The class sample top is done!

Even in my sniffly stuffy fog, I could PIECE. I won't say much for my cutting. And I SURELY could not quilt. I can just imagine the nasty quilting line with my deep cough! After a pretty sluggish day yesterday, I actually feel much better today. I helped deliver Christmas gifts to the preschool class my son's soccer team adopted. I hit the quilt shop to show the teacher coordinator the top (she loved it) and I picked up some backing fabric from the sale table. Then it was off to the grocery store. By the time I made it home around 2:45, I was pretty much toast. After a short break tho, I rallied. I made dinner, put groceries away and ::::Drum roll please::: I QUILTED! YIPPPEEE! I hope to make good progress tomorrow. I only have about one more pass in both thread colors. Then I can try my hand at binding on the long arm! I watched a video of it on MQR and it looks do-able!

What do you think of Fire Escape? I enjoyed making it.(the turquoise is actually a bit darker than it shows in the picture.) I did get confused piecing some of those rows. I hope I can give my students some tips to stay organized. I think I'm going to stash dive and piece a patriotic one as a sample in class. When I pull colors, I will post them and you can tell me what you think.

I noticed that my counter is getting closer and closer to 30,000 visitors. I think I better scare up a give away to celebrate!

Tomorrow I am having breakfast with a quilty friend. Today I ran into a lady who used to come to Lunch Bunch! She was so happy to see me, she hugged me! She was very interested in my quilting...and I think she will ask me to quilt for her when I'm ready. After my success today, I am hopeful I will be on my way soon. I just have to figure out the business part. That is just what I'm not great at! See you tomorrow!


Mary said…
Was the binding video one of Deb's? We were talking at Thanksgiving and I used to put the binding on when I had my Classic but the throat space on the Premier is smaller and I don't have the patience to do all the rolling!
Mary said…
wow soccer that turned out great. I need to resist adding that to my zillion projects already. Ole
Love it! Very happy quilt.
Angie said…
You go, girl!!! :) Your Fire Escape is awesome!! If I ever piece a quilt again, I will 'hire' you to quilt it!! :D Happy Holidays, Beth!

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