a tree day

Uh oh...I think its going to be another 'tree' day!

I BOUNDED out of bed at 6:24 thinking I was LATE...why is it so DARK? I know the sun comes up later, but it still looks like night? It was 5:24...not SIX 24....:::sigh::: This discovery came AFTER I had woken the kiddo up. In his defense, he NEVER said a word about waking up 45 mins early. He must be growing up. Alarm goes off at 6:15 (no, I didn't go back to sleep...), I get up, let the dogs out AGAIN. Open the fridge to start breakfast....BAM...a whole container of cooked corn hits my FOOT...(it was in a GLASS container) OUCH! Not to mention corn everywhere...dogs were happy! I was going to USE that corn for a corn and black bean salad for dinner. ::::SIGH:::: Breakfast gets made, off we go to school. As I'm backing out of the driveway, I get a glimpse of my shadow. Hmmmmm... I look in the mirror. HAIR STICKING STRAIGHT UP ALL OVER! I have asked and asked for the men in my family to...well...give me SOME kind of SIGN when this fashion faux pas occurs. I mean, GEE WHIZ! I showered and brushed my hair in the dark so I would not wake my sweet husband up! No Starbucks for ME this morning! It must be a laundry day. Do you think the darks will mind my hair do!? :::sigh:::::

Oh..and one more thing. I had BIG plans for today: laundry, quilting, decorating the house. Know what that means? Yup...HALF day at school. Kiddo needs a costume for the school dance. I mean WHO THINKS THESE THINGS UP? I have to come up with all the ideas...I"m tired! I'm hoping the thrift store will be a treasure trove. I need more coffee...


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