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I have only taught a couple of classes at my favorite shop...but I am not going to teach again there for a couple of reasons:

I'm not an employee. This causes a couple of problems. The employees have 1st pick of dates and classes. I asked numerous times for guidance on what they wanted taught. NADA...Then when I would bring in ideas, the scheduler either didn't like it, there was no pattern needed (less to sell), or someone else was teaching something similar. This particular shop gives a discount to the teacher in the the quarter they teach the class. Here is the problem for me: since I'm not an employee, I don't get the employee discount. I'm having to pay full price for fabric for my class sample not knowing if I will even have ONE student.

Its a LONG way from my house! I have to drive there to pick out the fabric/pattern/turn in my paperwork etc. Usually I'm there anyway as my small quilt group meets there once a month for a potluck/sew together. Most times it involves a couple of trips anyway. I also have to hurry out after class in order to pick my junior higher from school. As he gets older/goes to a closer school/has a friend close by to get a ride with this will resolve itself. But for now, half the week, I'm a single parent. Its hard when others assume I'm babying that kid! I will agree I do some things he could do for himself, and we are working on that. That is not something that is unique to this kid tho! Most kids I know would rather have other people do most things for them. If you don't believe me , try reading Zits! If my kid was unique, Zits would not be in most newspapers and be making a profit!

'Nuff said about that...I have signed up to teach a class at a closer shop. I had a friend who worked there...and had some staff issues (not with the owner..and all those staff people have left long ago). I have had trouble getting my hands on the pattern (mail order...wont' mention the online store...but I STILL don't have the pattern I ordered on Nov 7th! They say they sent it, I was never charged but recieved and was charged for the 2nd pattern I ordered. Unfortuantely I was not planning on TEACHING that other pattern...I just liked it! Next time I will only order the one I want to teach! I'm just about to order if elsewhere and give that wayward one to a friend. Can you tell I'm FRUSTRATED!?) I did stop by the shop and talked to the staff there. They graciously let me pick out fabric anyway...and

here is my color palette. The black is the contrast and has textual polka dots you cannot see in the picture. I had a primaries palette picked out also, but I asked in the shop for opinions. This one won. I think I see a trend here! My Carolina Christmas palette has the hot green and orange with black. hmmmm!

PS I still LOVE the above mentioned shop where I taught in the past. The staff is warm and friendly and they are willing to order things for you that they dont' carry or have run out of.

I may have pictures tomorrow of the quilt I have on the frame. Can you say"PROCRASTINATION? I started this a year ago AUGUST...and its for a customer! I'm DETERMINED to get his completed for Christmas, so I'm making in my only priority (sewing wise that is!)


Anonymous said…
ROFLOL Beth, everyone needs to vent!! I think you made a wise decision about teaching at the first shop.

Your fabrics for the Carolina Christmas Mystery are scrumptious. I love them. So cheery.

I can't wait to see the quilt when you post it.


Angie said…
Sheesh, I wish I lived a BIT closer to you...I'd come take your class!!! :) Alas, It's a bit far to travel. *s* Love your colors!
Alycia said…
I bet know thatyou have vented, or re-ordered the pattern elsewhere - the first one will come in the mail tomorrow. Isn't that how it always works?

Love you fabrics!!

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