need a ride home, then a ride back to school for baseball practice, ride home, ride to the Athletic store to get their uniforms, one needs to come home and the other one needs to go to soccer practice! There goes QUILTING for the day! WHEW! I better get dressed!
             (did I tell you I'm NOT FOND of half days???)


Angie said…
No quilting, maybe, but you are an awesome Mom! :D

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