Thursday, January 31, 2013

February's wish list

       I sure was a SLUG in January! I only got one QOV done so here is the list AGAIN:

    -Finish Kathy's quilt: quilting
          -quilt Katy's throw: quilting and fringing (its fleece)
          -Erin's beer quilt : piece last 2 rows, add border, quilt and bind

          -quilt 4  3 Quilts of Valor:only one is mine so that one will need to be bound
           -border Pat's quilt and load it on the frame.

 I will see if I can do a better job this month. Sports Guy started driving just after Thanksgiving. When school started in Jan, he started driving himself to school. This is a good thing...BUT, it put
 my regular schedule out of whack. I am working on setting one up so I schedule in my sewing and quilting. It may be hard as we will be doing some club soccer stuff for a few months-PLUS high school baseball. I better get organized QUICK!

wall hanging placement

Do you remember THIS wallhanging ? Well, I'm finally getting around to hanging in my sewing room. I have a friend I have coffee with and he has threatened to come over in the dead of night and SWIPE it. I think its time! I had planned to hang it over the cutting table..but I am having second thoughts. Care to give me an opinion? Here are my options:
This was where I planned to put it. Not sure I want my lights in the way.
I am thinking of a magnetic bar for cutters and scissors
with that green board and maybe another one like it for notes
above that.

This is to the left of the cutting area. If I hang it here, the picture will move
and the set of hangers to the right will find a new home also. (You can see my DD"s white hat from AF Academy cadet days hanging on the top one.) Those organizers might be useful over the
cutting table. I might have to paint them tho. I'm such a  bright girl..and they are drab colors.
What do YOU think? Any and all opinions welcome!
Thanks for visiting my blog...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

fessing up week 4

Ok, So I am not going to post pictures EVERY week, but working on more often than
once a month! Here we are at the end of Jan and there has been a BIT of progress!
There is more room to cut: I moved the white organizer over to the sewing area.
You can see in the center is a green board. I found it at JoAnns. I will be hanging that up so I can
hang my project instructions on there with a magnet. I also have a dry erase board nearby
to list the scrap sizes of blocks I work on from time to time.
I think I"m ADD...and I love to flit from project to project.

Here is the sewing area. I have not sewn there today, so its gotten a bit more cluttered than I can stand! You can see the white organizer just to the left of center top. I have also started
reorganizing all my gadgets. I have a lazy susan just to the right of the sewing machine. It
always takes me awhile to figure out what I NEED, what I will keep and where
it will go.

This is between the cutting area and the sewing machine. Its actually stacked better than last time.
Just not sure you can SEE that. I can walk in there a bit easier. I would love to have a bed for Chewy to sleep on next to the sewing machine...withOUT anything over his head that can fall on him! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I use old candy jars with no lids for the dogs treats.
Milk bones in the morning, marro bones at night with
their dinner. Occasionally they have to be refilled...and today different than anyother refill day...
I had

they didnt' want to sit still for a here are Rookie (black with white face)
Rally (tan and very scruffy)
and Buddy (on the bottom..all black with his tongue hanging out! lol

And the Chew-man!
Chewy was bouncing around and made it VERY hard to get his picture!
(yes, they all got a treat after they sat didn't think I
could resist those faces, did you? lolol)

Friday, January 25, 2013

A treat!

Yesterday, I got a TREAT! A day away, with a friend, out of town...and QUILTS! What could be better! I got up EARLY (in our house we call that 'Oh Dark Thirty' ..I know there is a movie with almost the same name. We have been using that to mean VERY early for years. Its a throw back to military time!) with a HUGE headache. Bad omen! I got up anyway, dressed, downed a cup of coffee and 2 Advil, gathered my things and headed to the...AIRPORT! After I was in the airport, thru security with a Starbucks and a blueberry scone, I was raining. Well, THAT explains the headache! We were not due to have rain till Saturday! (altho I have to tell you, I am writing this on Friday night..and its already raining!)

I arrived in Ontario California..and my friend Miss J. picked me up. Off we went to see Road to California! I have not been in a few years, so it was fun. I am not sure if I was more excited to see Miss J or the quilts...or maybe both together! I dont' shop well with others, but Miss J and I  do very well together. We looked at the quilts 1st, then shopped. I enjoyed the quilts, but not many really spoke my name. As much as I love machine quilting, I have mixed feelings about the quilts that are quilted so heavily. They ARE masterpieces..and I DO love to see the quilting designs....but they have so much they are stiff. No way, no how that those will ever grace a bed. See? I told you! Mixed feelings! Here is my small stash of treasures!

some stencils, two spools of Magnifico thread (Superior Thread), a 1/4 foot
for the 301, a pumpkin pattern, a shirt and panel from Block Party. I am having
trouble posting the shirt and panel. I am able to edit them rightside up, but when I POST
it on Blogger, its upside down. SIGH
I guess I will have to take more pictures. What a drag!
I will have to add them later...
I had a great time in Ca. I arrived home to find EVERY light in the house on as Sports Guy was home
alone with the dogs. As luck would have it, he had a half day yesterday too. Wonder if FRIENDS were involved!? My feet were happy to be home tho. I had
forgotten to pack my walking shoes and so spent the day in my Clarks. no blisters..just one sore toe, so no harm done.

Friday, January 11, 2013


A couple months ago, I found in one of our dollar stores, a plastic bin. It fit the cabinet above my built in desk . After I figured out I liked them, and they FIT, I went back for more. Nothing, Nada, ZILCH. I even checked different dollar stores thinking I had forgotten which brand store I found them. Strike OUT. I was BUMMED. I gave up searching, but would still look when I visited dollar stores (I don't go ALOT..maybe once a month)...until yesterday!

I got TEN! Arent they pretty!?
(I'm so easy to please! lol)

This is what I'm organizing. You can see a couple up there, but I want to
get rid of the red (I have a place elsewhere for them)
and clean up /sort/ label all the stuff
on the left too.I will be sure to show you
an "After" picture soon!
Stay warm! We will be down in the 20s tomorrow night!
I picked as many lemons as I could reach
and I will be out turning on the pool pump and the spigots before
 I hit the hay tonight. I better find another blanket too!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

'Fessing up

Ok...I am going to try...from time to time, maybe weekly, to give you a look at my sewing room. I WOULD call it a studio, but lets be honest here! Its a bedroom I GRABBED from one of the departing offspring in my family. HEY! One left me with a house full of testosterone (and only a VERY elderly female cat to hold up the estrogen floating around!) and the other one left me with the 'last kid' syndrome. You know...they think you are their STAFF??? Yeah...we have been working on THAT one for years!

Anyway, here are week 1 pictures.  You need to know that before New Years Day, there was not EVEN a path in there! Now I can get in, but furry creatures rarely follow. Thats the way I like it.

to the left

and to the right.

15 mins a day JUST on organizing.
that is the PLAN...

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

How did you spend your New Years's Eve? Quietly? At a party? Well, I was quietly enjoying a party. I was holed up in my sewing room with all 4 dogs! Our city has decided that fireworks are a good idea. They did NOT pass the idea by my dogs before they enacted the law! This year was really pretty uneventful. There were fireworks set off, but most of them were between 8 and 10 PM. I went to bed around 1AM and of course woke up before 7! The dogs didn't care..they napped in my sewing room , slept in my bed room and napped all day on the 1st! Its a dogs life here at Mimi's doggy day care.

And how did you spend your New Years Day? I participated in the the New Years Day One Day Mystery over at Planet Patchwork.

This is the top minus a border of the background fabric

and a close up. I am pretty happy with my fabric choices. This was fun and I will probably do this again. I am also thinking of putting an extra border of either piano keys or just 2 1/2 in squares of all the colors except the background. I might have enough of the background to add a 2nd round of that.

And introducing Miss Harriette! She is a Singer 301 with a story.
I have been looking off and on for a 301 for at least a year. For one reason or another, they
just didn't fit.  Too pricey, no case, bad get the picture.
About a week and a half before Christmas, I found one on Craigslist. I was interested.
Everything looked good...there were some dings and a few discolorations on the paint. That did
not concern me. I am interested in SEWING on it. I may be teaching kids to sew again in the summer. I needed one more machine that would be a workhorse.
One glitch: It was WAAAAY across town. That was Saturday and I had a trip planned the next Friday to pick our DD up at a regional airport on that side of town. I called and the man said he didn't know me. He had been stood up before, so he would not hold it. He would take my name and call me if it sold. A few hours pass, and of course, I have to log onto Craigslist to see if there is another
one that just POPPED up. This one was not listed. (OH SOLD!) Another hour passes,
and I notice I have missed a call and have a voicemail. (OH DRAT! He is calling to tell me someone else snatched it up...::sniff::::) I listen to the voicemail. It was a womans' voice saying:
'Hi, Beth, this is N-, from R-S- blog. I dont' know if you remember me. I dont' blog anymore, but we were blog friends. GUESS who's husband is selling the 301!? HE does not know you, but I DO. We will be happy to hold it for you till Friday!'
I brought her home (where she stayed in the car a few days during the holiday rush! She was SO LONELY!)
Now she is happily playing in my sewing room. Sitting, I might add, perched on top of where the Bernina is stashed!
We played all day until 10:30PM and we both fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow!
She is named after my maternal grandmother. Both of my grands sewed...ALOT.
I seem to have inherited a double dose!
Thanks N and T! I just wish we had taken a picture with Harriette!