Sunday, May 31, 2009


AND I'm blogging! Did ya miss me? We did our 'dash out of town as SOON as our youngest is out of school' vacation. Literally! He got out at 1pm and we had a 5pm flight! Poor kid missed his field trip. Can you believe they had one the last day of school? to the WATER PARK! Only one of the year! If he went on the bus...he had to return on the bus....after 4pm....I'm still shaking my head. We could not pick him up at the water park even if we signed him out. (he IS OUR kid, right? I know there are legal liability issues, but we sign him out at school, he is OUR responsibility.) Only one more year at this charter school, then we can move on to the different issues of high school! (oh...I forgot..the REST of the school got out at 1pm...not 4pm..and if they didn't show up, no report cards)

I will be showing some pictures over a couple of day of the trip. If you are not a baseball fan, please turn your head at all the baseball park pictures! (there are really not too many!)

Our 1st stop was Chicago...and US Cellular Field (old park was called Commisky Park)

We didn't rent a car in Chicago, so we purchased 3 day transit passes and used the public transportation system. It was clean and reliable. I wish we had more in our area. We are miles from the nearest bus stop and it goes toward the city center and not to where I want to go!

Our trip to US Cellular Field was on the is the park from the train! It was the best angle I could get of the whole field.

I have been trying to upload pictures for days! I guess its one at a time for a while...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Murphy's Law

My version of Murphy's law goes like this:

'What ever takes you 10 mins to quilt, will take you at LEAST 6 hours to take out.'
Beth Shay

Ask me how I know! I'm SO ready to have this quilt off my frame! I have quilts to quilt, I have friends that would like to try it out...and I have customer quilts! This quilt WILL be off my frame tonight. (maybe someone should call me at midnight to make sure I have retired for the night! HA!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

where are you bzyqltr?

here I am! I have been up to my EYEBALLS in handprint pillows!

Here are some of the pillows...

I had at LEAST 55 pillows...and one more to make! One sweet little Kindergardener was not there on either day that I visited her class. When I returned on Friday to help them put their pillows in bags, she had a bag and tissue paper...but no pillow to put in it. She cried and I did too...I felt SO bad! I think next year I will ask for a list of kids, so that if one is absent both days, I can make arrangements for them. I could have had a pillow premade and just printed her hand on it that day. It would have taken longer to dry...but better wet paint than wet cheeks!

I hope next year to use all the same fabric for a whole class. I was worried I would get the two groups mixed up. All was well...except for my one little girl.

Look what I got for Mother's Day! My sweet daughter sent me an Edible Arrangement. I DID share with my husband and son, but I got the last chocolate covered strawberry! HA! Thanks chicpilot!