Murphy's Law

My version of Murphy's law goes like this:

'What ever takes you 10 mins to quilt, will take you at LEAST 6 hours to take out.'
Beth Shay

Ask me how I know! I'm SO ready to have this quilt off my frame! I have quilts to quilt, I have friends that would like to try it out...and I have customer quilts! This quilt WILL be off my frame tonight. (maybe someone should call me at midnight to make sure I have retired for the night! HA!)


jillquilts said…
Oh, you poor thing! I hate when I have to rip out quilting!! Good luck! You can do it!
Ain't that the truth? I spend a lot of time un-sewing!
Mary said…
I absolutely HATE to rip and rarely do it unless I have tension issues....everything else I try to consider a learning experience ...of course it helps that I don't quilt for hire so I don't have that stress.
Aint that the truth!!

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