A couple months ago, I found in one of our dollar stores, a plastic bin. It fit the cabinet above my built in desk . After I figured out I liked them, and they FIT, I went back for more. Nothing, Nada, ZILCH. I even checked different dollar stores thinking I had forgotten which brand store I found them. Strike OUT. I was BUMMED. I gave up searching, but would still look when I visited dollar stores (I don't go ALOT..maybe once a month)...until yesterday!

I got TEN! Arent they pretty!?
(I'm so easy to please! lol)

This is what I'm organizing. You can see a couple up there, but I want to
get rid of the red (I have a place elsewhere for them)
and clean up /sort/ label all the stuff
on the left too.I will be sure to show you
an "After" picture soon!
Stay warm! We will be down in the 20s tomorrow night!
I picked as many lemons as I could reach
and I will be out turning on the pool pump and the spigots before
 I hit the hay tonight. I better find another blanket too!


Great find! You are going to be organized in no time!
scraphappy said…
Glad you found just the right baskets, now putting everything away will be that much easier. Good luck with your organization. You are brave to show the before picture.

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