'Fessing up

Ok...I am going to try...from time to time, maybe weekly, to give you a look at my sewing room. I WOULD call it a studio, but lets be honest here! Its a bedroom I GRABBED from one of the departing offspring in my family. HEY! One left me with a house full of testosterone (and only a VERY elderly female cat to hold up the estrogen floating around!) and the other one left me with the 'last kid' syndrome. You know...they think you are their STAFF??? Yeah...we have been working on THAT one for years!

Anyway, here are week 1 pictures.  You need to know that before New Years Day, there was not EVEN a path in there! Now I can get in, but furry creatures rarely follow. Thats the way I like it.

to the left

and to the right.

15 mins a day JUST on organizing.
that is the PLAN...


Norma said…
Ok, so now I don't feel so bad. When you were here, I told hubby, "do NOT offer to show her my 301, I don't want her to see the mess in there." LOL Problem is the mess overwhems me and I walk in and then right back out again....so maybe the 15 minute plan would work here too.
He has a beautiful Singer 99K, if anyone you know is interested, I can send you a pic.
fancystitching said…
I knew we were "birds of a feather"! If I could just drag myself away from my knitting I could actually make things better in my office/stash/sewing room... but it is raining and a perfect day for knitting. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Ohhh myyy! I can't work in my studio if there are remnants from more than 3 old projects out... You can do it! 15 minutes a day is all it takes! :)
Michele said…
Heh. I have photos of my mess posted on my blog as well.
Angie said…
Hmmm looks like MY room... LOL
Rose said…
My room looked like this but it's getting better 15 minutes at a time up to at least an hour a day.
Beth Probasco said…
Hi Beth,
Boy can I relate. My room used to look like this but I have improved greatly. It takes practice and perseverance!! LOL I can get a lot more done if my space is somewhat organized but it still get out of control on a regular basis ---- VBG
Beth in MN

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