Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Opinion anyone?

I found this fabric in a give away pile at my sewing class.

I would like to use it to make 2 of these bags. Any ideas on color to coordinate? I have red on the brain for the black "blackboard" but am lost on the green 'blackboard". The pattern calls for 3 FQ..but I'm in a stash diving mood lately. Amazingly, when ever I dive...I usually find JUST what I'm looking for...IF I'm patient! It has happened about 4 or 5 times in the last week! I think my fabric angel is trying to tell me something!

I'm not a huge Halloween fan...but the stash coughed up this CUTE fabric. Don't you love the googly-eyes and candy corn. This bag went to a little girl whose mom is in my sewing class. Her mom was making a dress from the purple fabric. I just HAD to try this pattern to 'go with'

The first sign of FALL!

Alot of the country has a physical change during fall...leaves changing, cooler temperatures, frost. Here in the desert southwest ,(at least in MY neck of the woods), I can tell that fall is here by 2 happenings. The first is the pool is too cold to dip a TOE in! My mom yelled at me once because my teeth were chattering when I got out of the pool. She wanted me to hightail it to the ER. Then we had a discussion about evaporation. At 102 degrees and virtually single digit humidity, you dry off before you can reach the house...NO TOWEL NEEDED! Add in there a bit of a breeze and it is like standing under a fan in the air conditioning. Hence, when the lows are in the 60s...TRUST ME...it is too cold to swim!

The second happening is this:

The first soup and homemade rolls of the season! YIPPPEEE! This is one of those recipes that I will put in my book someday. The cookbook title will be "I can remember all the ingredients walking down the grocery store aisle".

For those of you looking for some easy quick comfort food, here is the recipe.

Mulligan Stew

1 lb ground meat, beef or turkey (I use Louis Rich ground turkey)
1 can tomato soup
2 cans water
1 can corn or frozen corn (your choice...I just open a bag of frzn and DUMP)

This is the basic recipe. All additions after this are up to YOU. Corn seems to be the only veggie that it NEEDS. The rest is your taste/what you have in the fridge.
I like a fresh potato and a fresh carrot. I used to put in a bay leaf, but my son tried to eat it once. Now I just leave it out. Usually some frozen mixed veggies
find their way in too. Often I add leftovers to get rid of them by HIDING them.

Brown the meat. Drain fat if necessary. Add soup, water and any veggies. Simmer until veggies are done. Reheats well. Rarely have many leftovers for long. I am not a huge tomato soup fan, but this does not taste like tomato soup..nor does it taste watery. Its a mystery!

Monday, September 24, 2007

gift quilt

I can finally post pictures of the group quilt I recently finished. The recipient (who reads this sometimes) got the quilt over the weekend. She is a bird person , so each participant was asked to make a snowball block: center any color bird fabric, corners white on white. One lady never got the word about the white centers. I did think about changing it, but her block really lent itself to the blue. I think it adds a bit of character and picks up the border. Another chatter pieced the top. I did the border, backing, quilting, and my friend helped me with the binding. I like the way it turned out! What do you think?

This is the back. I used up all the leftover blocks. The top and bottom print is an all over bird house fabric. There were 2 pieces just languishing in my stash! They found a good home with all the birds.

Saturday was my Blog-a-versary! Thank you all for reading and for commenting. I have enjoyed this 1st year and made lots blogging friends!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


YIPPEE! I finished my group quilt, prelabeled before quilting (:::patting self on back!:::::), and pictures taken. I will mail it tomorrow and show you pictures as soon as I know the recipient has recieved it!

Just a small glimpse into my life. I wondered when I saw this yesterday, who put a hidden camera in my house/van/life? HA!

I think Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman , who write Zits are a wonder! They sure keep my life more humorous anyway!

I am still looking for some cooler weather. I know alot of my chat friends are enjoying nippy nights. That has NOT happened here in Arizona! We are looking forward to ONLY highs in the 90s and 70s for the lows! We will recover from our 'seasonal amnesia' some time in October or November. Until then, we are still kind of scratching out heads mumbling "WHY do I live here again????!" The reason usually comes roaring back when people start complaining about shoveling snow...teehee!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Well..you are probably GLAD I have not blogged in awhile. I took a Quilt of Valor off my frame so I could load a group quilt. It needs to be mailed SOON! (I had such HIGH HOPES!) So I loaded the group quilt. Tension on the thread looked great...My frame has some counter weights on them..and when ever the take up bar gets as far as it can go...the counter weights UNROLL! I know you probably have NO IDEA what I'm taking about . Even the Long armers dont' have to deal with these weights,but TRUST me when I say I have had to re-do them EVERY TIME I put a new quilt on the frame. If I had a room that would easily fit a long arm, I would OWN one RIGHT NOW. ....OK, now that I have vented, You will be glad to know I said a few choice words (well, maybe you aren't glad to know THAT!), took a day away from the frame, and now am making it work. Here is a picture of the freemotion. I cannot show you the whole quilt until the recipient GETS it. Then I will show you front and back.

In the meantime, My husband is 'getting' the fact that I would get alot more done, if I had a system that WORKS. My friend is getting a HQ 16 ...she will have it set up soon and offered to let me test drive it. I will let you know!

Back to the frame!!