Monday, January 16, 2017

two steps forward, one step back! AND a new baby!

OK! I know I caught you with the new baby she will go first!
Meet Lucy! Born last night just ONE day (actually one HOUR) past her 
due date! All are well!
THIS Mimi is HOOKED! It might have something to do with the fact that
when her Daddy put the phone close while we were Facetiming.
and Mimi started talking to her...she quieted..and turned her head to look where 
the voice was coming from!

I think she looks alot like her sister who looked like THIS two yrs ago!

Lets just say I had a hard time sleeping last night and 
leave it at that, shall we? ::;big cheesey grandmother grin::::

So back to my goals...I have been doing pretty well on the 'leaving the house' goal. 
Well, except for was rainy, cold and I never even got out of my jammies!
I DID clean off my big ironing station, sewed and redid the last border for the King quilt
for Dad. SO that is the step back

The two steps forward?
I put the last two borders on the king quilt 
(what is YOUR stumbling block in quilting? 
Mine?...BORDERS....S I G H)

drum roll please!
I am QUILTING today! I think its been at least two months.
I have a baby quilt on the frame ,
a plan for quilting,
AND the machine is threaded and ready to rock and roll!
Maybe I will be ready binding and a finish soon!
One can hope!

(Oh! I forgot that I get credit for 4 loads of laundry today. 
I usually only do one or two a day. I guess I am on a roll!
Must be the sunshine...we have not seen THAT in about a week!)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday!

I hope you are warm and dry where ever you are this Friday. I am still tucked up in my chair- legs covered in a quilt...uh oh! Coffee cup is empty.....

I am doing pretty well with my 2017 goals. I have been out of the house everyday. Somedays its a quick errand and that is well within my goal. Today I am expecting a couple friends to come sew tonight. A pot of chicken tortilla soup will appear...and maybe a batch of rolls (I have a new recipe!)

Sewing is happening too. Yesterday I made two more Trip around the World blocks. I think I now have one too many! I might make a couple more and piece them on the back. I am loving this and the blocks are fun to sew

this is the basic block. It loaded sideways...not sure why as the other picture loaded

This was just how the first blocks got slapped on the design wall.
They have been moved to a bigger wall, so when I have made all I want, I will post
a picture of the final layout. This is a Bonnie Hunter free pattern. 
I can post a link if anyone is interested. This is ALL scraps. My friend is doing one too.
when I cut a strip of neutral for me, I cut one for her. Then we traded for more variety.
I used more than just tone on tone and the variety is lovely. It really
gives some movement in the back ground. This is going to be mine! And there may be more 
of this pattern. Its easy and not time consuming...but the layouts and color possibilities are endless!

And the there is THIS
this is a plant pot I found yrs ago at Micheals in the shape of a
thimble. I have more than one size...and I use them all over the house.

this one got tapped LIGHTLY with the side of a hairspray can and just TINK
broke into three pieces.

I am glad I have more...but darn it! 
I like it AND use it!
At least I DO use them. I hate it when I like something, but rarely USE it
and it gets broken anyway.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Today's outing? My knitting group. They are a nice group of ladies with lots of advise and love to ooh and ahh over finished projects. Its a good morning out. I got gas at Costco and picked up DH dry cleaning.

Off to the studio to work on the mystery quilt. I am a bit behind but ready to catch up. Pictures posted soon!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Happy New Year! I have to ask, how do you feel about resolutions? I have never been a consistent MAKER Of them...much less KEEPER of them. This year I have resolved to make a few but call them GOALS. Resolutions seem to be made to be broken. Goals, if you stumble or miss a day, encourage you to get back up and keep going. Have you made any? How far do you think you will get? I hope I go all year!

My two goals this year:

1. get out of the house everyday. I have discovered in the past couple of yrs that I am an introvert. This will be a mystery to those who know me in person...I am a talker! HA! I read someplace that if you come home from a lively party....lots of people, lots of conversation...and you are energized-you are an extrovert. That is SO not me! Don't get me wrong...I like it. Often I am not excited about GOING, but I enjoy myself when I get there. When I get home I am ready to dive into my house and STAY THERE! This has spurred me to not schedule too many social activities in a week. Introvert is good....being a hermit is not. Going to the dog park, taking the dog for a walk or just going into the backyard are all acceptable.

2. Sew something EVERYDAY. I am just a happier person. It lights up my soul. The colors...the textures..making something out of scraps. All of it. I am easier to live with... It gives my mind something to chew on...keeps it lively... It is a God given gift and I intend to use it daily!

Happy New Year!

PS  1a yesterday I went to the movies : Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. If you like Harry Potter you will like this. New characters and new creatures. I thought it was fun.

2a I sewed parts of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery and borders for my Dad's Carpenter's star quilt. I am behind 2 clues as I had ordered her ruler and it arrived yesterday. I was glad to have a reason to get going on his quilt. I want it on the frame by the end of the week. Two borders to go!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What a trip! I thought I posted this in September!

Its official! I am a Wheaton mom! Sports Guy was delivered to campus a week practice with his new college team! One of his dreams....

that was just the begining of the trip!

Chicago -> campus
campus -> St Charles MO (suburb of St Louis)
  - Cardinals baseball game
   -   drive thru neighborhood that Joe Garagiola and Yogi Berra grew up in...right across the street from
  each other!
  - drive by confluence of Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Walking tour of locks on the river. (didn't see any  ships in it...we were disappointed                                           
 St Charles -> Waterviet IN
   -Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Waterviet ID -> Grand Rapids MI
 FRESH blueberry pie/peach pie on along the way
 -3 days at AQS Gd Rapids (classes with Jamie Wallen and Sherry Rogers-Harrison)/golf for DH
-visit with Friend Lily and her DH from Ontario Canada
Grand Rapids -> campus
 -feed up Sports Guy and his roommate
 -See scrimmage game- Sports guy got playing time
campus -> Kansas City
  -met up with DH brother from California
  -spent time with family : DH cousins and his uncle
  -lunch with 2 AOL quilt chat friends, 2 shop shop-hop!
Kansas City -> campus
 - DD joins us from TX
 -feed up Sports Guy
 -see 2 tournament soccer games: Sports Guy got playing time and a shot on goal (he is a defender!)
Campus to Midway airport to drop off DD...then to OHare for flight home

Get home, short grocery trip...quick dinner....MY OWN BED! WHEW! If you are counting..we stayed in 8 different hotels (2 in KC so we could be close to the airport for an early morning flight). I am glad to be home. Tomorrow I will show you all my goodies ....some quilty...some baseball..some just goodies!

Thursday, July 03, 2014


rook-ie (rook'e) n. [slang] 1. an inexperienced army recruit 2 [INF] any beginner

In my book, a rookie is the new kid on the baseball player on the team. In my life?

friend of Rally

petrified of storms (thanks Rally for teaching me that 
rain is EVIL!)

sneaker of the couch
(I wondered why it was covered in BLACK DOG HAIR!)

Dog of a 4 month 'adventure'
weird dog 
goofy dog
petrified of all strange sounds: ESP the dreaded text alert!
missed dog


Sunday, April 20, 2014

WOW! What a day!

#1 Its EASTER! The best day in the Christian calendar. I enjoyed a wonderful service this morning. Calvary was PACKED OUT! I got to view Good Friday service on line from...Chicago...see #2!

#2 Sports Guy and I flew to Chicago on Thursday. He participated in a one day soccer camp-mostly to be seen by a college coach. Met the coach, SG spent the night in the dorm with one of the students, had a short walking tour of the campus on Sat am. He was offered a roster spot on the men's soccer team! He had already been accepted academically: Wheaton College. There are a few other schools in the running...and its HIS decision. 

#3 Our DD's birthday! So nice it fell on Easter! I will not get to celebrate with her till the end of May...but that is for another post...Happy Birthday ChicPilot!!

and #4...drum roll please!! LAST but on the top of MY list today! Look what I was presented with!?
Looks like I am going to be a MIMI!
Due Date; mid Dec
I am thinking that covers their Christmas present to us! HA!
Hope you had a
Blessed Easter...