What a weekend! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Ours was....a bit quiet perhaps.. but that is not a BAD thing! Considering what was to come! Friday found the kiddo and I in the car at 6 AM. (NO we were not shopping on Black Friday!...::::shudder::::) We were headed ALLLLL the way across town to a soccer tournament. We had the 1st game at 8 am and when we got there, the GATES were not even open! SHEESH! That was a 12 hour day...BUT...the boys earned two shut outs and max points. Luckily, the dear husband arrived home late that night, so I was relieved of my driving duties at least! Saturday was not quite as early, BUT...we didnt' roll in until 11PM. ZZZZZZZ! I almost fell asleep in the car. Sunday found us in the FINALS! And they WON! another shutout! They only got scored on once in five games. It was very exciting! We had more guest players than usual with the holiday weekend. I was assuming that they might have a bit of trouble playing together. But I guess not! By yesterday I felt like I had a hangover....oh...and a scratchy throat and little runny nose. I sat in the chair as much as possible. I DID get to putter around the sewing room.

I got these done:

This is the 1st half of clue one on

Bonnie's mystery quilt. She has already posted clue #2. ACK! Don't despair! She will have all the clues up till sometime in the summer if you decide you want to play along! I have almost all of the 2nd half of clue #1 finished. I will post a picture of them when they are done. I am having fun with this...and I calm down from the seasons busyness...and make a fresh list!


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