Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 finishes and a mailing!

Boy...for someone who moves as slowly as I seem to, yesterday I was at BLAZING speed! I finished up this:

A commission quilt I"m ashamed to tell you how long I have had. Anyway, its done and delivered. They really liked it.

#2 I wrapped presents and mailed the box. This is a BIG see...I'm mailing impaired. I dont' know what it is...but I have a hard time getting things ready AND mailed. I can either get them ready...OR mail them...not both. Its some kind of syndrome...

#3 I applied blanket binding to a minkee backed sheet my friend quilted on my Gammill. My friend is NOT a sewer...she was overwhelmed by the size of poor Lucy!

Does she look like she is petrified? She did a great job. I would post a picture of the finished product, but the battery on the camera died and its recharging...

Merry Christmas my blog friends!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The class sample top is done!

Even in my sniffly stuffy fog, I could PIECE. I won't say much for my cutting. And I SURELY could not quilt. I can just imagine the nasty quilting line with my deep cough! After a pretty sluggish day yesterday, I actually feel much better today. I helped deliver Christmas gifts to the preschool class my son's soccer team adopted. I hit the quilt shop to show the teacher coordinator the top (she loved it) and I picked up some backing fabric from the sale table. Then it was off to the grocery store. By the time I made it home around 2:45, I was pretty much toast. After a short break tho, I rallied. I made dinner, put groceries away and ::::Drum roll please::: I QUILTED! YIPPPEEE! I hope to make good progress tomorrow. I only have about one more pass in both thread colors. Then I can try my hand at binding on the long arm! I watched a video of it on MQR and it looks do-able!

What do you think of Fire Escape? I enjoyed making it.(the turquoise is actually a bit darker than it shows in the picture.) I did get confused piecing some of those rows. I hope I can give my students some tips to stay organized. I think I'm going to stash dive and piece a patriotic one as a sample in class. When I pull colors, I will post them and you can tell me what you think.

I noticed that my counter is getting closer and closer to 30,000 visitors. I think I better scare up a give away to celebrate!

Tomorrow I am having breakfast with a quilty friend. Today I ran into a lady who used to come to Lunch Bunch! She was so happy to see me, she hugged me! She was very interested in my quilting...and I think she will ask me to quilt for her when I'm ready. After my success today, I am hopeful I will be on my way soon. I just have to figure out the business part. That is just what I'm not great at! See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I"m still here!

After you were SO kind and letting me vent about the know Murphy's Law? I got the 1st pattern I ordered...and 2 days later I got the one I ordered from a different source. Yep...I have TWO. BUT...I still have not been charged for the 1ST one! And you KNOW that the 1st born in me has to play by the rules. I still need to get my DH to check our credit card statement. If I have not been charged, I'm obligated to make a copy of everything...the order, the charge (for the pattern I got but am not teaching)...and including the $9. Its just me. I cannot take something I have not paid for.

On the quilting front. I'm still working on the t-shirt quilt. I had a titch of tension problems...and I'm sick. Somehow I am not sure I can quilt while I'm hacking a lung out. Its just me! I HAVE been working on the class sample and it is in rows ready to be pieced into a top. I hope to sew a bit tomorrow. My ribs are SO sore from coughing yesterday. I'm better my husband is home. I'm not sure I will be able to sleep in the same bed...I may have to sleep in the chair. He thinks I'm coughing in his direction. (I could say more...but I think I will stop now).

I promise pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

class sample

I have only taught a couple of classes at my favorite shop...but I am not going to teach again there for a couple of reasons:

I'm not an employee. This causes a couple of problems. The employees have 1st pick of dates and classes. I asked numerous times for guidance on what they wanted taught. NADA...Then when I would bring in ideas, the scheduler either didn't like it, there was no pattern needed (less to sell), or someone else was teaching something similar. This particular shop gives a discount to the teacher in the the quarter they teach the class. Here is the problem for me: since I'm not an employee, I don't get the employee discount. I'm having to pay full price for fabric for my class sample not knowing if I will even have ONE student.

Its a LONG way from my house! I have to drive there to pick out the fabric/pattern/turn in my paperwork etc. Usually I'm there anyway as my small quilt group meets there once a month for a potluck/sew together. Most times it involves a couple of trips anyway. I also have to hurry out after class in order to pick my junior higher from school. As he gets older/goes to a closer school/has a friend close by to get a ride with this will resolve itself. But for now, half the week, I'm a single parent. Its hard when others assume I'm babying that kid! I will agree I do some things he could do for himself, and we are working on that. That is not something that is unique to this kid tho! Most kids I know would rather have other people do most things for them. If you don't believe me , try reading Zits! If my kid was unique, Zits would not be in most newspapers and be making a profit!

'Nuff said about that...I have signed up to teach a class at a closer shop. I had a friend who worked there...and had some staff issues (not with the owner..and all those staff people have left long ago). I have had trouble getting my hands on the pattern (mail order...wont' mention the online store...but I STILL don't have the pattern I ordered on Nov 7th! They say they sent it, I was never charged but recieved and was charged for the 2nd pattern I ordered. Unfortuantely I was not planning on TEACHING that other pattern...I just liked it! Next time I will only order the one I want to teach! I'm just about to order if elsewhere and give that wayward one to a friend. Can you tell I'm FRUSTRATED!?) I did stop by the shop and talked to the staff there. They graciously let me pick out fabric anyway...and

here is my color palette. The black is the contrast and has textual polka dots you cannot see in the picture. I had a primaries palette picked out also, but I asked in the shop for opinions. This one won. I think I see a trend here! My Carolina Christmas palette has the hot green and orange with black. hmmmm!

PS I still LOVE the above mentioned shop where I taught in the past. The staff is warm and friendly and they are willing to order things for you that they dont' carry or have run out of.

I may have pictures tomorrow of the quilt I have on the frame. Can you say"PROCRASTINATION? I started this a year ago AUGUST...and its for a customer! I'm DETERMINED to get his completed for Christmas, so I'm making in my only priority (sewing wise that is!)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

a tree day

Uh oh...I think its going to be another 'tree' day!

I BOUNDED out of bed at 6:24 thinking I was LATE...why is it so DARK? I know the sun comes up later, but it still looks like night? It was 5:24...not SIX 24....:::sigh::: This discovery came AFTER I had woken the kiddo up. In his defense, he NEVER said a word about waking up 45 mins early. He must be growing up. Alarm goes off at 6:15 (no, I didn't go back to sleep...), I get up, let the dogs out AGAIN. Open the fridge to start breakfast....BAM...a whole container of cooked corn hits my FOOT...(it was in a GLASS container) OUCH! Not to mention corn everywhere...dogs were happy! I was going to USE that corn for a corn and black bean salad for dinner. ::::SIGH:::: Breakfast gets made, off we go to school. As I'm backing out of the driveway, I get a glimpse of my shadow. Hmmmmm... I look in the mirror. HAIR STICKING STRAIGHT UP ALL OVER! I have asked and asked for the men in my family to...well...give me SOME kind of SIGN when this fashion faux pas occurs. I mean, GEE WHIZ! I showered and brushed my hair in the dark so I would not wake my sweet husband up! No Starbucks for ME this morning! It must be a laundry day. Do you think the darks will mind my hair do!? :::sigh:::::

Oh..and one more thing. I had BIG plans for today: laundry, quilting, decorating the house. Know what that means? Yup...HALF day at school. Kiddo needs a costume for the school dance. I mean WHO THINKS THESE THINGS UP? I have to come up with all the ideas...I"m tired! I'm hoping the thrift store will be a treasure trove. I need more coffee...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What a weekend! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Ours was....a bit quiet perhaps.. but that is not a BAD thing! Considering what was to come! Friday found the kiddo and I in the car at 6 AM. (NO we were not shopping on Black Friday!...::::shudder::::) We were headed ALLLLL the way across town to a soccer tournament. We had the 1st game at 8 am and when we got there, the GATES were not even open! SHEESH! That was a 12 hour day...BUT...the boys earned two shut outs and max points. Luckily, the dear husband arrived home late that night, so I was relieved of my driving duties at least! Saturday was not quite as early, BUT...we didnt' roll in until 11PM. ZZZZZZZ! I almost fell asleep in the car. Sunday found us in the FINALS! And they WON! another shutout! They only got scored on once in five games. It was very exciting! We had more guest players than usual with the holiday weekend. I was assuming that they might have a bit of trouble playing together. But I guess not! By yesterday I felt like I had a hangover....oh...and a scratchy throat and little runny nose. I sat in the chair as much as possible. I DID get to putter around the sewing room.

I got these done:

This is the 1st half of clue one on

Bonnie's mystery quilt. She has already posted clue #2. ACK! Don't despair! She will have all the clues up till sometime in the summer if you decide you want to play along! I have almost all of the 2nd half of clue #1 finished. I will post a picture of them when they are done. I am having fun with this...and I calm down from the seasons busyness...and make a fresh list!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mr Smug strikes again!

I was kind of patting myself on the back for two baby quilt deliveries..when Mr SMUG arrived! (drat that man!) I had settled myself into Starbucks, the kiddo was at soccer practice. It was too cold to sit out at practice..and besides, no other parents to chat with. So...I got the 2nd quilt out to apply the label....chai tea latte at the ready. Enjoying stitching , being comfy...and BAM!

I get to the last side...and ...well..notice the YEAR??? :::Sigh:::: I really DO need to preview this stuff! Lucky for me it takes so little to redo this!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a finish and TWO deliveries

Oh I LOVE weeks like this. I am full into cleaning for the big day...well...actually I was TOTALLY stressed out by the clutter, so I would have dived in ANYWAY. I will quilt much calmer NEXT week, when most of the clutter is....!

Saturday was filled to the BRIM. Kiddo had soccer pictures at 7:30 AM ( what were they THINKING?) Luckily for me, I sent DH and kiddo off and I followed about 30 mins later. I picked them up and we headed for the weekly Saturday game....and HOUR from home. :::Sigh::: We live on the west side of the Valley of the Sun. They were playing ANOTHER west side team. WHY oh WHY did we have to travel that far for a game? What about conserving GAS??? ...they never ask you have to listen to me complain! After the game we joined our older son and his girlfriend for lunch - a SIT down lunch! REAL conversation! :::Swoon:::: As soon as I was finished, I dashed to the Dec meeting of the AZ LongArm QUilters meeting (half the way home). It is always fun, show and tell of COURSE...and some holiday goodies.

I got to deliver a quilt! I LOVE those days! This was the 3rd quilt for this family. The 1st two sisters got a color or the time the 3rd baby comes along, she just got PINK. I'm disappointed to say :I didn't get a PICTURE::: How COULD I!
Well, it is just like this: well..its is PINK!

This one will probably be delivered tonight. It is for kiddo's assistant soccer coach and his wife. They did the baby's room in a beach theme. This picture is kinda blurry, but the overall look is good (colors are right)

closer look at the blocks. This is a Terry Atkinson design. I think it is in the Happy Hour book.

And here is the quilting. I did a water meander with some flat swirls. I had very little tension problems and I really like the overall look.

By 9 pm on Saturday I was in the recliner, by 10, my husband had to wake me up to go to bed! WHEW! I was worn OUT!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do you ever feel like this tree? I see this tree daily on my way to deliver my teenager to school. I had been planning to take a picture of it for months. Something always camera (well DUH!), dead camera battery, sun shining on it get the picture. I feel like this quite often. I rarely have a large uninterrupted block of time to myself or my own pursuits. I get bogged down with house work/clutter/animals/other family members. I start one project and leave the room for it, and come back thoroughly engrossed in a DIFFERENT activity. I have to admire this tree tho. It IS bent...but it is not broken. It has adapted..and is still going strong! It still has green leaves and is growing! I feel bent over...but I hope I adapt and grow!

I'm off to finish up a QOV I had to pick out nasties on..its back on the frame and I want it on its way! Have a great day ::;trying to walk a little straighter...seeing that tree makes my back hurt!:::::

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

something QUILTY

FINALLY! Something quilty! I'm almost finished with this and hope to deliver it this weekend. The baby's room is done in a beach theme...

this picture is a bit blurry, but the colors are good, and you can see all the blocks.

A closer look at the blocks...

This is a picture of the water meander. It didnt' need too much quilting as it is pretty busy.

Binding matches the border with a small insert of the plain blue batik. I will take a picture of the scrappy back before delivery. I sure am ready for the Quilt Whisperer class I have signed up for in Jan. I need help with design decisions!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh my! PIE!

I was waiting the school parking lot for my friend to drop off her kids...I was lending her some pie cutters (you know, the ones where you take the left over pie crust and cut out a leaf or something for the Martha Stewart! But ONE thing I can handle!) When she got there, could I FIND those said cutters in my van? it was JUST cleaned out! Boy! One day of shopping...and POOF..that van is TOAST! ...Riffled around...found the cutters..

Just LOOK what she handed me! PIE! and guess what I DID with it...::: sly smile:::
I ATE it of course! (Don't you think it would have spoiled on the way home if I had NOT eaten it?...well I do! HA!)And guess what yesterday was? 1st day of my swim membership at the gym. Well..actually it was Friday, but the pool was closed for painting till yesterday. Think I'm off to a good start? I SWAM...but then I had PIE for breakfast! :::sigh::: YOU didn't have to look that pie in the EYE! We will see how I do is a 'I'm sore from swimming yesterday, so I'm just going to do laundry and get my haircut' day. Don't you have those? ::grin:::

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We live in a large city, but we are spread ALLLL over a huge valley....and we are a suburb that used to be VERY agricultural. Empty lots are slowly filling in, but nearby my house is a large field. Mostly goats are kept there with sheep being seen on occasion. In the past, one lone donkey kept an eye on the other inhabitants. Now there are 3 adults and 2 youngsters. I think the young are twins...they have been SO cute to watch!

I stopped by the fence to snap their picture from an open car window. I spooked the youngesters and they went TEARING off around the field! I felt bad that I had scared friend Frankie says that they would use any excuse to romp around the field. ...I don't feel so bad now! I gave them some exercise!

homemade pizza!

When we were in California earlier in the month, we were invited by friends of friends, to join them for dinner. HOMEMADE PIZZA! Now I'm not a huge pizza fan, but homemade...OK! I'll bite! I used to make it when we were 1st married,but I never won our older kids over.

As you can see...a VULTURE was laying in wait for this. And it is SUPPOSED to sit for 5 mins! I was lucky to get it out of the pan! When I asked about what to change..the vulture said..NOTHING! ...WOW...well..on 2nd thought, what was wrong with the pepperoni? (it was turkey...drat...I thought I had snuck that in!)Thanks Frank for the tip about the bottom of the roasting pan. That and me remembering to put corn meal on the bottom made these come out GREAT! I'm thinking this will be requested on Sundays regularly!

Friday, November 13, 2009

any one interested in a mystery?

Head on over to! Bonnie is starting a mystery quilt right after Thanksgiving. Fabric requirements are posted....I went stash diving...

and this is what I came up with. This is just the color palette...It will end up being pretty scrappy. I was kinda surprised at how many turquoise and bright greens I had. I'm usually a brights girl..but primaries call my name most. What colors will YOU pick?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bad BAD blogger!

OK...I have probably lost all my readers..but here goes! Our 2 out of town trips under our belt, I'm home for the holidays!

I have signed up for an online quilting class in Jan and will probably be MUCH more of a fanatic about this AFTER that, but I DO see quilt patterns EVERYWHERE!
Now to YOU, this is just a package of paper towels.

I however see a quilting design :::grin::::

Notice the cute little curlique border design on the bottom. My family knew I was nuts before, NOW I'm just proving them RIGHT!

Just so you know I
HAVE been sewing and quilting,

Here is a picture of my friend Christina (who does not sew, but now QUILTS!)

working on THIS: a sheet with a Minkee back. Both are supposed to be hard to quilt, and we had not ONE glitches, no tension problems, NADA. In honor of making friends with my Gammill that day, I have named her Lucy...(as in 'use LOOSE tensions') Sorry..bad play on words. I have more, but I'm trying to save ideas for another day! Hi Anita and Julie No blog! ::;see me waving:::::

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

haul from Goodwill

Yesterday on my way home from sewing class, I popped into Goodwill. My friend had told me it might be a good place to look for something to keep my thread in. I can always get the plastic drawers, but I'm tired of plastic. It has to be under 25 inches...and the drawers have to be deep enuf for a big cone of thread. I didn't find any furniture..but I DID find treasures!

I have a gap between my sewing table and my cutting table. Things that fall down between are hard to retrieve! I will be using parts of a couple of these things to make a caddy to fill that gap...Karen has been revving me up on my Home Depot wanderings. I love the crafty stuff she comes up with!

A frame for a Lang calendar. I have loved those for a long I have some place to hang it... Also a box with a hole on the side. I'm going to repaint it and use it as a tissue box. Counter space on my sewing table it at a premium. I will be able to stack something on this if the tissues come out the side.

The blue divided platter will go on the long arm for prewound bobbins and other gadgets. See a snowflake theme here? I MIGHT be tempted to call my new quilting biz something with a snowflake...except I live in the DESERT! HA! Wishful thinking...

This little guy is self explanitory. I'm a dog person...and I have papers to organize. Enuf said!

Tomorrow is laundry day. I will finish up quilting a baby quilt and get started putting the next together. Maybe have borders and most of the backing together before bed. See you tomorrow!

Monday, September 21, 2009

300 posts!

OH MY GOODNESS! I just looked at my post counter...and this is 301! I know I have been a bad bad blogger this summer, but fall looks better for good info anyway!Maybe I should have a giveaway! More info to come...

I got to attend the Sept meeting of the AZ LongArm Quilters. Its part of the AZ Quilters Guild. I had an errand to do on the way. I only looked at the address from MY house...not from where my errand was. ::::S I G H:::: I'm not too upset if I'm just a bit late for things..but NOT THE FIRST TIME! I hate to be late to something my 1st visit. I WAS...I over shot not once..not twice but THREE TIMES! This is a lesson to ME...READ THE MAP. BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE ERRAND SITE. Enuf said.

I really enjoyed the meeting. Well..not the meeting part..those are always necessary..but boring. Especially when you are not part of any of what they are talking about! But this month they had a program...and it was GREAT! Terry Doyle talked about how to plan a whole cloth quilt. She even gave us folders with vellum, pencil, ruler and about 6 sheets of design idea. Her tip to look for quilting ideas all around you must have stuck. I took these 2 pictures at GOODWILL in the linens dept! HA!

I found these in the kitchen...I know I will get more use out of them in the quilt studio than the kitchen. I think they will live there for now...

The 2nd speaker was Jessica Brunneman ( have probably butchered her last name..I CALLED her Jennifer, even tho I have met her before. My brain said Jessica even as my mouth was voicing Jennifer!what a DAY!) She shared background fill ideas instead of always stippling. THAT was fun! She gave ideas for projects we brought too.

The AZ quilters guilds's charity (I'm not sure if always or just this year) is Quilts of Valor. They had a couple dozen quilts ready to go with backing/batting/top ready for volunteers to take home and quilt. Any way we want...good practice for a newbie! I took two and they don't have to be returned till Jan.

And last but not least: show and tell! there was one quilt that just came back from Moda's challenge traveling show...a quilt the quilter needed help on background fill (good timing on her part!) and a raffle quilt I have seen before and drooled AGAIN!

Tomorrow I will show you what I snagged at Goodwill...and what is going to become...and one more helpful tip from the Long arm group...I'm tired!

Friday, September 18, 2009

USC progress

I fiddle and futzed with the letters...and finally got a combo of 3 I liked. Here are 3 fused:

Here is a closer look at the U...On the fabric, it looked like the letters had a thin border around the whole letter. Instead of cutting extra pieces I used a zigzag stitch.

This is a close up of the zigzag. I have never been a great satin stitcher, so I just lengthened the stitch so it was not solid. It is nothing to write home about, but I like the look. If you step back, it looks like the one on the fabric. I'm a happy camper. I will do the S tomorrow, but I'm pegged out on zigzag for the night. It takes too much out of me! lolol

Tomorrow I get to attend the AZ LongArm Quilters group. It should be a good time! They meet every other month and last meeting I was flying to Austin that day. DRAT! The program this month is how to plan a whole cloth quilt. THAT will be interesting. I hope to make a trip into IKEA. I need some under bed storage and something to hold my batting roll under the Gammill. Night!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

USC quilt every year we rent a beach house in Central California. All friends of my husband from high school ...only 2 of us 'aliens' are Mayfair Monsoon alums. I have been making each husband a quilt...this year is Nick's year. Nick is a USC FANATIC with the emphasis on FAN! He has season tickets, tailgates at each get the picture. So when I asked him last year, what kind of quilt he wanted, this is what answer I recieved : Weeeelll, I REALLY would like a USC quilt, but you probably can't make one of those. (do you hear the CHALLENGE in that request? Do you think I would EVER make him anything ELSE? nope...not me..not gonna back down on THIS ONE! ::::grin::::). I found USC fabric. Every idea I had sketched, my DH said "that is too graphic". those colors? ANY quilt in gold and maroon is gonna be GRAPHIC! I finally agreed with him on one...with a center square featuring the USC logo. Not the Trojan...I'm not THAT good! Just the letters. I scanned them off the fabric and cut them out for size. I'm thinking they need to be a BIT bigger..but how about some opinions? Please? They WILL be in please excuse the white paper color!

The plan is to fuse, then edge stitch in maroon and do a wide zig zag just in side the edges to mimic the outline. On the logo letters there is an outline of the letter colors. Thanks in advance for your opinions...I love to have a sounding board!

PS Julie no forwarding this on to Nick!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OK OK! I promise to post more!

Julie No Blog has called me on the phone to COMPLAIN! She said it was ENTIRELY unacceptable that I have not posted since early Aug. I tell you..moving 3 rooms...getting a kid settled in school....breaking down my old frame...having the new one delivered...trying to get the courage to THREAD IT...OIL it...OH MY GOODNESS! STITCH on it!

The Gammill got delivered a week and a half ago..Guess what I have been doing? Trying not to be intimidated by it! I'm taking an online feather class called Feather Bootcamp. That is overwhelming and a good thing at the same time. I HAVE to stitch to keep up with the I have to dive in and not tip toe around saying "its such a big machine...::whine whine::: Idon't know how to thread it ::;whine whine:::: how do I oil it ::;whine whine::::

here is a small peek at what I'm working on in the class: This is my 2nd attempt at a squared off feathered wreath:

This is my practice drawing for the day.

I'm really enjoying this class! Its given me the confidence to maybe try some of these free motion. Some of the students in the class have been stitching on fleece. I will look for some this weekend. See you soon!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Painting DONE!

YIPPPEEE! I don't mind PAINTING> Its the prepping...taping...PRIMING! ICK! I finished priming the rest of the room last night...and today my loving DH lent a hand with the roller. I do the nitpicky detail stuff...and he is GREAT with a roller. We had the rest of the room knocked out by 11. BOY was I HUNGRY! I also feel like I was hit by a mac truck. Sheesh!...its just PAINT! I will finish touching up as soon as I fold the latest load of clothes. Then I think I"m ready for a NAP! It was so hot in there with out the ceiling fan going. I sure rely on them ALOT!

I may get to start moving all my STUFF... SEWING EQUIPMENT tonight. I don't be able to move the old frame table till DH gets home on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I will move as much as I can with out getting in the way of that long table. Its a10 ft Formica counter on 3 Ikea dressers. I am hoping to have the countertop raised up so I can use it as a work surface..and maybe one end a desk area for this laptop. I have the Gammill scheduled to be moved this coming Friday. It will go into the room I currently use as a studio. My DH and I measured again yesterday just to make sure. I was right and I will have to move out. The new studio is a 12 ft by 12 ft square room. The current studio is 11ft by 14ft. I need those extra 2 feet for the 12 foot frame! :::giggle::: Can't you just see me LIMBO-ing under that frame to get to the other side? I would rather move all my sewing stuff! lolol I promise to post some pictures as soon as it looks a bit more organized! In the mean time, where in the HECK am I going to find room for all my son's TREASURES? Boy, by the time this is all done, I will have cleaned out/moved no less than 3 rooms of stuff!

Sorry about no pictures. I do hate to blog w/o pictures...

Friday, August 07, 2009

In honor of Rookie

If you have read my blog for over a year, you remember this day last year.

My border collie mix, Rookie, escaped from our locked house during a storm. He was missing for almost 4 months. His return was because a caring person took him to a vets office where he was scanned for a microchip. You can imagine my surprise (and JOY) to get him back after so much time. I had a huge red nose from crying and a grin from ear to ear! (and this after 3 days before bringing home a new PUP! HA! God DOES have a sense of humor!). In honor of Rookie's return, please microchip your pets! If they are microchipped, please take this time this week to update and/or review their info. You need to update everytime you move.

I hug him EVERYDAY and marvel at the fact that we got him back!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

boy room memories

I love decorated space. That said, I'm not a great decorator! The more I quilt, the more I learn about color, the better I am about picking out what I want in my house. Here are two borders that I'm painting over this week. This room was my son's room..he still CALLS it his room. All that it is used for at the moment is a recepticle for his possesions! He does not sleep in this room. Only his STUFF sleeps there!

This is the heavy equipment border I painted when he 1st moved in this room. His sister had gone off to college, and his big brother picked the OTHER available room. This one fell to him. At the time, they were building a freeway loop near our house. His favorite thing was to count the cement mixers on our way here and there. One time we counted 22 in a 15 min trip! I painted each one on the wall in colors we had seen that day.

Here is the sports border that went OVER the stenciling. Notice the wall color is the same. I didn't paint. What you cannot see is that I never finished covering up the stenciling! Both of these border treatments are in the SAME ROOM! I'm hanging my head in SHAME! I hope to help my son decorate his room and FINISH the whole thing! I also hope to talk him out of black or red walls! HA!

I'm off to keep packing up his treasures for moving to his new room...oh..and I forgot rollers for the paint! Back to HD!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Did you know its AUGUST?

yes...I knew it was coming...I have been...well..SWAMPED! I have been blog reading, but have not had the energy to find the camera, take a picture, upload the picture, post the picture and write a blog. I will try to be better...really I will!

July found me:

-traveling to TX to care for Mom. Hip replacement. Really only needed my COOKING skills! :::GRIN:::: Dad appreciated it too..especially the chicken enchiladas and the strawberry rhubarb pie! Oh..he liked the lemon pie too...Thanks Julie No Blog for the kind gift of the recipe!

-dealing with a home break in while out of town. Luckily nothing was taken..but someone in my underwear drawer (ick Ick ICK!) and the police seeing my CLUTTERED HOUSE! Oh the agony! (I hear they did get a kick out of my 'covered with a glass jar' method of cornering scorpions!...yes..I did that...I was busy...and I didn't want to deal with it. It was in a sink. By the time the police saw it...well..lets just say, its a DRY heat in AZ!)In true quilter form, my 1st reaction was did they hurt the SEWING MACHINE?...oh,and the 2nd was concern for the elderly cat. I DO have my priorities, don'tcha know. We also have great neighbors! Two couples that WILL be taken out to dinner...and recieve MANY MANY batches of homemade rolls!

-spending a WHOLE day in DFW airport shuffling from gate to gate, trying to standby for a flight to Phoenix. I mean, WHO in their right mind wants to go to ARIZONA in July? They should have a mass EXODUS! HA! It was probably all of us dragging our heels back in time for school next Monday.

-Did she say SCHOOL next Monday? Yes, I did. :::cheesy grin::: Our kids get out around the 3rd week of May. Their brains have promptly FRIED, and so its time to rehydrate them- QUICKLY!

- OH, and the last BEST news of all. I'm shoveling out my son's east side room (long story for another post!) so I can PAINT it. Its going to be my new sewing studio, so my OLD one can be....:::drum roll please:::: the LONG ARM ROOM! WHOOPPPEEEEE! I have sold my HQ16/B-line frame and am purchasing a (new to me) Gammill Classic Plus. If you are not a quilty person, let me know and I will send you a picture of this beauteous creature! She is 12 ft long and will need more than 50 inches plus walking around room, so she gets her own. I have heard that her name is Gracie (sometimes THE BEAST), but as I have a friend named Grace..that I call Gracie, she will have to be renamed. Any suggestions? I have an idea...but I will let it ferment a bit..till we get to know one another.

(I had to break down and SHOW you...hehehehehe)

machine head...yes this IS a sewing machine for those non-quilters...

-also had to pick up the dogs the day after we got home, pick my husband at the airport (we took his car home the night before..poor guy!), spent $350 on groceries (we had nothing I could put into any kind of meal). After a day like that, you think :PIZZA! NO! My middle child....(oh he WILL PAY), brought home a young lady.

1. I don't like to hear: Can I come to dinner? Oh, I'm bringing a friend.NO< I won't tell you who it is. Its a surprise." With my luck, he would bring home the President.

2. I dont' like a phone call at 4 pm on said day (dogs, husband, 15 bags of groceries, house that the police went thru,10 loads of dirty laundry UNDONE), "whats for dinner" "Trip tip on the grill (beef)"...Oh....She does not eat beef." :::SIGH::: Now normally this would have no affect. I have lots of ideas. HOWEVER, on THIS day, my brain started OUT on fried. Husband helped out with a suggestion of chicken enchiladas (hey! we had that in TEXAS!) and strawberry rhubarb pie.

3. 5pm. Phone call #2: "Mom, we are on our there in 10 mins". WHAT? Dinner is not till 6:30 (no shower yet, kitchen table still COVERED, kitchen counters almost empty of grocery bags, still COVERED in ..well..DRECK!, JUST putting pie in, not EVEN ready to make the salad or enchiladas.)

And he wanted me to IMPRESS someone new? Oh, she was very nice (and not even REMOTELY HER FAULT), dinner went well, but HE WILL PAY! ::::EVIL GRIN::::

Ok, now that I have brought you up to date, tomorrow I am diving into the new sewing room...getting ready to prime and paint. IF I can find the carpet! I may even find the camera,charging cord and cord for uploading to the computer and show you a PICTURE! One can only HOPE....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

quilt cartoon Day 2

Earl and Opal spend more time in the quilt shop!

After I read yesterday's Pickles to my husband...I found TWO golf I had to cut those out too!

Yesterday was kinda stressful for me... my mom had hip replacement surgery...and my husband and daughter were moving my daughter from MS to TX. It was hard on me ...I could do NOTHING, but sit by the phone! Today I'm happy to report that Mom is up and tottering around the nurses station....and the travelers have unloaded the truck, returned it, set up the bed and kitchen table, and driven to my parents house. THEY get to see Mom before I do! WAAAAAA!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WOW! I'm tired of internet problems! I think it is all due to the heat -we hit 113° yesterday. ICK! A WEEK ago Monday we had no DSL access. On Tuesday, it was not remedied, and yet our modem FRIED (I could smell it ICK). By Friday, we had called daily...told 3 times the new modem would be arriving 'with in 24 hours' and spent HOURS peering INTENTLY out the window for the UPS man. (no, we were told we could not pick up a new one at the Qwest store as they didnt' have the serial number of our old one in their system. HELLO!? It has Qwest EMBOSSED all over its fried little hide!) Friday it arrived(no wireless access tho)...still no DSL access...Sat the tech we have DSL (that runs SLOWER than dial up). Monday, my husband make a trip to the Qwest store and came home with modem #2 that had wireless access..still V E R Y S L O W... Finally today, a 2nd tech arrived. He got the download speed up to a faster than dial up level...AND modem # THREE is installed. I swear that man sprouted WINGS!

If you are a quilter, and read the newspaper...did you see this cartoon this morning?

I had to laugh..and then call my husband. He is helping our daugher move from Columbus MS to Abilene TX. I think he got the GLORIOUS job of driving the UHaul truck. I'm gonna nominate that man for Dad of the YEAR! He also goes outside in our AZ heat to throw the baseball around with our youngest

I'm a HUGE Pickles fan. I swear some days it gets me thru the day! This one is now cut out and residing on my studio door. It is very happy there. Tomorrow I have pictures (and I can UPLOAD them! WHOO HOOO!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

short tails

This is SO easy! I hope you can get some mileage out it!

Here is the small tail. It is too small to thread on a needle and then be able to get the needle into the hole the thread makes.

Take a contrasting piece of thread and thread it into a loop on a needle.

Insert the needle in the hole where the small tail sticks out of the fabric.

Put the small tail thru the loop.

Tug on the loop. The loop will bury the thread. Just pull the loop all way out. It has done its work! Trim the small thread. VOILA! All done...