two steps forward, one step back! AND a new baby!

OK! I know I caught you with the new baby she will go first!
Meet Lucy! Born last night just ONE day (actually one HOUR) past her 
due date! All are well!
THIS Mimi is HOOKED! It might have something to do with the fact that
when her Daddy put the phone close while we were Facetiming.
and Mimi started talking to her...she quieted..and turned her head to look where 
the voice was coming from!

I think she looks alot like her sister who looked like THIS two yrs ago!

Lets just say I had a hard time sleeping last night and 
leave it at that, shall we? ::;big cheesey grandmother grin::::

So back to my goals...I have been doing pretty well on the 'leaving the house' goal. 
Well, except for was rainy, cold and I never even got out of my jammies!
I DID clean off my big ironing station, sewed and redid the last border for the King quilt
for Dad. SO that is the step back

The two steps forward?
I put the last two borders on the king quilt 
(what is YOUR stumbling block in quilting? 
Mine?...BORDERS....S I G H)

drum roll please!
I am QUILTING today! I think its been at least two months.
I have a baby quilt on the frame ,
a plan for quilting,
AND the machine is threaded and ready to rock and roll!
Maybe I will be ready binding and a finish soon!
One can hope!

(Oh! I forgot that I get credit for 4 loads of laundry today. 
I usually only do one or two a day. I guess I am on a roll!
Must be the sunshine...we have not seen THAT in about a week!)


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